Little Town Breakfast & A Stroll Through Charm


Yesterday morning I got a call from Lily. She wanted to know if I’d like to drive up to a little town called Waxhaw to walk around with her. And of course I said yes. I love exploring hidden treasures and small towns. I also love sharing my experience with you guys!

Just to warn you, this post is three pages long!

It rained all day Monday and the overcast carried it’s way into the Tuesday morning sky. It was the perfect morning for walking around the quiet town.
Before we did any walking, we stopped to have breakfast at Stack’s Kitchen. Their motto is “Great food & plenty of it” and I can vouch for them on that!

I ordered the garden vegetable omelet. I usually order whole wheat toast and fruit for my side, but the waitress said they were famous for their biscuits and hash brown’s. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to try something famous, so I put my health on hold.  The crazy part? My meal was only $5.20! I’ve never had a breakfast that delicious at that price. I  agree with them on their biscuits! They were incredible. If you are ever in the area, you must try one! The top of the biscuit is flaky and the center is fluffy and soft! After you take a bite, you’ll be obligated to do the happy dance. You could tell they were baked fresh and right out of the oven.

One of my favorite parts about this cute little town was the homes with character. I’ve already mentioned how it’s my dream to buy an old home and fix it up. I’m obsessed with large front porches and characteristics you can’t get in any of the modern homes.


 The town was very small, but kept so well. Everything was clean and almost perfect. The stores had all kinds of fun characteristics!


A lot of the shops were closed because they open Wed-Sun. Some of the store owners said they get busy towards the end of the week, so they take Monday and Tuesday as their weekends. I think that’s pretty smart! I can’t wait to go back and visit some of the stores that were closed. My eye is on that elephant in the window.


I stopped at their little market, Provisions. I’m pretty sure the green door pulled me in.


If I were to ever open a store of my own, I would want it to look something like this. It was so cozy and fun.


They had all kinds of healthy bulk foods that they package right there in the store. I was hoping to grab some of their honey for allergy seasons, but they had just sold out! I’ll have to check back.


They had farm fresh eggs, milk, and cheeses. They also carried specialty foods and spices that you cannot find at most local grocery stores.


I loved their snack shelf. They had almost every nut and seed you could imagine! I bought their Okra Chips and Organic Dates. Someone had commented on my South Carolina post about trying the Okra chips, so when I found them I was excited. They were so tasty; they tasted like potato chips!


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A couple stores down, I stopped in the used book store. It reminded me of the little book store on “You’ve Got Mail”.


I’ve never been into a book store with prices like this. I couldn’t understand it! They had all kinds of books in great condition for only a dollar. The most expensive book there was a signed copy from an author for $5. I bought about 15 books and only spent $10.00. It would be a book worm’s dream.


Across the book store, there is a bridge that takes you across the railroad tracks to the other side of the town.


On the corner, another older house caught my eye.


We walked past a cute little outdoor restaurant. I bet it’s so cute at night!


The last store on the corner was a giant antique mall.


This was so fun to walk through. They had all kinds of random antiques. Some were scary and some were beautiful.


Whenever I get my own home, I want to fill it with all kinds of antique finds. I love going through Pinterest and browsing the projects that people create with antique items.


I’m not sure I’d want to keep the mannequin; it would most likely give me nightmares. Almost every store we walked into had a door with beautiful character and accents.


The antique shop had old stationaries that were filled out. I liked flipping through them. It’s crazy how our handwriting has gotten so sloppy compared to the old days.


The antique mall also had a tea cup collection. They were to die for!

PicMonkey Collmage

 PicMonkey Collhage  Our last stop was a pottery gallery ran by a very talented husband and wife.


I’ve never seen pottery so beautiful. The colors they use are jaw dropping. I wouldn’t mind filling my kitchen with their work.


He’s been an artist since his younger years and has won many awards for his talent.


Yesterday’s trip was fun! When I got home, I met up with my neighbor who I met at the dog park. We went over to our apartments ice cream social and then took our dogs to the park!

I can’t wait to share more of my travels with you!

Do you have a favorite hidden town you always go to?



  • Ronda

    Gorgeous place

    Reply to Ronda
  • anna

    Taralynn I just love all of your posts.

    Reply to anna
  • Bethany

    I love all your posts about Charlotte… I just moved here in January, and you seem to have found all the places I have!! Main St. in Waxhaw is one of my favorite places to go. I love bringing my book and sitting on a bench watching the train go by. It is the perfect place to slow down, unwind, and relax.

    Reply to Bethany
  • JEnn

    Oh!! In North Davidson (right outside of Charlotte, they call it ‘NoDa’) there’s an AMAZING sweets/bakery shop called Amelie’s. You HAVE To try it if you are nearby. Simply everything is to die for and the shop itself is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. And it’s near a few Rose Gardens you can walk through.

    Reply to JEnn
  • Mia Rodriguez

    I normally don’t read blogs but this 3 pager sucked me in. I live in Orange County California and have never been anywhere so quaint and cute. I hope to see some cute places like this one day.

    Reply to Mia Rodriguez
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I’m on the other side of the computer wishing I WAS IN ORANGE COUNTY! I bet California has cute little beach towns! I need to make it out there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂 xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sarah Brown

    If you ever make your way out to the Southwest, you must visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a cute charming little town (especially the Plaza). Great four season weather, hiking, biking, skiing all the time… Plus great boutique stores, food and museums to explore! 🙂

    Reply to Sarah Brown
  • Katie

    I live in Charlotte and I have to admit, if I saw you walking around Waxhaw I probably would’ve ran up to you – you are celebrity status in my book. Your blog is so inspiring, I’ve been following it for what seems like forever!Keep up the great work – you are beautiful inside and out!

    Reply to Katie
  • Michy D

    Small world most of my immediate family lives in Waxhaw (the newer part of it anyways) I love that stacks place its such a cute diner and I think my mom owns every piece of pottery/dinnerware from that one store..(I know its not cheap thats for sure)… anyways I live in the Charlotte area, and if you are in town for a while i can give you some good ideas on places to go while you’re here… i love your blog and have tried a bunch of your recipes…

    Reply to Michy D
  • Emily

    What did you mean about picking up some honey for allergy season? Do you just eat a lot of local honey to become accustomed to the allergens? One a different note, this place is so cute! The shopping reminds me of up here in Fort Collins, CO where I go to school!

    Reply to Emily
  • Jennifer Siebers

    I love antique shopping! Even if I don’t buy anything, being able to see pieces that have so many stories is so fascinating. A town close to me is Waupaca, WI and that has tons of little shops and unique items. Love, love it! 🙂

    Reply to Jennifer Siebers
  • Michelle

    Such a cute town! If you ever make your way to Louisiana, check out Natchitoches, it’s the oldest settlement in the Louisana purchase and a great little town! I’ll admit I’m biased though, I went to college there!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Danielle

    You have to go to crossroads coffee next time you are in waxhaw. Also, I you ever go to Monroe and you like cheap books there is a place called the book lady 🙂

    Reply to Danielle
  • Natasha Joyce

    Your blog is amazing! I have been reading it from England for a few months now. You are very inspirational.
    I love the U.S. and have visited twice now and I love to visit Carmel in California, it is so pretty. Hope to get to New England and along the East coast one day, so will definitely make a note of this town.
    Keep up the fantastic work……and I love your Mr Grumples blogs!!!

    Reply to Natasha Joyce
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Natasha!

      I still need to visit California! & of course England:) There are a bunch of little places to visit in the US! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! keep in touch! xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Katie

    I live close to so many cute little towns in Western Australia, theyre in our winery country and not far from some beautiful beaches. Im always doing trips there on the weekends 🙂

    Reply to Katie
  • Maggie

    I HIGHLY recommend making your way to Asheville, NC. If you do, you have to visit the Biltmore! Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

    Reply to Maggie
  • Teejay

    Wow that little town looks amazing! I live in NC and I’ve never actually heard of it before. I think I might have missed the post but are you in Charlotte now? I LOVE that pottery!

    Reply to Teejay
  • Emily

    I live in Waxhaw! It’s small, but there’s lots of really old, interesting buildings and architecture, especially for someone who appreciates it. And I was going to go to Stack’s this morning, but something came up! I would have loved to meet you! 🙂

    Reply to Emily
  • Natalie

    Haha I’d love to visit a town like this one. In Czech Republic all we have is Prague, capital city and my home :3 and villages.. haha 🙂 no, not really. But there are very few bautiful cities like this one.

    Reply to Natalie
  • Mariam Qasim

    Taralynn, check out Luna’s living kitchen. It’s a raw food resteraunt and it’s delicious. They have the best almond milk you have ever had in your life and the best salad and the best juices. It’s amazing!!

    Reply to Mariam Qasim
  • Erin

    my favorite places here in Ohio: Waynesville, OH and German Village in Columbus, OH

    Reply to Erin
  • Emily Schultz

    You should visit Camden, SC! It’s the oldest inland town in South Carolina! Known for the antique stores, history and equestrian events. And there are plenty of old homes 🙂 My parent’s old house was 200 years old, one of the oldest in Kershaw county!

    Reply to Emily Schultz
  • Courtney

    If you have the opportunity, take a weekend and visit New Bern, NC. There is awesome people, food and a beautiful historic district. Tryon Palace is absolutely gorgeous in the spring!!

    Reply to Courtney
  • Mookie

    Charming town! If you ever get to Georgia again, you should check out Madison (so many old antebellum homes). My favorite small towns are back in England. We lived in a small village that dated back to 900 A.D.. I think it is crazy as well how our handwritting has become so sloppy and similar. I once read a Times news article that said a big factor is because people type so much now and handwriting isn’t taught in schools anymore. Mgirls use big bubble type letters and could easily pass off the same handwriting style. I look at the work of the students in the school I teach at, and the handwriting is almost all alike! I write in only cursive, and my students always think I am writing in spanish when I write on the board at the beginning of the year.

    Reply to Mookie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Georgia is one of my favorite places and I can’t wait to go back! I never thought about that! I bet typing and technology plays a huge factor in the way we write. I love to write in cursive and hope my future kids will do the same. I don’t want to think bout what it’ll be like years from now!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mallori

    What a great post! 3 pages was too short haha! How were the Bruks bar? I know one of the people that started the company but I haven’t had a chance to try one!


    Reply to Mallori
    • Lu

      They are really good!

      Reply to Lu
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I haven’t tried it yet! I’m saving it for my run tonight:) The guy working the store said they were delicious. I’ll let you know how it tastes. I bought the apricot one. 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Krystal

    South Carolina looks so beautiful. There is a small town in Utah called Spring City. It’s the smallest town, they have a delicious German restaurant and a theater next door that puts on live radio shows.

    Reply to Krystal
  • lauryn

    I live in Monroe, right near there 🙂 Very cool seeing your posts in Waxhaw and Charlotte!

    Reply to lauryn
  • Kelly Sheehan

    This looks wonderful. I can’t wait to live down south some day. What was your favorite spot of the day?

    Reply to Kelly Sheehan
  • Rebecca

    I have always loved cute, charming towns like this one! You always make me want to jump in my car and go travel. Hopefully in my near future I’ll get to drive all along the easy coast! Dream vacation right there!
    I think my favorite small town is Silverton, Colorado! I went there last summer and feel in love with its charm 🙂

    Reply to Rebecca
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I really need to make the trip to Colorado! I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos of it. Sometimes these little towns are hidden all around us! It’s all about the exploration:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Angelina Mount

    This reminds me SO much of my little town, Traverse City, in Northern Michigan. Love it!

    Reply to Angelina Mount
  • Ashley

    I live in New England so we have lots of cute little towns like that, but I’ve been to NC and LOVED Wilmington and Greensboro! I love discovering charming places like that.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Morgan

    I love seeing your pictures exploring through NC (my state)! You should definitely visit Wilmington/ Wrightsville Beach if you get a chance. The downtown area and beaches are beautiful!!

    Reply to Morgan
  • Ashley Lynch

    Yay!!! I live in Waxhaw!!! We love it here! This is where I was born and raised! Glad you enjoyed it!!

    Reply to Ashley Lynch

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