10 Ways to Stay Healthy (Unrelated to Fitness & Nutrition)

Hello & Happy Monday!

I’m so excited to share this post with you today because I’m all about conquering that healthy lifestyle, but sometimes we focus too much on what we eat and how much exercise we get to classify ourselves as “healthy.” Health is so much more than how many miles you ran or how much kale you ate, health is about your mentality, the products we use on our skin, and the things we do that make us feel good. Today, I’m teaming up with LOLA, one of my favorite brands, to share ten ways you can stay healthy that are completely unrelated to exercise and nutrition! LOLA is dedicated to providing women with the products and content they need to make informed decisions on behalf of their bodies, and I love that! As women, we can learn so much from each other. I’ll also be sharing their new line of sexual health and wellness products that are gynecologist approved to maintain a healthy pH balance and guarantees peace of mind knowing what is going in and on your (and your partners) body! How about that for a fun post!?

I don’t understand why the whole “sex talk” has been so taboo on my blog. I talk about this stuff with my friends on the daily, so I’m changing it up a bit and talking about this topic on my platform. I mean, we’re all friends here, right? LOLA was created by two women encountering new phases in their own reproductive lives, and they know that each new stage brings questions (ones you normally just ask your friends, or your best friend, Google) — Is this normal? Is it supposed to feel like that? What is this made of? I can’t wait to discuss those types of things with you today!
There are so many ways you can stay healthy that have nothing to do with fitness and nutrition. I have so many tips, but today, I’m sharing my top ten! There are little changes you can make to your lifestyle that’ll make you happier, and feel more “put together.” I love to practice order in my household and it makes my days run smoother. When I put things off, I get stressed out, and that is never healthy.

You know what else I think is healthy? Surrounding your house with fresh flowers. 🙂 
1. Less Social Media: I learned the importance of less social media over the weekend when my computer and phone were broken. I felt so in the moment, less focused on what everyone else was doing, and a bit happier. Sometimes, it’s important to disconnect and pay attention to the real life happening around you. I do LOVE social media and staying connected, but a break is good sometimes. My boyfriend and I actually had deep conversations instead of browsing our phones before going to sleep.

2. Protect Your Skin: This is a big one! Winter, spring, summer, and fall, wear sunscreen through it all. Protecting yourself from the sun’s radiation will reduce your risk of skin cancer, aging, and painful burns. Not only do you need to protect your skin from the sun, you should also protect it from harmful chemicals. I’ll dig further into this topic when I talk about the new Sex by LOLA line!

3. Sleep More: Sleeping more is good for your brain & mental health, you’ll crave less sugar and caffeine, you’ll lower your chances of getting sick, it’s the time when your body does most of it’s healing, and you’ll feel more rejuvenated!

4. Wash Your Face: Washing your face is a must! Your face needs to breathe, and fewer breakouts will happen if you clean out your pores. I hope this next fact will have you running to the sink at night. “Your face is covered in bacteria, dirt, debris, pollutants, oil, and viruses, and dead skins cells at the end of the day.” I don’t think you want that lurking on your pillows!

5. Laugh More: I always feel good after a good laugh with friends. It’s a great way to relieve stress and bring more happiness to your life. 

6. Declutter Mess: This is a big one! When things are out of whack, I get very overwhelmed. It’s important to make sure everything has a place. You’ll spend less time looking for items. Remind yourself to always wash the dishes after eating, sweep after cooking, put your clothes away after washing, and eventually, you’ll always be caught up on chores. A clean house is a happy house.

7. Use A Planner: I have a planner sitting in front of me all the time! It’s important to write things down and be prepared for upcoming events. You don’t want to be the “last minute” person. If you have all of your days planned out, you’ll feel less overwhelmed. Control your schedule with a planner. If you have too much going on, don’t be afraid to say “no.”

8. Read More: This is something I struggle with because I get too distracted, or when I’m reading I feel guilty. Reading is such a great distraction, and it allows our imaginations to work their magic. It broadens your vocabulary and makes you smarter. It can also decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s.

9. Be Kind To Others: Being kind to others always puts me in a good mood. It’s honestly one of the easiest tips on this list. Being kind to someone can be as simple as complimenting a stranger, or writing someone a note. Look out for ways to show kindness.

10. Be Kind To Yourself: It’s funny how being kind to others is one of the easiest, but for me, being kind to myself is one of the hardest. I have to remind myself to also compliment and believe in myself. I’m one of those people that is very critical of my work or the way I look, and it’s not a healthy habit. Each day, I work on being kinder to my self and accepting every flaw. Being kind to yourself, practicing confidence, and knowing your self-worth is so healthy. 
And if you have some healthy tips of your own, please share them!

Now, I want to discuss more about #2 on the list! Yes, let’s get straight to sex talk. It has everything to do with our skin. Our skin is so precious, and we need to take care of it.

I have been using LOLA products for several years now. My time of the month wouldn’t be the same without them. The period products are made with organic cotton, and I love that they decided to design a line of sex products. Sex by LOLA‘s new sexual health and wellness products are designed first and foremost for women, and since 90% of my readers are women, I thought this would be very fitting. The products are free of irritating additives and deliver the sensation and reliability that women expect and deserve. Can I get an Amen? Their new line consists of lubricated condoms, personal lubricant, and cleansing wipes. These are the types of products you can feel good about applying to your skin (no pun intended.)

Here are the details on the Sex by LOLA products!

The Cleansing wipes are so convenient. They come in individual packages and are the very first all natural cleansing wipe of its kind. The wipes are made with 100% bamboo soaked in a purified water system. The wipes replenish your skin’s natural moisture, helps maintain healthy pH balance and are gynecologist approved. They are hypoallergenic, made without alcohol, parabens, bleach, sulfates, dyes, synthetic preservatives like sodium benzoate, or synthetic fragrance. There are 12 individually wrapped cleansing wipes in each box for only $11. 
The Condoms are ultra thin, made of natural rubber latex; lubricated, low-odor, and vegan. They come in a box of 12 for $11. Condoms help protect against STI’s and pregnancy. You won’t find any parabens, nitrosamines, casein, gluten, GMOs, glycerin, synthetic colorants, synthetic flavor, or fragrance.

The Personal Lubricant is water-based; made with aloe vera. It comes in a mess-free dispenser and made without irritating chemicals, gynecologist-approved, hypoallergenic, formulated to help maintain a healthy pH, and safe to use while trying to conceive.  Like the condoms, you won’t find any parabens, petrochemicals, glycerin, synthetic flavor, or fragrance. The 1.7 oz bottle is $14.
The Sex by LOLA line is available for one-off purchase or subscription. If you have a period subscription with them (which I highly recommend), you can simply add the new lines of products to it.

If you’re interested in trying out LOLA, click here to check out their website! The first 100 readers to use code simplytaralynn40 will receive 40% off their first order of Sex by LOLA!

Questions for you! 

  1. Do you have any questions about Sex by LOLA?
  2. What is one healthy tip you live by?

Thanks for reading today’s post! This post was sponsored by LOLA, but ALL opinions are my own. 


  • Emily

    I’m a mental health counselor and I love that you wrote this post (and many others in the past) regarding ways to be healthy not related to fitness and nutrition. While, of course, those are important self-care is important too! Looking at how to take care of yourself holistically is SO important because physical and mental health often go hand-in-hand. I also love that you gave examples of self-care. Most people will say things like “take care of yourself” of “remember self-care, self-care”, but don’t go the extra step to actually identify what this means for themselves.

    Reply to Emily
  • Natalija

    “Health is so much more than how many miles you ran or how much kale you ate, health is about your mentality, the products we use on our skin, and the things we do that make us feel good. ” Amen to that! I think it’s sooooo important you post blogs like this one in these fitness-focusing-just-on-the-body times where it seems like modern health is brought down to the amount of avocados consumed and yoga-pretzel poses instagrammed. Well done!

    Reply to Natalija
  • Ann

    Love this! I’m the same way about reading books as you, feel guilty! Why? Have no idea but we need to get over that! 🤗 Love your bathroom with the fresh flowers, so pretty!

    Reply to Ann
  • Michelle

    Hi Taralynn! This was a great post! I need to do much more of #6 and, after taking a course on sustainable happiness, I have been much more cognizant of #10. It’s really important to give to yourself so that you can give your best to others!

    Reply to Michelle
  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    I LOVE that this brand actually pays attention to what they put in their products. Our skin is literally the biggest organ we have, yet we don’t think twice about covering it in toxic chemicals. And this is especially important when it comes to sex. Come on ladies, we gotta look out for ourselves!
    And I’m so on board with being open about these things. Women should NOT feel ashamed to talk about this stuff!
    My biggest healthy tip that I live by these days is definitely being kind to myself. I am SUPER critical of myself and recently I’ve been focusing on more positive self talk and holy cow, it’s AMAZING the difference it’s making!
    Oh, and sleep, I need allllll the sleep!
    Thanks for sharing this lady!

    Reply to Susie @ Mile High Dreamers
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Me too, Susie!

      And you’re soooooo right!!!!

      I love that tip, and it’s so hard to be kind to ourselves.

      Sleep is something I need right now lol


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Liv @ What Liv Likes

    100% with you on the sunscreen. An ounce of prevention… BTW, Lola looks like a promising line. I’m delicate. If I eat too much sugar everything goes out of whack but lubricant especially can be irritating and a lot of woman just ignore it or don’t notice. You gotta take care of yourself!

    Reply to Liv @ What Liv Likes
  • Zoe Ware

    I love this post because there is so much more to our well-being than just fitness.

    1. My mental health (and self-kindness) improved a lot after I quit Facebook. (I tried and quit Instagram too.) It’s hard sometimes, because I feel unconnected, but it also gives me more time to be productive and make connections in person. I’m not so mentally overwhelmed with all the information from and about other people. Plus, I had been torturing myself with the comparing game. I’d been debating trying again, but my husband reminded me that I have quit them for a reason and I’ve been happier without them. (So thankful for him!) I still use Snapchat though, it’s like a small little window into social media, but it’s not so overwhelming. lol

    2. I used to hate sunscreen. It wasn’t “cool”, you know, to have your mom lathering you up with way too much sunscreen every 30 minutes and your skin being just as white as ever. lol But now I’m older and wiser (hehe) and I care less about whether I get a tan, and more about taking care of my skin.

    3. Yes, sleep. SLEEP. I love my sleep. I’ve noticed that my sweet spot for sleep is 7-9 hours. Any less, and I tend to need a nap, any more and I have a hard time getting up in the morning. (Who am I kidding, I never get more than that, my body always wakes me up around 5:30.

    4. Um, wow. I think I’ll wash my face every night now. lol I rarely wear makeup, so I don’t have anything that has to come off, but when you put it that way….

    5. It is so true, laughter is good for the soul. It does wonders for my mood.

    6. Keeping my house decluttered is super important to me. It is just relaxing to me, to have things put away. Is my house perfect? No, but it is usually picked up enough at the end of the day, that I’m comfortable and can just relax. I wash my dishes by hand (by choice) and I usually wash them 1-3 times a day, depending on the day. Lately it has been just 1 time a day. When I bake, it’s usually 2. Sometimes I hate it, but a lot of the times I just try to enjoy it… enjoy the view out my window or prop my phone up on the window sill and watch some YouTube or a show on Prime…or music, of course!

    7. I don’t use a planner, because I’ve found that I don’t like having to open the book, but just walking by and reading stuff or quickly jotting stuff down works for me. So I use scrap paper to write down my to-do list and my wall-calendar for my scheduled stuff. I think if I worked outside the home I would have to use a planner though, because it’s more portable.

    8. I love to read. I’ve only read about 2 books in the last year though. 🙁 It’s too easy to feel like there’s surely something else I should be doing!

    9. Very little brings me more joy than finding ways to be kind to others. But sometimes it’s hard, there’s always the “you didn’t have to do that” and other phrases that are commonly used that make random giving a little awkward and I’m trying to overcome my feelings of awkwardness from it. lol I like it best when people don’t know it was me who gave them something. I love finding something online and having it sent to a friend without them knowing it was from me.

    10. YES. It definitely takes effort to do this. You would think it would be so easy. But it helps to have people in your corner who speak life into you, even when they know your bad moods, your flaws, and everything you don’t get right.

    I think for me, the biggest aspect of health has been choosing to be content in the moment and be grateful for where I’m at even if it’s not where I want to be in the end.

    This turned into quite a comment. Oops! 😉

    Reply to Zoe Ware
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I absolutely LOVED this comment and reading all of your responses! Never let yourself feel awkward! Just go with it 😀

      xo xo xo xo Loved “choosing to be content in the moment”


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sharni

    LOLA seems like such a great brand but unfortunately I can’t seem to get a hold of their products here in Australia! Hopefully one day soon they start shipping internationally.

    Reply to Sharni
  • Emily

    I love the idea of this brand!

    Reply to Emily
  • Tam

    Loved these tips, Taralynn

    Reply to Tam
  • Lace

    I loved reading this list, Taralynn.

    Reply to Lace
  • jordan @ dancing for donuts

    loooove this post!! i’m so with you – taking a break from focusing on what literally everyone else is doing via social media is probably the best thing we can do for our mental health!! and UGH i don’t think i would survive without my planner. also i’ve heard of Lola, but have yet to try the products – need to look more into them! thanks for sharing 🙂

    Reply to jordan @ dancing for donuts
  • M.K.

    One tip I live by is using natural products on my skin. Our skin is the first barrier of defense and absorbs everything! I use coconut oil as my lotion and plant based shampoos and conditioners. Deodorant is another big one for me. So many of our lymph nodes are in that area and are what helps filter out the toxins that can cause disease. I use Native Deodorant. It’s the best one I have found for my active lifestyle and prevents sweat and odor.

    They have awesome scents as well! I love the coconut/vanilla and lavendar/rose ones. Check them out!

    Reply to M.K.
  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing, Taralynn

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    I love this post, Taralynn! ❤️ It’s so important to remember that health doesn’t just apply to exercising and dieting. It’s present in every part of our lives! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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