Pear Sauce With Nutmeg


On the first day of recipes my true love gave to me…nutmeg with pear-sauce. 

 I was very excited to share this recipe with you yesterday, but the site was down, making it impossible. Applesauce is one of my favorite treats. It brings me back to my childhood, because my mom would give my brother and I applesauce almost everyday.

It’s hard to find a good applesauce brand that doesn’t contain a heaping amount of sugar. That’s why I like it homemade. I recommend making food homemade because you have the control over what is added to it. Even when you find good recipes online, you can always make ingredients swaps. You can’t do that with a package of pre-made cookies.

Something you can’t find in stores, pear-sauce. Maybe if you are lucky, you can find it. The process of making pear-sauce is almost exactly like making applesauce, but much faster. The pears are much softer, so they cook faster on the stove. To prevent myself from burning out on too much applesauce, I wanted to switch it up and make pear-sauce.

I found a lot of recipes that required food processors and crock pots. Not everyone has those available, so I came up with a simpler recipe. All you’ll need is a stove top. It only took 20 minutes to prepare.


You will need  5 extra ripe pears. Preferably, yellow Bartlett.

Remove the skin from the pears with a knife or potato skin peeler. Don’t throw out the skin of the pears. The skin has tons of vitamins, nutrients and taste wonderful. Use them for salad toppers, in smoothies or you could do what I did…eat them!

In a large bowl, add the juice of one lemon and 1/4 cup of water.

As you cut the pears, place them into the bowl of lemon water. Don’t forget to throw out the cores. The lemon water prevents them from turning brown and gives the pear-sauce an extra flavor.


Add 1/2 Tbsp of ground nutmeg and 2 packets of Truvia to the pears. Give the pears a quick stir, then add them to a saucepan. Turn the saucepan to medium-high.


Bring the pears to a boil. After the pears start to boil, reduce heat to low. Let the pear-sauce simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, then place into a strainer. Let the extra juice drain. You can save the extra juice for a french toast topping! Take a fork and lightly smash down the pears into a “applesauce” texture.


Yes, it’s that simple.

You can let the pear-sauce cool, or you can eat it warm.


 If you are looking for another healthy pie recipe, you could use my graham cracker crust recipe and use the pear-sauce as a pie filling. This recipe can be used for many different things.

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree. I couldn’t find much use for the partridge, so I let it fly away. The pear tree was nice, but with winter approaching quickly, I knew it wouldn’t last long. So instead of letting the tree go to waste, I picked off the pears and turned them into pear-sauce. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the song “12 Days of Christmas”. It’s the one Christmas song we scramble our brains to remember this time of year. We have the words down, but matching them to the right day is challenging. I usually get lost after the fifth day of Christmas.


I was inspired by the “12 Days of Christmas” and decided to create my own version. Not with song, but with cooking. I am going to create a healthy recipe for each day of Christmas for the next 12 days.

Make sure to check back everyday for a new recipe my true love gave to me!


  • Alissa

    And, if you puree it at the end, and cook even longer, you’ll end up with homemade pear butter! I made apple butter last year, and meant to give away some for gifts, but I ate it all 🙂 Also, you can be lazy and just leave on the pear/apple skins if you plan to make butter, since it all gets pureed anyway.

    Thanks for posting this, Taralynn, I’ve gotta try your recipe now!

    Reply to Alissa
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    When I heard of marmalade i thought it was interesting because I never thought of a citrus spread. but this is even more interesting. Pear sauce?

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty

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