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I’m writing up a blog post to distract me from packing. Luckily, I don’t have to do the “moving” this time. I just have to pack it into boxes with the help of Jeremy and then watch college kids move it into the Uhaul. Unfortunately, we have to drive to Chicago to pick up the rest of our stuff out of our unit there and take it all to Iowa. We won’t be in South Carolina for long, three months tops! We will be staying in a hotel. I’ll probably go nuts, and drive home sooner because I hate being cramped up. I’m bringing Mr. Grumples this time, so him and I will do lots of walks and exploring. I also plan on doing a lot of traveling around the state while Jeremy works.

I have Β a lot of dinner/breakfast/lunch photos that I haven’t posted on my bog yet and I figured I’d do it now before the busy week.

Not going to lie, I’ve been a lazy blogger/cook lately. I’ve been eating repetitive meals and not getting crafty in the kitchen. I snack on fruit, yogurt, eggs, salad, veggies, dark chocolate m&ms, and pistachios! Ive gone out to eat a couple of times, but need to get back into making fun recipes!


I’m sure some of you noticed that fruit, cereal, and yogurt have been my go to for breakfast! I like the extra crunch that cereal gives. It’s better than most brands of sugary granola.


I tried to give Grumps a haircut…

Go ahead and laugh.


Yup! More eggs, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, and lettuce! I told you I was being repetitive.


This is a meal I had in Iowa! My dad made bbq chicken, peas, and I made the sweet potatoes! The sweet potatoes were baked in the oven with olive oil, garlic and herb, and brown sugar.


Yogurt, mixed nuts, berries, and cereal!


I caught up on Pretty Little Liars yesterday morning while having some fruit, yogurt and honey!


This morning, I made eggs, banana pancakes, and sliced up avocados.


A couple nights ago, I had a bowl of cereal for dinner and it didn’t last, so I ended up making eggs, avocado, and sweet potato later in the night.


My mom made this meal for me when I was sick at home! She made rice, roasted vegetables, and salmon!


This is a salad I mad about a month ago for lunch. It has turkey bacon, lettuce, croutons, tortilla strips, roasted potatoes, and craisins.


This salad has a vegan veggie burger, cucumber, craisins, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, croutons, and fiber one cereal for an extra crunch.


This was a little snack salad with croutons, avocado, blubbery, lettuce, tortilla strips, and turkey.

20140206_193848I love adding popcorn to my salad. I know it’s weird, but we all have our weird habits. This salad has avocado, popcorn, croutons, tortilla strips, lettuce, craisins, and cucumber!


  • kathleen

    How do you make banana pancakes? That sounds amazing!

    Reply to kathleen
  • Sam

    Hey girl! I moved from Arizona to South Carolina a few years ago when I was 18 & LOVE IT here. You NEED to check out Charleston! It is gorgeous (: also, the best time of year here since it should *fingers crossed* warm up soon! There are tons of farmer’s markets that are amazing in the warm Southern weather!

    Reply to Sam
  • Haley

    Check out the shopping while you’re in Charleston when you’re in SC, King Street and Saint George Street! Oh and if you are towards Myrtle Beach if you go through Pawley’s Island area it’s the less crowed/less touristy part of the beach, and if you are in Pawley’s Island you have to eat at Quigley’s. I bet Jeremy would love their steak sandwich with sea salt fries. Yum!

    Reply to Haley
  • Vanessa

    Hi Taralynn,

    I have read in your older post that you are a big snacker. I was wondering what are some healthy snack options you recommend? I work an office job and have a hard time figuring out what snacks to eat throughout my day. Thank you!!!

    Reply to Vanessa
  • Megan | 35WORKOUTS

    Popcorn on salad! How come I’ve never thought of that? Sounds so good! I’ll be trying it soon πŸ˜‰

    Reply to Megan | 35WORKOUTS
  • Jana

    I think mr.grumples looks adorable! You did a great job!

    Reply to Jana
  • Emily

    I live in the Charleston area, if that is where you’ll be in SC! I have a pug who would love to take walks with Mr. Grumples, if ya’ll ever want company!

    Reply to Emily
  • paityn

    I absolutely love your blog! I am down 13 pounds after I found your blog and was inspired, I feel better than ever! I was just looking through this post and was wondering if you calorie count? I am still 15 pounds away from my goal weight and find myself obsessing over calories. I tend to not eat avocados(and other healthy foods) because I know they are high in calories even though there so good for you! Just curious if you calorie count or ever became obsessed with it and what you do to make dieting not so stressful! Thank you!

    Reply to paityn
    • Toni Ann

      Try using …. they have a recipe builder section … if I find a recipe from anywhere and there is no nutritional info I enter it into the site so I can see how much cals it is. πŸ™‚

      Reply to Toni Ann
      • Nikki

        I use my fitness pal and it’s awesome!

        Reply to Nikki
    • Pedro92

      She used to post all nutrition info on Undressed Skeleton, but stopped doing it as often when she stopped counting calories so much, and just focused more on balanced, clean eating. I’ve lost 35 pounds since finding her blog – it works and I’m so grateful!!! I too would love to see a return of the nutritional breakdowns, but can understand if she stopped doing them if they’re time-consuming to do and if she feels she focuses too much on calories when doing them.

      Reply to Pedro92
  • Lady G

    Where did you get those adorable mini solo cups? I’m a salad dressing dunker and would love those!! So cute!

    Reply to Lady G
  • Настя

    When I look at these pictures of salads, desserts and other dishes, I begin to understand that cooking is actually an art!
    As for popcorn, I could not find a healthy popcorn in my city .. it is very upsetting. Maybe it can be ordered through the Internet?
    And I have several times asked you about how to contact you to talk about the translating of your blog and advertising in other social networks. Really looking forward to your answer πŸ™‚

    Reply to Настя
  • sarah

    Do you have a place to get quality avocados in Iowa? I am from Florida, land of plentiful avocados. And I have serious trouble getting good avocados in Missouri & Iowa.

    Reply to sarah
    • Mark

      Whole Foods near you? Usually have good luck with them. Also Aldi if you have any of those

      Reply to Mark
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I don’t live in Iowa, but my parents do and whenever I’m home I never get them because they are either bad or way over priced! You could try HyVee’s Organic produce!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Katie

    How come you guys have to get everything from Chicago? Will this be your last “travel” move?

    Reply to Katie

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