Time For A Trip: Dinner, Snacking, & Packing!


It’s been very hot down here and I was blessed with an overcast morning so I could go out and run with Mr. Grumples. We ran three light miles and then I took a huge lunge into the pool. I was pretty busy yesterday getting all my work done so I could  spend today getting ready for my trip to D.C. tomorrow.

Travel Snacks

After doing all the laundry and cleaning my room, I packed up  my bags. I’m not sure why I feel the need to clean before packing but I do it before every trip. I think it saves me the time from searching for certain items and I like knowing where everything is. After packing, I headed to EarthFare and GNC to pick up some bars for the airport and for my trip. I’m excited to spend time in D.C. with Karlee and my brother. We have so much planned and you guys have helped a lot with the planning process.

I have a pretty long travel day tomorrow. I start out at noon and don’t arrive in D.C. until 6pm. Instead of making the mistake of spending tons of money on restaurant food at the airports, I packed my own snacks to keep me until dinner. I also brought some for our activities planned.

boutique shipping

I made sure to fulfill all orders before leaving and I have everything ready so I can keep them up while I’m in D.C. so no worries! I also ordered some more Star Spangled Banner dresses that available for Pre-order. I may even order more if those sell out. If you ever want an item continued, just send me an email!

Nail Polish Idea Blue Summer Fingernail Polish

While I was out and about today, I picked up some new fun polish to do my nails. I know it’s silly,  but I love it!

Zucchini Pizzas

For dinner tonight, I had my zucchini pizzas! They are my favorite when I’m craving pizza. I’ve been doing really well this summer with making healthy choices and I’m down 8 lbs with 10 lbs more to go. I put on some weight last winter and it feels good to be getting back in shape. It’s hard for me because of my past weight struggles, but I’m not using it as an excuse.

Packing For Washington dc

Time to finish packing!


  • laurel


    How far is the max you will drive for road trips before you say ” that’s too long of a drive, im flying”? im just curious, because, since I live in west texas, to go any state in any direction there is about 8 hrs of driving just to get out of texas!!! I wish I lived more in the middle of the state, but for right now, this is where I am at.

    And when I calculate the gas for trips its always WAY under a plane ticket by several hundreds of dollars…..BUT its 24 hrs of driving instead of 5 hrs on a plane. 🙁

    Just wanted your opinion on traveling plane vs car. 🙂

    <3 Laurel

    Reply to laurel
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Laurel!

      It really depends if I NEED my car or if I have to take Grumples. If I have to bring Grumples. He is too big to be on a plane and I wouldn’t want to put him through that. If I need my car to bring things that I can’t bring on a plane, I’ll drive as well. Other than that, I choose fly! 🙂 4-6 hours is worth a drive too.

      You can get really good deals online if you plan ahead with flights!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Emily!

    I want to go to D.C. one day! It’s on my list.

    Reply to Emily!
  • Claire

    Agree with the above commenter that you definitely dont appear to need to lose weight! Given your past eating disordered struggles and the many healthy striving people that read this blog, I think it could potentially be a triggering and an unhealthy model to post specific numbers about weightloss when you appear to already be at a heathy weight. Please, for the sake of many of us who are extremely distressed by reading such things, try not to speak so negatively about your body (which to most of us, looks perfect, so great-where does that put us?!), avoiding “bad foods,” giving numbers to lose, etc. I think you’re such a sweet and lovely girl and really hope you will keep towards living the healthiest and happiest life possible-you deserve it! Oxox

    Reply to Claire
    • Jess

      I must agree to the above comments! I know strangers opinions don’t mean much to you when you get so many different opinions coming your way… But I have been reading your blog for years and honestly this is the healthiest I have ever seen you look.. You don’t look stick skinny anymore and you by no means look like you have weight to lose. You just look so healthy and happy! I know what it is like to have an eating disorder/disordered eating and I must say, the number on the scale means nothing. You must be happy with yourself and your life and you wont ever get that permanent happiness from being a certain weight 🙂

      Reply to Jess
  • MJ

    What are you talking about? You don’t need to lose any weight! You look great in all of your pictures.

    Reply to MJ
  • Nicole

    Hey girl! I live in Alexandria, if you want to meet up or talk about some awesome local spots, let me know!

    Reply to Nicole
  • Amanda

    Question: do you struggle with getting that type of nail polish to dry? I love those big glittery pieces, but mine somehow seems to just stay a sticky mess! Maybe I put it on too thick?

    Reply to Amanda
  • Kams

    Way to go on your weight loss! I have no doubt that you will soon be where you want to be. I have quite a ways to go but I’m staying positive. You have been one of my biggest inspirations towards a happier, healthier life 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Reply to Kams
  • Cassie

    Ooooooh, so jelly of the Quest bars!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Jessica

    Way to go on loosing 8 pounds Tara! That’s awesome – keep it up! 🙂 I hope you have a great trip to DC, which I’m sure that you will. Travel safe!

    PS – LOVE the nails!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Emily Weir

    I always pack snacks for the airport but never thought to pack some for your activities on the trip; thanks for the tip! And have fun in DC! It’s steamy this time of year, but still so beautiful there.

    Reply to Emily Weir
  • ML Bishop

    I just bought a baby blue polish over the weekend– I’m going for a crazy pedicure. Have fun on your trip- which Quest bar do you like the best? I need to get some new ones for a few road trips this summer.

    Reply to ML Bishop
  • jenn

    That blue is really pretty, what’s it called?

    Reply to jenn
  • Lindsay

    have fun and be safe!! 🙂

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Kristin C

    I hope you have an awesome trip! Sounds like a lot of fun!

    And I LOVE your nails. Those are my favorite so far! 🙂

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Unis

    You look great! I am jealous that you get to go to DC! have fun

    Reply to Unis
  • Emily

    Can you order more red, white, and blue pom pom shorts?? I love those but was too late 🙁

    Reply to Emily
    • Kate

      Yes! I want the red white and blue pom shorts too!

      Reply to Kate
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Whoohoo for the weight loss! good on ya, Tara. You ought to be proud.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • kelly

    I clean before a trip too! But I do it because I want to come home to a clean house! I am usually exhausted from traveling so coming home to a clean house feels good lol. Have fun in DC!

    Reply to kelly

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