Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles


Life is funny. We always want what we can’t have or wish for things we weren’t born with. In sixth grade, I got my very first hair straightener for Christmas. I was over the moon excited. I didn’t know how to wear my curls at the time. I usually brushed them out after the shower and rocked the frizzy pony tail or had my mom braid my hair everyday.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

Straightening my hair became a routine. My hair used to be MUCH thicker and curlier when I was younger. The night before school, I’d shower, let my hair dry, and then my mom and I would sit in the living room while she spent almost two hours straightening every piece of my hair. When I woke up in the morning, she’d get the little pieces that made their way back to the curly side overnight.

That was a lot of of time spent doing hair, a lot of damage done to my hair, and if I would have only known how to style my curls or to just embrace them, I would have been better off.

Now, You’ll rarely see me with straight hair.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

You’ll see me rock the curly or wavy hair. I know it’s not as manicured as the perfectly blow dried hair or the curling iron curled hair, but I love it and it’s so much healthier.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

Last January, I promised myself that I was going to nurse my hair back to health.  I had over seven inches taken off and have been getting an inch off every month since then. I promised that I would lay off the straightening, the blow drying, and the dyeing. My hair was damaged becuase I wanted something unnatural. Since then, I can count the number of times I’ve used a blow dryer, a hair straightener, and have had it dyed.

There are so many ways you can rock the curls, plus it’s so much faster!

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

Dove Hair and I are teaming up to encourage all of you to embrace the curls! Love those waves, and let the natural look shine. There are so many people who spend tons of nights braiding their hair to get curls, spending money on perms, and using crimpers to get your look! As I said, “we all want what we can’t have.”

To celebrate the Love for our curls, Dove Hair has created some adorable and fun curly haired emojis that you can get for your phone!

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

Download the Dove Love Your Curls Emojis in the App Store and Google Play Store to show you #LoveYourCurls!

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

All curls are different. You may have light and wavy curls, kinky curls, or out of this world spirals. I have more of the wavy curls on top and spiral curls underneath. My hair gets curlier every time I get it cut and more and more curlier as it gets healthier. My hair is 10x better looking then what it looked like last year.

I don’t necessarily like wearing my hair down without doing something to it. I like my hair away from my face and pinned back, so I put together five of my favorite go-to quick fix styles. I usually don’t enjoy doing my hair, or makeup. Anything quick is the way to go for me.

These looks will take less than five minutes to do!

After showering, I spray some hair gel in my hair and then scrunch dry it with a towel to define my curls even more.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

I wear my hair in a bun almost every single day. You’ll find me in a bun at the gym, in the morning, and before I go to bed. I always leave a couple pieces of hair down by the ear to show off the curls. I think it makes it look more feminine and whimsical. I always start from the top first and grab the bottom half last. I also pull some pieces of the top out to make it less tight and more poofy. You could also top off this look with a twist headband.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

A look you can’t go wrong with, half up and half down.

I actually find this look the most frustrating to do. I’m very picky about what pieces go up and what pieces go down. Sometimes I like to make a part and sometimes I like to slick it all back. I love this look for showing off curls becuase my underneath is so much more curlier than the top.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

The Pony Tail!

Some people find the ponytail frustrating for curls. They get overwhelmed with all the bumps on top, but I love the bumpy look. It makes your hair look thick and gives character to your ponytail. I love the top pony tail with a headband and I love the low ponytail with a ribbon. I usually wear my curls in a low pony tail when I’m on a run, becuase it’s less stress on the top strands. It won’t pull or bounce.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

The side french braid is one of my favorites too. Sometimes you can’t even tell when it’s in becuase it blends with the curls. It keeps the front hair under control and away from my face. You can rock the side braid with a half up/half down look, the messy bun, or a pony tail. Just section off the piece you’d like to braid and then add a couple pieces of hair as you go.

Love Your Curls: Five 5 Minute Hair Styles

I have rocked the Dorthy braid for years. When I was a kid, I’d do the braids on both sides, but now I stick to one. All you have to do is a loose side french braid. Plus one braid means less time.

Questions for you guys! (For curly hair & straight hair)

  1. What is your quick go-to hair style?
  2. Do you love your curls?/ Do you love your straight hair?
  3. Tell me about your  biggest hair regret!

Post a photo on your Instagram showing of your curls with the hashtag #loveyourcurls

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  • Linsa

    Tara you are so cute!

    Reply to Linsa
  • Petalovestodance

    cute curls!!

    Reply to Petalovestodance
  • Devyn Conry

    I LOVE this post! I have been really loving shea moisture curly products in my hair lately, they are the only products I have used that define my curls but feel moisturizing. I have been eliminating shampoo from my regime also because it has been so drying and i “co wash” instead. I also only wash my hair every 3-4 days and spritz my hair with water and then use the shea moisture spray to refresh my curls. 🙂

    1. I love a good braid, fish tail is my favorite.
    2. I love my curls, but don’t feel bad about straightening every once in awhile either.
    3. I too suffered from the pony and slicked back the crown of my hair with gel to avoid my “baby hairs” poking out. Looking back I’m surprised how many adults in my life commented on it. I just wish I had 1 person who showed me how to style my curly hair. A women in a check out line saw I had curly hair and asked me how to style her daughters hair because she had no idea what to do. I thought that was awesome of her!

    Reply to Devyn Conry
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Devyn!!

      Thank you for all the curl advice!

      Braids are the way to go 🙂
      I feel ya on number two!
      & that is awesome! I love that she reached out to you!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jess

    As a hair dresser, I would actually recommend a keratin treatment. Your hair seems to have a lot of breakage from always wearing it in a bun. A keratin isn’t just about straightening. It also bonds and helps form broken hair. It’s expensive but worth it if you’re trying to nurse your hair back to health

    Reply to Jess
  • Leslie

    I love your hair Taralynn! It looks so healthy.

    Reply to Leslie
  • Sara Rose

    Love the dress you’re wearing 🙂 I have the same one from your collection!

    Reply to Sara Rose
  • Mackenzie

    Make up tutorial please!

    Reply to Mackenzie
  • Amanda

    I love posts like this.

    Reply to Amanda
  • Marie Alessandra

    1. I normally just do a high pony or half pony (because it’s easy haha).
    2. I have super straight hair. People always think i straighten it, but Nope.. Its just extremely straight. Its okay i guess, i dont mind it 🙂
    3. My biggest hair regret must be when i used to dye it A LOT! One day I had black, next week it was platinum blonde, then dark brown a couple days later. Then i quit doing all that stuff because i was losing so much hair and it was SO damaged 😐

    Reply to Marie Alessandra
  • Kristin

    Another hair stylist in Charlotte already beat me to it, but I’d love to do your hair! I work in Ballantyne, so if you’re ever in the area stop in Aveda! Ask for “Kristin D” It’s right now to Harris Teeter across from the Ballantyne Resort.

    Reply to Kristin
  • Morgan

    I can definitely see the difference in your hair from when you first started your blog until now. Your hair is 10x more thicker and healthier! Keep up the good work and keep sharing your tips!

    Reply to Morgan
  • Jessica

    1. For work – pony tail for sure! Its just easier and as a physical therapist I don’t want it getting in may way! lol I get distracted. If I’m trying to be fancy I curl it with a wand (I have collarbone/shoulder length hair) and thats how I like it best, it just takes a while.

    2. I have odd wavy/straight hair so if its in a pony I don’t do anything with it. I wish my hair was curly or straight not a lame mixture of both. But whatever! I deal! 🙂

    3. I usually have long blonde hair (naturally), in college I cut it off and died it dark brown.. It took me a long time to slowly die it back to blonde and then let it go natural. In high school I put blue streaks in my hair and it was very liberating and fun and (surprisingly) I don’t regret it at all! it was fun to do as a teenager.

    Reply to Jessica
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds really pretty! & pony tails are the BEST! (next to messy buns)

      The mixture of both hair can be kind of fun! You can use a little bit of hairspray and salt water and give it the beachy look!

      I did the exact opposite! I had the long brown hair and died it blonde! & the colored streaks in high school!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ellen

    I love dove products, but I’ve never tried their hair products. Is your hair damp in the pictures or do they products make it shiny like that? Thanks so much

    Reply to Ellen
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Ellen! A couple of the underprices are wet! 🙂 My hair stays shiny because of the shampoo and conditioner I use. I LIVE by (Theorie) Also, the dark dye has made my hair seem really shiny too! My mom’s is the same way. It has taken a while to get it back to the shiny/healthy texture. But, yes! Some of those pieces in there are definitely still wet!:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Melanie

    I love this post! It makes me so happy to see people embracing their natural hair these days.
    My go-to hair style is hair down, natural, with one or two bobby pins to pin back the hair in front. If I could braid my own hair I would do french braids and fishtail braids more often!
    I have grown to love my natural hair! It’s not curly, but it has some loose waves.
    There isn’t one particular time I regret, but straightening my hair everyday in high school did a lot of damage. I wish I had left my hair natural more often instead of following what was “in style” at the time. These days I just brush it, put a clip in and head to class! 🙂

    Reply to Melanie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Melanie!

      By your photo, it looks like you have pretty thick hair! It’s beautiful! The great thing about hair is that we can change it, nurse it back to health, and do whatever we want with it 🙂

      If I ever have girls, I’ll be hiding all the straighteners and blow dryers lol

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Melissa

    I know some people let their hair go gray naturally, and that’s great, but for many of us, gray is not flattering. So after having great brunette hair for years – shiny, not just one flat matte color but natural highlights, etc. – I now have to color to hide all the gray. Also my hair has started thinning. All due to aging, all natural, and all fine – but honey LOVE THAT HAIR WHILE YOU HAVE IT! Love the thickness, bounciness, shine, and the fact that you don’t HAVE to do anything to it! One day you will look back on these days wistfully . . . (something I wish younger me had known back in the day!) From an older reader who is inspired by your healthy blog.:)

    Reply to Melissa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      There is no shame in that. As soon as my first gray arrives, I’ll be dyeing it too. I’m actually jealous of my mom’s hair. She’s 53 and blow drys her hair everyday, dyes the grays once a month, curls it with an iron, or straightens it everyday and still has FLAWLESS THICK HAIR! Her hair is so so so thick, not a split end in sight and it’s not dry. I think she has some kind of miracle hair!

      & THANK you for the kind words about my blog! xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Nicole

    I have wavy hair, which isi awkwardly between curly and straight. My go-to hair style is always a french braid… it enhances my natural waves and keeps my hair pulled back for the gym or when I’m being active. Then, when I take it out, my hair is still wavy!

    It took me a long time as a kid growing up to learn not to brush my hair, because it makes curly or wavy hair super frizzy. I comb through my hair when it’s wet, and then use my fingers throughout the day when its wavy to keep it from knotting but I never brush it anymore! And I’ve also gotten used to washing my hair only twice a week. It reduces the need for heat styling so often!

    Reply to Nicole
  • Angela

    I feel like my hair story is almost identical to yours! While I never heat styled my hair every day, I definitely damaged it through blow drying it and not using product, so I am currently trying to bring it back to life! I laughed out loud when your said your constantly wear your hair in a messy bun, because I am the same way! I am trying to lay off the heat products, but my hair is so hard to tame, I hardly ever wear it down anymore- I am seeing small changes though, so that is a good sign!

    Reply to Angela
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Definitely the same story!:) It’s hard becuase sometimes I just wanna straighten it and blow dry the crap out of it, but fried hair stresses me out! & I am so so so happy with how healthy my hair is now!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelsey K

    Love this post! Curly hair rocks!

    1. My quick go to hairstyle would be a dutch braid. You can either make it look boho chic by pulling on it a bit or keep it clean looking by leaving it tight.
    2. I went all my life straightening my hair up until about 2 years ago when I got my first Ouidad cut. Now I go only to a Ouidad specialist & use their products. Low maintenance, low stress on hair, and your curls look amazing every time! If you are thinking about wearing your hair curly more often you should check out Ouidad and the ‘Rake and Shake’ Method! 🙂
    3. I have very dark hair and I dyed it platinum blonde. Very harsh on my hair & since I am half Hispanic I looked like a Chola!

    Reply to Kelsey K
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Kels!

      The braid is the best invention ever! Even when your hair completely sucks one day, it’ll still braid 😉

      I will DEF have to check out the Ouidad. I have never even heard of it! (again living under a rock)

      I did the platinum blond once…took a while to get my hair back to normal!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lauren

    1) I actually don’t do anything with my hair. I just wear it in a side part. I let it air dry on my way to work, so I can’t really do a lot with it before I leave because my hair is still wet in the morning.

    2)I have straight hair. I would love a bit more volume, but overall I’m quite happy with it.

    3) When I was younger I used to part my hair in the middle and then put a clip on each side or I put it in two big pony tails.

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      My hair takes so long to dry, so I have to wash it like three-four hours before I go anywhere or I have to go for a walk outside so the air drys it! (just not in the winter) I remember when I did that before school as a kid and it would freeze!

      Straight hair is nice too 🙂

      I think I did the same thing when I was little!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Haley

    I’d love for you to stop in my salon. I am a stylist in Uptown Charlotte! I am going to email you!

    Reply to Haley
  • Katie


    Reply to Katie
  • Jess

    I love this post because I can actually attempt these hairstyles. I’m so sick of bloggers doing hairstyles that I can’t do! It makes me sad 🙁

    Thank you for helping me LOVE my curls. I try to hide them all the time and my hair is so fried. You have inspired me to nurse my curls back to health like you did. Where do you go to get your hair cut? I find that it gets really pricy.

    Reply to Jess
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Jess!

      I’m only good at doing other people’s hair. I’m not so great at my own! I’ve tried so man pinterest hair tutorials….and FAIL! lol

      I like to get my hair conditioned/died/styled at hair salons that have fives stars and are a little up there in price just becuase I get nervous, BUT…if it’s just a trim, find a little salon that charges $15-$20! When you go in, have them wash and cut! Don’t have them style! They’ll add $15 for the style and you can just do that at home! Make sure you tell them to not add any extra costs.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Wonni

    Hi there!

    1. dutch braid!
    2. light waves and thick. My hair is long (hips)with layers.
    They are naturally light brown with blonde highlights and a touch red.
    3. *sigh* It´s a shame, but I killed my hair with Dreadlocks when I was a Teenager. I cried like a baby when it was done. haha I detangled it as much as possible and cut off the rest. BUT… than I got a perm and looked like a granny. Cried again.

    I´m still dyeing them. I prefer copper red.

    Reply to Wonni
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Dutch braids are so pretty! Have you seen the dutch braids with ribbon added in? So cute! You have BEAUTIFUL HAIR (i can see it in your picture) & Thick hair is always good!

      I love your hair regret story! We all make those mistakes! Just shows how brave and “balllzy” we are 😉

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Leslie

    Love these looks

    1) My number 1 go-to is a sock bun. If I do it right, I can wear it down in curls the next day, no damage done!
    2) I have naturally wavy and I do like it, but it’s so thin and I find myself constantly wishing it was thicker. But you are inspiring me to love my hair and the fact that I can do so much with it!
    3) Thick, early 00’s highlights…Ugh! I let it grow out and have never dyed/highlighted it since. Still have my natural color and I love it’s deep brown shade!

    Reply to Leslie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Everyone keeps talking about the “sock bun” and I must live under a rock! What the heck is a sock bun? Please share!

      I love wavy hair! You can rock the “surfer” look!

      & I’ve had my fair share of BAD highlights hahaha

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Leslie

        A sock bun is when you put your hair in a ponytail and cut a sock’s end so it kind of resembles a crunchy and you roll your ponytail up using it. That’s an awful explanation, but it’s super easy!

        Reply to Leslie
  • kelly

    Your hair is so pretty! Question for you! I know you said you’re not a huge makeup fan, but could you write a post about what you use? Your makeup always looks so good!

    1. After I shower, I use a mousse and gel and scrunch them in my hair. That’s my favorite way to do my hair. I also don’t use hair straighteners or blow dryers.

    2. I have “in between” hair. It’s mainly straight but sections of my hair are wavey. That’s why I have to put product in my hair everyday..if I didn’t it would just be poofy. I suppose I like my hair.. I also have a widows peak and I sometimes wish I didn’t.

    3. I can never cut my hair super short. I don’t have the right spaped face for it. If I did, I would always have short hair!

    Reply to kelly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Kelly!!

      I could definitely put together a little post about what I use! (not much) lol

      1. That is what I do now! 🙂 so much faster and healthier.
      2. Your hair sounds beautiful!
      3. We all have to experience it once in our lifetimes!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather

    So pretty! as someone with thin straight hair i’ve always wanted curls! the grass is always greener i guess! You look lovely!

    Reply to Heather
  • Jenn

    I leave my hair curly in the summer/late spring and straighten it the rest of the year. I’m lucky that it only takes me about 30 mins to straighten my hair (after I let it air dry for a couple hrs lol).

    Reply to Jenn
  • Whitney

    *Dorothy 🙂

    1. a bun for sure, so easy.
    2. like my curls but I have one bit at the back that refuses to do anything but fuzz. I wish that bit could be cut off or something… hence the bun :p
    3. Probably when my mum decided I should try short hair… never again!

    Reply to Whitney
  • Silvia

    I love your curls!! I wish I had curly hair, but mine is so straight, as you said we wish what we don’t have. I have a question for you: how do you deal with the feeling that you will gain all the weight that you lost back? Recently I lost 10 kg in a few months and it’s been 4 weeks since I started running (25-45km per week)and I love it, I see my progress and I am proud of myself but I still see my old self sometimes.. And now it’s been 2 days I overate on sugary foods (usually I avoid sugar by all means, even in the sauces and stuff)and I didn’t run for 2 days in a row (I made a rule to never have 2 rest days in a row.. I feel like I will gain all the weight back because of these 2 days and I will not be able to run and my old self will come back again… Do you ever feel like that? And how do you cope with it if yes?

    Reply to Silvia
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Silvia!

      I go up and down weight all the time. I think taking the “fear” out of gaining weight back is important. If you get too caught up in the scale, the calorie counting, the obsession of looking “thin”, it becomes dangerous. Make sure you’re eating healthy and add in some of the unhealthy foods too. If you deprive yourself, you’ll end up over eating in the end. Don’t worry if you skip out on workouts or eat bad, just get back on track when you can. I just took three days off from running, and didn’t gain a pound. It’s actually good for your body to take a break and relax. You won’t gain all your weight back in two days, you’ll be fine. Just keep pushing for a healthy balance. Don’t let it get obsessive. Don’t let a workout or a diet define your happiness.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kristin C

    I love my curls! It took me until the 8th grade to realize that, but I probably have only straightened my hair 10-15 times since then and I’m 25 now! haha.
    My favorite style if I am bumming it is a messy top bun, but if I am going out, I love to do half up, half down with a small french braid on one side of the half-up part. (if that made any sense. haha).
    My biggest regret is that two years ago, I had my hair cut and something about the way the lady cut it messed my curls up a little. My hair is still curly, but not as much as it was before that hair cut 🙁

    Reply to Kristin C
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I wish I would have realized that in 8th grade!

      I totally know what hairstyle you’re talking about! I do it all the time 🙂 It’s weird how our hair can change even if it’ from a cut! Mine goes through “curl” phases depending on how healthy it is!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brittany

    I love your hair! Mine is pretty similar, and I have been straightening it for years. What product do you use to scrunch it? I always find my curls look “crunchy”.

    Reply to Brittany
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you! I don’t have a set product I use. It changes all the time! If your hair seems crunchy, don’t use as much! 🙂 I do about a quarter size drop in my hand, rub it in, and then scrunch away:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brooke

    Embracing my natural hair has made life so much easier!

    1. Top Knot!
    2. My hair is wavy! I use a large curling iron to enhance the waves if I wear it down.
    3. I chopped my hair into a pixie cut about 3 years ago. 🙁

    Reply to Brooke
  • Kaiko

    I noticed you Erin Condren planner has lines on the monthly layout. Did you request that, or is that the new standard? I have one myself and am about to buy a new one for the new year.

    Also how do you stay motivated to continue to use you planner. My dedication seems to be intermittent at best.

    Reply to Kaiko
  • Brooklyn

    My hair is so straight, when I was younger I would try to curl it, but within 5 minutes it would be dead straight again, no matter how much hair spray I would use.

    Now I embrace the straight and never use heat on my hair.
    It does tend to feel boring and repetitive at times, but I figure so many people spend hours trying to get the straightness that my hair has so I should be thankful with it 🙂

    I love your Dorothy braid!

    Reply to Brooklyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Exactly!! You can definitely rock the braid and messy buns for different looks. So many times I wish I could have that natural straight hair!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather

    Loved this! I rarely have time to fool with my hair and I like it out of my face.

    1. bun on top of my head
    2. I have the frizzy wave look. I have yet to find a good product that will help me let it air dry without the massive frizz.
    3. Oh Gosh! I grew up in the 80s and 90s, so huge poofy bangs! Just a bad look all around!

    Reply to Heather
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Heather!

      If I were you, I’d look into different shampoos to help with the frizz:) I like to use “therapy.”

      I loved the big hair in the 80’s hahaha!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kara

    If I choose to leave my hair with natural curls I’ll usually scrunch my hair using Miss Jessie’s jelly soft curls (great and reliable brand you can get at Target). I’ve tried so many different products and Miss Jessie’s has never let me down. If I don’t have time for it to air dry I spray Tresemme’s heat protector all over and blow dry with a diffuser. This process is awesome and I suggest for anyone trying to embrace natural curls.

    Lately I need a more “put together” look for work and I use the curling iron. Love how my hair looks when I do that.

    Also PS it’s spelled Dorothy lol. It’s my aunt’s name and she gets mad when people spell it like it sounds

    Reply to Kara
  • Chelsea

    1. Sock bun is my go-to. So easy and it makes it look as though I put effort in!
    2. My hair is kind of in between curly and straight. Half goes nice and wave, and the other half goes flat. So it’s a tad annoying!
    3. I used to tie my hair in a ponytail everyday when I was in middle school. I didn’t like the little flyaway hairs, so I would use hairspray and slick them down…. Oh boy.

    I decided about 5 years ago to stop putting my hair through such harshness as well. I try to only use heat on it once or twice a week max, and started dying my hair with henna! Messy process… But it’s fun with a friend and a bottle of wine. I get mine from Lush. Gives gorgeous colour!

    Reply to Chelsea
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Sometimes when my other pieces don’t want to “curl” I braid them, hair spray them, and then take it out after an hour! That way it fits in 🙂 I did the slick back pony tail when I was in elementary school and I’d cry if my little pieces were bumpy! My poor mom dealt with a diva.

      I didn’t know LUSH sold hair color! That is awesome!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Katy

    What branch of hair gel do you use? I can never find anything that keeps the curls defined without getting frizzy.

    Reply to Katy
  • Hannah

    I am so happy you’re doing more posts with style and beauty! I have been obsessed with your look for years. I know you don’t consider yourself a fashion guru, but that is why I like you!

    1. french braid
    2. I have straight hair and wish it was more wavy!
    3. I died my hair lavender last year…

    Reply to Hannah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Hannah!

      That means so much! I always feel silly doing fashion posts becuase I’m definitely not a “guru” or THAT great at it. I ask more questions than give advice lol.

      1. The best!!!
      2. Try braiding your hair before bed when it’s still wet!
      3. I died my hair blue, purple, blonde, pink, and black in high school…..

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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