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I have a new obsession. As if my closet isn’t currently full enough, it’s about to grow even bigger. I have become a thredUP monster. I wish I never would have tried it out because now checking the website for new items has become apart of my morning routine. I love a sale and a good deal, so I don’t feel as bad purchasing the items. I have been telling all of my girlfriends and family members about thredUP and most of them are already hooked.


thredUP is so easy to use and I couldn’t be anymore satisfied with my box! I even got excited with how adorable the box was! It had cute little polka dots on it and I was so eager to open it up. I decided to make some coffee and spend Saturday morning going through my new clothes.


Kona wanted to be apart of this blogpost. This is a shoutout for you, Kona.


The order comes with an item review and I loved looking this over to see all of my savings.


Again, the packaging was super cute! The clothing was hand-folded with striped (my favorite) tissue paper and held together with an adorable sticker.


All of the clothing had thredUP tags and I think that was a nice touch. I can appreciate little details like that!


I had so many items inside of my box. If I were to buy all of these at retail price, I would have spent WAY over $700! My total came to only $166.00. I wanted some cute clothes that I can wear this Spring and throughout the summer months. Now that it’s wedding season, it’s smart to use thredUP for saving money and finding almost new dresses for weddings!

I was looking for sleeveless blouses, cardigans, shorts, and dresses! I found all of them and more


There is SO MUCH to look at and go through. You can make it easier by letting thredUP match you with some items that fit your style. I found a lot of pieces from doing this. You can also customize your search by size, style, brand, color and more. This is so much easier than digging through sales racks at stores. No one ever puts the sizes where they’re supposed to be!


thredUP also uses your previous purchases and searches to give you recommendations and they are usually spot on!


I refuse to pay full price for designer brands. thredUP has so many items that are designer AND affordable. thredUP has saved customers $40 million by providing almost new designer items instead of purchasing it from the retail stores.


I took some photos in some of my thredUP pieces. You’ll be seeing a lot of the items from my box throughout my upcoming posts!


These shorts were one of my favorites. I love how classy they are and of course how cheap they were! They were originally $27.00 at Old Navy and I got them for $7.49!


I wore them to the Museum on Sunday morning.


I love going out for Coffee on Saturday mornings. I love sleeveless blouses because it’s chilly in the morning and hotter in the afternoon. I can pair the top with a cardigan for the morning and take the cardigan off to rock the blouse later in the afternoon. I found tons of great sleeveless blouses from my favorite shops on thredUP.


This Ann Taylor Loft blouse was only $15.49 and was originally $55.00! 


I paired it with some dark purple skinny jeans, a cardigan and booties. This top is also cute tucked into skirts!  THREDUP REVIEW, STYLES, & SAVINGS

I decided to wear one of my new outfits on my weekend antique shopping adventure. This combo is one of my favorites.

THREDUP REVIEW, STYLES, & SAVINGSI love pink, polka dots, stripes, and cardigans! This combo had my name all over it. Also…the price couldn’t be beat.


The Cardigan is Old Navy and the pink sleeveless blouse is from Ann Taylor Loft.


I paired the tops with destroyed denim to “casual” it up and some cute nude flats. thredUP also has the CUTEST like new shoes.


Finding sleeveless blouses and cardigans made me so happy! I wear this combination at least three times a week. I was excited to break out the yellow for Spring. I stick to pretty neutral colors in the winter.


I had so many compliments on this top while I was out antique shopping. Like antiques, someone else’s items are someone else’s treasures.


thredUP has great high-quality kid’s clothes, maternity with a range of brands from Madewell to Zara to Joie, always up to 90% off the original retail price.

One of my best friends is having a baby and I was going through all the maternity clothes for her. I’m also a huge fan of their workout selection! A lot of people go up and down sizes with fitness clothes, so there are so many great options on there.


I can’t wait to show you guys more of my looks in the upcoming posts! I HIGHLY recommend using thredUP and I couldn’t have been happier with my items. Every single one of them fit and they were in great shape. The only thing I had to do was pull out the iron.


So that is only one side of my closet. The other side is full of dresses, jeans and shoes. There are obviously TONS of pieces that I do not wear.  I am going to order a thredUP clean out bag so I can fill it up with the items I don’t wear. I can place it on my front step for a pick-up. So far there has been 14,009,055 items up cycled, as the end of 2015!

“”Every Clean Out Bag sent to thredUP keeps 206lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water, and keeps 24 items out of landfills.”

Not only is thredUP great for saving money and finding like new items, but it’s great for recycling and protecting our planet.

thredUP has provided first time shoppers with a 30% off discount code for your entire order! Discount up to $50!

Use code SIMPLYT30 will get 30% off their entire order! (Code expires in 7 days.)


  1. Have you ever tried thredUP?
  2. Do you also have so many clothes you do not wear hanging up in your closet?
  3. What is your favorite “like new” clothing item you have?
This is a sponsored post with thredUP but ALL opinions are my own.


  • Mindy

    That black shirt!

    Reply to Mindy
  • Michelle

    Ah! I am so happy I read this post! I just ordered 7 tops and cardigans and saved over $100 !! Less than $7 for each too! I’m beyond excited and I ordered a clean up kit. I usually donate once a month or so to Impact or another clothing drive but this is amazing 🙂 and so convenient! Your an inspiration! Your style and decor are beautiful 🙂 keep being you!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Donna

    So I have to say that I was intrigued by your plug for ThredUp. I went on the web site and a few days later, I ordered some things. My box came today and I am thrilled with everything! I got 5 items (3 of which still had the tags on them) for $53.

    Reply to Donna
  • Hmm

    It’s suuuuper annoying that they make you sign up or log in with a social media account before you can even look at the site. Like, why should I give you info/create an account when I just want to look at the damn site for a second to see if I am actually interested?

    Reply to Hmm
  • Bethany

    Sooooo I may have just gone on a mega shopping spree on ThredUp!! I can’t believe the amount of money I saved!! And like you, I hate paying full price for things 🙂 I got a bunch of J.Crew tops/shorts, new denim shorts, among others! Thank you for introducing me to that site!! Definitely a game changer 🙂

    Reply to Bethany
  • laura

    Maybe I missed it but what brand is that adorable yellow top?

    Reply to laura
  • Lindsay

    You are so damn cute! Where did you get those floral/black shorts?

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Janice

    Wow, you wear large sizes…

    Reply to Janice
    • Anonymous

      There’s so much negativity in the world already. Why don’t we build each other up rather than try to tear one another apart.

      Reply to Anonymous
    • laura

      Wow, that is so rude. Size does not matter. Like, at all. Get a life.

      Reply to laura
    • Taralynn McNitt

      lol I’m 5’8 and wear sizes that are comfortable and acceptable for my body type. Also, those are not large sizes. I don’t need to be a zero or a size two. I like the way I look and the sizes I wear.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hannah

    I love your hair lately!

    Reply to Hannah
  • Tara

    You just got me addicted to this site! I just ordered a ton of clothes and saved $140!! This is bad for my bank account…LOL

    Reply to Tara
  • Chelsea

    1.I want to try thredup sooo bad now! I honestly haven’t bought clothes for like 3 years because I have gained so much weight and want to lose weight before I buy clothes. It’s just not fun to clothes shop when you don’t feel good about yourself!
    2.Because of the reason above. SO. MANY. CLOTHES. I have gotten rid of a lot though. Still, I take up our entire walk in closet! Sorry, husband lol.
    3.I love thrift shopping! You can really find some expensive clothes for cheap! My favorite is a ralph lauren flannel (tags still on it saying $98) and I got it for $10! Love that flannel!

    Reply to Chelsea
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It happens to all of us! That is why I love summer, I use it as a fresh start to eat healthy and workout/be outdoors being active! Don’t feel bad at all and remember that weight doesn’t define beauty!

      Lol Husbands don’t need much room in that closet!

      Wow that is such a good deal!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    wow i have got to try this! I dont have a ton of clothes in general, and this lady over here is needing some spring and summer clothes 😀

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot
  • Ashley K

    I love ThredUp and shopping from the New Arrivals is so addicting, so I feel your pain with wishing you never started! Your post inspired me to check out the website again and order a Clean Out bag!
    Can’t wait for the 8 items I ordered to arrive! Thanks girl!

    Reply to Ashley K
  • Brooklyn

    Your closet is goals (insert a million heart eyed emojis)!!
    What an awesome website!


    Reply to Brooklyn
  • Valerie

    I’ll have to check this out!! I love the idea of online shopping when everything is already at a great price without having to hunt for sales! I’m horrible at online shopping though because depending on the brand and the item I can be anywhere from a small to a large in size, so I’m never sure how things will fit.

    Reply to Valerie
  • Ali Morga Brina

    Wow I really need to try this! But I’m just curious about sizes… I always have to try cloths on because in some stores or even within the same brand I could be bottom 6 or 8 (5 or 7) and top XS, S or M. How do you knowwwww!!!!

    Reply to Ali Morga Brina
  • Vanessa

    Wow, your wardrobe is huge! But I spot a lot of beautiful pieces in there 🙂

    I love going secondhand shopping for clothes and then upcycling them myself. I am very glad that my mom taught me how to sew and knit so I can do touch-ups on all my stuff. However since I live in a dorm my wardrobe space is extremely limited and so is the amount of clothes I have. But soon I’ll move to the UK and will definitely go secondhand shoppping a lot!

    ThreadUp sounds like a great shop, too bad I live in Europe 😉

    Reply to Vanessa
  • Katherine Sanford

    Thanks for sharing Taralynn! It didn’t take long to have a cart full I just ordered 12 new pieces for my closet I can’t wait to get them! Thanks for the discount code it helped a lot 🙂

    Reply to Katherine Sanford
  • Rachel

    Wow! This is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this! I cant wait to try it! You look so cute in everything! I especially love those grey shorts! So cute! I look forward to reading your posts! Thank you much for all the effort you put into them.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Anna

    Oh man, I went to their site and can already tell I’m gonna go crazy on there, haha! I love finding great deals on clothing and seeing how much I can save. I can’t wait for my first order. I’d heard of them before but had never checked them out until seeing all the cute stuff you found. So thank you!

    My closet looks so much like yours! I too have just a few too many things 😉 but it’s fun to go through and find things to sell or donate. I live in an apartment with no walk in closet (very upsetting haha), so my sister actually built me a two story open wooden “closet” to hang all of my extra clothes on. That’s probably a sign I should clean out my closet again 😛 Love your fashion posts and can’t wait to see more!

    Reply to Anna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Yeah I had a lot of fun with it! Let me know how you like your stuff 🙂

      Your sister seems pretty talented! 🙂 I made sure to find a place that had a closet the size of a bedroom lol

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Whitney

    Thanks for the code! I just ordered some really cute shoes and a herringbone dress. All for under $20. Can’t wait to get them!

    Reply to Whitney
  • Lisa

    I think this post must have crashed their website because it’s not working for me! Who doesn’t love a good bargain?! I’ll try again later 😉

    Reply to Lisa
  • Hilary

    I love Thred Up! Although I haven’t done too much shopping but I love using their send in feature, such a great way to get rid of some old clothes!

    Reply to Hilary
  • AShley

    As always, you look adorable (im so jealous!) Just made my first order with your code, Thank you!! What is their shipping turn around usually? This isn’t one of those “monthly subscription” sites is it lol

    Reply to AShley
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Ashley!

      This is definitely not a subscription site 🙂 It’s just like an online shopping experience. I got my box in three days!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jacqui

    I LOVE thredup! I used it a few months ago when I reorganized/cleaned out my closet and added just a few cute new pieces to reward myself 🙂 And I love that you can donate the proceeds of your clean out bag to charity! I wrote about my experience too if you want to read it 🙂 (http://drinktheday.com/2016/02/24/take-control-of-your-closet-thredup-review/)

    Reply to Jacqui
  • Charis

    Hey this is a great idea! Do you know if they deliver to the United Kingdom or is it just US?

    I’ve got so many clothes I can’t wear anymore as I was a lot smaller before I had my son!

    Reply to Charis
  • Kyla

    I adore this post! All of your outfits look amazing & comfortable!! I especially love the outfit with the dark purple skinny jeans – are those from thredUP as well?

    I had never heard of thredUP before, but I absolutely love the clothes you have shown! You cannot beat those savings!

    I do have too many “like new” as well as actually never worn before clothes hanging up in my closet, so I love the option of being able to clean out and sending them in!

    My favorite “like new” piece of clothing is a green sleeveless blouse that pairs well with anything! I wear it maybe a little too often 🙂

    Reply to Kyla
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you so much Kyla!

      Those jeans are not thredup BUT they did have some similar ones on there! You can customize the search to make it easier.

      Those savings are amazing and I’m totally addicted to going through the items in the morning! The constantly are adding new items!

      Sleeveless blouses are my favorite! You can wear them all year round!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelsey P

    You are a cutie pie!

    Reply to Kelsey P
  • Linda

    This is such a cute post and I love all of your pics! I can’t wait to see you in the green dress. I will definitely be trying out THREDUP!

    Reply to Linda
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Linda!

      That green dress is from JCrew and was originally $250! I got it for $32! I love it! It’s so cute with wedges and a cardigan.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Dana

    Will definitely have to try this! I’m going through a career change and I don’t need a lot of clothing I have any longer. Thank you for this post.

    Reply to Dana
    • Taralynn McNitt

      This is GREAT for a career change. They have so many items that are office friendly and super new! My mom just ordered a ton of clothes for the office.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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