Healthy Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies!


St. Patricks day is coming up and so are all the parties that follow! To be honest, I never liked St. Patricks day. People are always trying to pinch you, leprechauns are scary, and I don’t like the color green unless it’s grass and yummy vegetables. But I do like that St Patricks day means spring is almost here!

I thought that some of you could use a delicious cookie recipe for your St. Patricks’ day parties! I’ll be keeping mine in the refrigerator and eating throughout the week while I pack. They are super good!


I was obsessed with my avocado brownies and how they came out, so I decided to do a chocolate avocado cookie. The recipe is different, but you still can’t taste the avocado! I promise. I chose to use a gluten free flour because a lot of you ask for it! If you don’t want gluten free, go ahead and use regular whole wheat flour.


Ingredients: *dark chocolate m&ms,  *3 medium eggs or 2 large eggs, *4 tbsps coconut oil, *1 tsp vanilla extract, *1 tsp baking soda, *1/2 tbsp baking powder, *2 medium/small ripe avocados, *1 cup all-purpose gluten free flour or 1 cup whole wheat flour, *1 cup baking stevia in the raw, *3/4 cup unsweetened coco powder.


Add avocado to a mixing bowl. You will need your electric mixer or a blender to mash the avocado.


Mix the avocado until it forms a guacamole/butter texture.


Mix in the eggs and vanilla.


Mix in the unsweetened cocoa powder.


Make sure all the clumps are out and the batter is nice and smooth.


Melt the coconut oil and add it to the mixing bowl.


Stir in the baking soda and baking powder.


Measure the flour and add it to the bowl. You can use whole wheat flour or gluten free flour.


Mix for about 2 minutes.


Stir in the stevia. You can replace it with 1 cup of sugar or 1/2 cup of honey.


The batter will resemble frosting. Keep it covered in the refrigerator for one hour to firm.


I chose m&m’s for my topping. I wanted to use mint chips on top but the grocery store didn’t have them.


I used the green and brown ones to represent St. Patrick’s day. You could use any topping you want for any holiday. 


After the dough is firm, scoop tablespoon sized cookies and place them on the baking sheet. Use your fingers to flatten down the dough. To be safe, I greased the baking sheet.


Top the cookies with m&ms. You can stir chocolate chips into the batter to make it extra chocolatly.


Bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.


They are best served cold. I kept them in the refrigerator for at least and hour before eating and they were so fudgy!

P1010158Nutrition Per Cookie

40 Calories, 4 g Carbs, 2.5 g Fat, 1 g Protein, 2 g Sugar


  • Charline

    Hello Taralynn,

    Thank you for this recipe and for your blog, I love it!

    I made the cookies, they tasted awesome! I made an article about it on my blog:

    It’s in French, I’m Parisian 🙂

    Reply to Charline
  • Kassie

    Your a beautiful girl!
    Your story has inspired me and my life.
    If it wasn’t for you, I would still be the same heavy girl I am today.
    Thank you for believing in yourself because that let me do the same. You made me confident and dedicated enough to not let anyone get in the way of being healthy and doing what I wanted to do to reach my girl.
    You’ve inspired so many people and lives, your life has been such a testimony to me .
    I will forever follow your blog! Your amazing and you continue to bless me by your wonderful posts!!!
    God bless,

    Reply to Kassie
  • Manu

    Hi Taralynn! Thak you so much for this wonderful recipe 🙂
    I’d tried and love it. I want make them to my boyfriend but he is allergic to avocado, Could I substitute it with banana? or pumpkim pure? just like in your pupkim brownie

    Thank you so much for your help 🙂

    Reply to Manu
  • Samantha

    Thank you for putting down alternatives to the stevia. It gives me awful migraines so I only use raw honey, pure maple syrup, and palm sugar in my house for sweetners. I hope you continue to add those to your recipes because it is difficult to equate what 1 packet of stevia is to another sweetner for example.

    Reply to Samantha
  • Anna

    I think you forgot the measurement for cocoa powder! I’m going to guess 1/2 cup since I didn’t bother to look before I started baking. I’m sure they will be great anyway!

    Reply to Anna
  • Gloria Boles

    Love your recipes. However I do wish you would offer a printable format so I could keep them for future use and to take to the store for ingredients. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work !!

    Reply to Gloria Boles
  • Sarah

    How many cookies does this make? Mine made 32 and had no m&m but when I calculated calories per cookie it was 55 calories

    Reply to Sarah
  • Lindsey B

    Made these yesterday, so good! I was a little nervous since I don’t care for avocados, but they were great. Everyone was excited to try them =)
    I used liquid stevia extract as the sweetener and it worked well!

    Reply to Lindsey B
  • Jenna

    So my mom has read a lot about nutrition from different sources and has found that artificial sweeteners can actually be physiologically worse for you than pure sugar. Is there something different about Stevia?

    Also, I love your blog and all of the gluten-free recipes!! Thanks a lot 🙂

    Reply to Jenna
  • Julianne

    Hey Taralynn! I love your blog and I am wondering what kind of gluten free flour this is/where you got it?
    Thank you 🙂

    Reply to Julianne
  • Kandi

    Why do the cookies need to be refrigerated? Do they just taste better that way or is it because of the avocado?

    Reply to Kandi
  • Haley

    How many cookies per batch?

    Reply to Haley
  • Katie

    How long would these keep in the fridge?

    Reply to Katie
  • Livi

    These look awesome!

    Reply to Livi
  • Nicole

    Hi! So, I’m just curious.. on the Stevia in the Raw bags it has a conversion from real sugar to stevia. For your recipe is it 1 cup of stevia plain and simple or should i be looking at the conversions from a cup of sugar? Thanks!

    Reply to Nicole
  • Megan A.

    Hi! I’m dying to try and make these cookies! Just a question, instead of GF flour, can I use rice flour? In Mexico is so hard to find (and rather expensive) that flour, and since I’m gluten intolerant, I can’t use whole wheat. 🙁


    Reply to Megan A.
  • Stephanie

    What type of gluten free flour is that?! I am looking for a new one!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Leigha @ Minougirl

    These look SOOO yummy! I bet they’d be a great preworkout snack! I’ve gotta try avocado in baking.

    Reply to Leigha @ Minougirl
  • Megan

    How many cookies will this make?

    Reply to Megan
  • Mariah

    These look amazing, Taralynn! I can’t wait to get some avocado so I can try these cookies and your brownies. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe! God bless you!

    Reply to Mariah

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