I could lie and say, “crossfit was so fun! I can’t wait to go back!”, but I won’t. First off, I made a huge mistake before going to the box yesterday. I drank coffee all day and neglected water. It was also 80 degrees yesterday. Clearly, I was dehydrated.

The workouts were simple, something I’d do at my regular gym. But, doing them as fast as you can is the killer. Having time to catch your breath or drink some water plays a huge role in your fitness ability. I have so much respect for these crossfitters. It’s inspiring to see them workout so intensely and keep going back everyday. Yesterday was the fit test. The fit test is a baseline test that measures your overall fitness level.

Fitness Test

-Sprint 400 meters with a medicine ball. Time: 1:39
-Squats: 37
-Sit-Ups: 47
-Push-Ups: 27
-Pull-Ups: 8

That doesn’t seem like a lot, but try doing that in seven minutes.

It’s incredible how different these numbers are after not having time to rest between sets. I can normally do 58-60 sit ups in a minute when I’m not trying to find my breath. I can normally do 50 squats in a minute when I’m not tired. Yesterday took a lot out of me, and most of the reason was caused by dehydration. When I got home I laid in the fetal position for a good hour drinking water trying to stop shaking. I was severely dehydrated. Overall, I am excited to beat my times and make those workouts easier each day. Now that I am done with the fitness test, I’ll spend the next week or two in beginner classes learning the methods and the crossfitter’s way of life.

After I recovered back to normalcy, Jeremy and I headed to the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner. Above is my plate. I had a medium sweet potato, green beans and bourbon salmon.

Jeremy had grilled chicken, green beans and a grilled sweet potato stuffed with honey cinnamon Greek yogurt topped with green onion. For his chicken, he drizzled olive oil over the top,seasoned it with: lemon, garlic, pepper and ground mustard. 

For the sweet potato:
-microwave for 5 minutes to soften it up.
-slice an X on top and wrap the potato in tin foil
-grill for 30-40 minutes
-slice open the center
-in a mixing bowl add 2 tbsp. non-fat Greek yogurt, tsp cinnamon, tsp honey and mix together
-add mixture inside sweet potato and top with sliced green onion.
-drizzle honey on top. (optional)

For our vegetable side we made sesame sweet green beans. I am sure you have seen this recipe on my blog numerous times, but it’s one of my favorites!

Sweet Sesame Green Beans:
-boil five 5 cups green beans until slightly soft.
-drain the water and add to a non-stick frying pan.
-cook green beans on medium-high until they start to brown
-sprinkle packets of Stevia and sesame seeds onto green green beans and cook an addition 5 minutes.

My salmon was absolutely to die for!

-I found an organic bourbon sauce for the marinade and seasoned it with black pepper and 1 tsp brown sugar.
-I topped it with a couple green onions and baked 20-23 minutes at 350 degrees.

Hopefully my crossfit journey gets easier! I promise to complain less next time 😉 I just can’t complain in the box or I’ll owe them 20 burpees! ahh!