Grilled Chicken Salad at Duckworths


Today was a great day. It was one of thoseย that make you stop and smile because you’re happy about where you are in life. Even yesterday was one of those days. I’ll for sure post all my events and photos tomorrow. Have you ever questioned yourself about some of the choices you’ve made? I do it all the time, and sometimes it takes good days for those answers to appear.

After all of the fun events today, Emilee and I went to dinner at Duckworths. We split a large order of sweet potato fries and then I ordered a grilled chicken salad. The grilled chicken salad comes with grilled chicken, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and usually cheese. I couldn’t decided which dressing to get, so I told him to bring me his favorites and he brought me three. Duckworths has the best salads. Their grilled chicken is perfect and they have the best restaurant ranch. I have an addiction to restaurant ranch; it’s bad!

After dinner, we walked the dogs over to Sealy’s and brought her some dessert and raided her movie collection. Now, I’m tucked into bed and ready to fall asleep. I have church in the morning, and then I’ll catch up on some weekend blogposts.



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