3 Ingredient Sweet Bourbon Chicken Drummies


Growing up, my mom and I would make trips to Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. She usually let me take a day off from school (shhhhh) and we’d spend the day together. One of my favorite places to eat at in the food court was Famous Wok. I would order the fried rice, low mein, orange chicken, and my all time favorite…bourbon chicken! I haven’t eaten the bourbon chicken in over four years. It’s one of the foods I missed the most as a pescatarian. Last night, our chicken’s flavor was so close to Famous Wok’s! I found a bourbon marinade at BJ’s and it’s a game changer!

This recipe is incredibly easy to make.  I patted myself pretty hard on the back for this one even though it didn’t take much thought or preparation.


I didn’t feel like buying all new spices for our place because we have them back home, and won’t be here long enough to go through them. So I’ll be using all kinds of marinades and a few spices for the next couple of months.

For this recipe, all you need is chicken drummies, brown sugar bourbon seasoning and sweet bourbon marinade.


Anyone can make this recipe. It’s a little too easy. Rinse your chicken drummies under cold water and then let them dry on a paper towel for 10 minutes.

After chicken has dried, remove the skin (optional) I start from the top of the drummies and pull it off towards the bottom. I use kitchen shears to cut any extra skin or fat.

Season the chicken drummies with the brown sugar bourbon seasoning. Add the drummies to a mixing bowl. Pour sweet bourbon over the chicken drummies (about 1/3 cup) and give them a five minute massage. Add another layer of brown sugar bourbon seasoning.

Let the chicken marinate for 2+ hours. I had mine marinating for 6 hours. I have more marinating right now in my fridge because we are having them again for lunch. The longer they marinate the better they are!


Whenever you’re ready to cook, preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Grease an oven safe dish with olive oil or cooking spray. Add the chicken drummies to the pan.

Bake the chicken drummies for 20 minutes. Remove the drummies from the oven and flip them over. Bake for an additional 20 minutes. Remove the chicken from the oven and slit one to make sure they are fully cooked. You don’t want to eat uncooked chicken because it’s dangerous. If they are done, let them cool for 10 minutes before eating!

Keep the juice at the bottom of the pan to marinate shrimp, chicken, or steak! There is no need to waste it. I added it to the chicken in the refrigerator right now.


I served the drummies with side salads. Jeremy’s salad had iceberg lettuce, banana peppers, fried onions, blue cheese crumbles, honey mustard and croutons.


My salad had 50/50 spring and spinach mix, fried onions, croutons, raspberry vinaigrette, banana peppers, and almonds.


Make sure to make extra, because you’ll find yourself going back for seconds. It would be devastating if there were none leftover! 😉


  • Katie

    Can I ask why/when you stopped being a pescitarian?

    Reply to Katie
  • Melanie Bruce

    Where did you find the sauce? I live on the east coast and am having a hard time finding it?

    Reply to Melanie Bruce
  • Kristin

    I love chicken recipes! That’s pretty much all I eat. I like tuna fish and sushi but not cooked fish. Strange, I know. I try not to eat too much red meat. So I can’t wait to try this out!! Eating chicken can become boring. Zzz. So I’ am always excited to see recipes on different chicken dishes! Thanks a bunch!

    Reply to Kristin
  • Shelly

    I don’t eat meat (just fish and eggs) so this would be a perfect thing to whip up for my boyfriend while I choose an alternative. Totally wouldn’t take up too much extra time! Thanks for the recipe!

    Reply to Shelly
  • Tori

    I am a food science student, about to graduate. When you say to wash your chicken, it can actually be more dangerous to do that. Washing the chicken that could potentially be covered in all sorts of bacteria simply puts all the bacteria into you sink. If you do not clean your sink after you rinse raw meat, then you can just as easily get sick. If you have to wash you meat make sure you clean the sink really well! I would hate for you to get sick!

    Reply to Tori
  • Jocelyn

    Hey Taralynn,

    Could you please post what app you use to put text on your photos?! Thanks!! I can’t seem to find one.

    Reply to Jocelyn
  • Susan

    Where can I purchase the marinade? These look yummy!!! Can’t wait to try them.

    Reply to Susan
  • Lauren

    Looks fantastic! I’m also a massive Bourbon fan (how can you not be??) Think this would be good in crock pot with the same ingredients?

    Reply to Lauren
  • Livi

    OMG these look amazing!!!!

    Reply to Livi
  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I am going to be making these THIS week. My husband loves all things Bourbon chicken – Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Reply to Sara @ LovingOnTheRun
    • Taralynn McNitt

      You are welcome! They were a hit with Jeremy, so I bet your husband will love them. I’m a HUGE bourbon fan:) i’m going to try this out with salmon next!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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