Slushy Sunday At The Dog Park With Mr. Grumples!

I’m feeling much better today. I’m sure the sun’s return has something to do with it. I bundled up and decided to take Grumps to the dog park. We are heading back to Detroit tomorrow, so I wanted him to have a great day! I know people probably thought I was crazy considering how muddy and wet everything was, but Grumps loves it and I don’t mind cleaning him up. When I first got Grumples, his original owners named him “Muddy” and I can see why. We played for about an hour running around and “playing fetch”. He doesn’t get the “fetch” concept very well. It’s more of me throwing the ball, him running after the ball, and me chasing him to get the ball. Sometimes playing with your dog and just being outdoors is better than any workout! 20140309_123641
I piled towels in the back of my car to keep the mud off my seats. When we got back to my parents house, I walked him to the tub. He got in without a fight and I spent a good 45 minutes working the mud out of his fur. 20140309_123756
He is usually pretty white, but the mud is starting to make him golden. In a month or so, he’ll be going in for a shave to get ready for summer! 20140309_125515
After his baths, he runs around the house shaking and spinning in circles. It’s pretty funny! I’ll have to get it on video sometime.


  • Madison

    Is he a golden doodle/terrier? I have a standard poodle named Ivan who looks similar to him, just more poodle shaped (taller) and curlier hair:p same big black nose though. Love furry long haired puppies! Dogs are seriously the best friends you could have. And definitely can be workout buddies! Can’t wait till Ivan matures enough to where it’s healthy for him to go on runs with me! 😀 you should post more about your doggie!

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  • Sandy

    Mr. Grumples is so cute! I rescued a poodle mix and she has separation anxiety and barks when she’s left alone. Has Grumples ever done that, or do you have any advice? I can’t change my work schedule right now. I’m hesitant to get a second dog because then I might have two barking dogs!

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  • Sara

    Love the photos of your pup! You’ve mentioned that you’re in the Metro Detroit area (I am too). Have you ever heard of “Dog Party at Tiger Stadium” The third Saturday of every month is a dog gathering where old Tiger stadium used to be. Not to be confused with Comerica Park. It’s free, you just bring your dog there and let him off the leash and watch him run around and play with other dogs. I’ve been once and it’s a lot of fun!

    Here is a link to the facebook page Detroit Dog Park and it shows when the next “Dog Party” is as well with pictures from previous ones.

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  • Jen

    I have a goldendoodle as well and went through the same routine Friday with him after our walk. Thank goodness they like water!! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can get his hair cut! Grumples is a gorgeous doodle, love when you post pics of him!

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    • Taralynn McNitt

      They’re the best! When Jeremy and I get our home, we are going to get him a brother:) How old is yours?

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      • Jen

        Mine is only 10 months old, and he is still all puppy – love it! You should definitely get Grumples a brother! If my hubs and I weren’t expecting baby #1 right now, I would have totally gotten doodle #2 for Jasper to play with! I think he’ll be pretty happy with a little tike running around the house though haha 🙂

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  • Amanda

    My mom and I actually gave my puppy a bath today. He’s still little and has blonde hair so he doesn’t like getting baths too much, but he is so adorable! Grumples looks clean though after his bath!

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  • Sara

    Just wanted to say I love the new website and layout. It’s wonderful! I’ve been following your blog for several months now and love your positive attitude and healthy twists on recipes!

    I do have a couple of very random questions… What type of camera do you use and do you use an editing program? Part of the reason I think your posts are great are the wonderful photos. So, I was just curious!

    Keep the great posts coming!

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  • Celeste

    I love reading your posts about mr grumples, he’s so cute!!

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  • Jana

    I hope you get that video of him running around the house! 🙂

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  • mookie

    I bet Grumps was happy to see the ground again and not just snow! My dog runs around and rolls all over the floor after a bath. They act so funny!

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  • Brittany @ Flourlessbetty

    My pup got a bath today too after a muddy hike! Luckily she’s short hair so she’s easier to clean!

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  • Brittany @ Flourlessbetty

    My pup got a bath today too after a muddy hike! Luckily she’s short hair so she’s easier to clean!

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