Sorry about the delay on part two! I had to drive to Dayton Ohio on Monday and didn’t get back until last night. I am so excited to have my doggy back! Thankfully my brother and his girlfriend watched him while I was in Vegas.

Day two was a blast! I woke up at sunrise and decided to head up to the spa to use the fitness center. I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts and an apple to have before the workout.  It was completely empty, so I had first pick with the equipment. I watched the Food Network while finishing a 9k. It felt great! I finished off the workout with a 20 minute weight session.

After showering off and getting ready for the day, I decided to sit down and  gamble a little while having my morning coffee. Coffee never tasted better! I put $5 in a slot machine and turned it into $107 in ten minutes. I was on fire. I decided to take that money and play blackjack with it. Lets just say…blackjack is my new best friend. I ended up sitting at a table for four hours!

After getting carried away playing blackjack, I headed up to the pool deck. Our group rented three day beds on the rooftop pool. The view was phenomenal and we loved having the service.

After spending all day at the pool, I tapped out and went to the room to relax a while. I needed a little down time if I was going to make it out with everyone.

I sat up in the room and snacked on some complementary trail mix, apples, and had a cup of coffee.

After relaxing for an hour, I got up and ready for the night.

Our group took a couple cabs down to city center for dinner and a night out on the strip. We decided to have dinner at Aria’s buffet. What’s Vegas without a buffet?

I started off with a salad. (I know who would have thunk it?) Their vegetables were so crunchy and fresh. The sauteed vegetables were spot on. I could eat there for every meal.

My second plate had more sauteed vegetables, salmon, cod, guacamole, macaroni, roasted potatoes, fruit, egg, and crab legs.

The dessert bar was awesome! I went with the pistachio gelato and it literally tasted like crushed up pistachios. I had a cookie, a crisp and Oreos on top!

As you can see our table had a lot of glasses for only eleven people. We hung out little after dinner and just had a laughing fest.

After leaving the Aria we headed down the strip. I love the strip at night.

Cosmopolitan was our next stop. We had some awesome dancers in the group…

This was one of my favorite moments of the night.

And of course us ladies had to take a photo in the shoe!

I also had to photo bomb the guy who fell asleep on the party slot machine.

After leaving the Cosmopolitan we walked the strip. We stayed up until three gambling and just hanging out! Vegas is always a blast!