Sometimes it’s a lot harder to wake up, pack a lunch, start your car 10  minutes before you head out the door, brush off the snow, get dressed, etc during the winter months. Today was one of those days for me! So I decided to head out and grab a healthy lunch. As I drove around I passed several restaurants. Finally I saw a Panera bread and my stomach growled so I stopped.

I wanted something warm and filling. A salad wouldn’t cut it, a sandwich sounded unappetizing, and I obviously didn’t want a bagel. I decided to order the pick two! I ordered a cup of creamy tomato soup (8 oz 160 calories, 4g fiber,) I passed on the croutons because theirs are very salty. I had some left over crackers in a zip lock bag in my purse that I ate with my soup instead of their bakery bread. For my other choice I had a Classic Salad with light Asian dressing on the side. This definitely hit the spot!