Strawberry Grape & Carrot Protein Shake.


Early this morning, Emilee and I headed out for a long walk. It’s been 90-100 degrees this week and it’s better to fit in the workout before the heat hits.


On the walk, I happened to pass the praying mantis.  I’m a huge believer in symbolism. Seeing a praying mantis is rare and hard to spot , so when you do it’s a sign. The mantis comes at a time where you’re flooding your life with so many things that you forget to be still. The mantis represents peace, awareness, stillness, patience, mindfulness, creativity, balance, and calmness. The female mantis never makes a move unless she’s 100% positive that it’s the right thing to do, and that requires stillness. So instead of flooding your life, stop and be still for a while so you can be aware of the choices you’re making.


It’s crazy to think that it’s September. The grass is green, the flowers are still out, and it’s extremely hot. Last year, I was living in Detroit and it was freezing by this time and the leaves were falling off the trees. But, I’ll live up the summer as long as it lets me.


After my walk, I made a protein smoothie. I was burning up and it’s the best way to cool down and repair the muscles. Our path is full of steep hills and you can really feel the burn. I love it!


This protein shake had 1 scoop of Genisoy protein powder, 1/4 cup of Trader Joes carrot juice, 1/2 cup of grapes, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 packet of stevia, 1 cup of ice, 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk, and 1 tbsp of honey.


  • Elizabeth @ Champagne On Mondays

    That smoothie looks awesome! I’ve been having a lot of smoothie meals lately, it’s so hot in Texas that cold smoothies always hit the spot!

    Reply to Elizabeth @ Champagne On Mondays
  • Bethany

    Looks delicious! I love a cold smoothie before or after working out. The perfect way to refuel.

    Reply to Bethany
  • Marian Shammas

    What kind of camera do you use? Your pics are always so awesome

    Reply to Marian Shammas
  • Brittany

    I never thought about praying mantises that way before! Thanks for the reminder to slow down a little 🙂 And that smoothie looks fantastic! A little strange sounding, but probably good.

    Reply to Brittany
  • Shelley

    I never knew that about praying mantises! I found 2 at my old job when I was still going to school and very stressed out. It’s interesting to look back at those times retrospectively now knowing what you said about finding one when you need to be still.

    Reply to Shelley
  • Alissa

    Being still and practicing mindfulness are a HUGE challenge for me, I think I need a praying mantis permanently parked outside my front door 😉

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, Taralynn!

    Reply to Alissa
  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    That’s an insightful way to view the universe–everything being a sign. 🙂

    Reply to Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy
  • Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    Oh my goodness — I saw a praying mantis leaving the gym on Friday night and my life has been moving a million miles a minute – might need to take this as a sign to sloooow down and enjoy the small stuff! I did snap a picture and did take a minute to reflect how cool it was that I was able to see him/her 🙂 I didn’t know that about the females – what a way to live life! Your smoothie looks delish! Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for sharing!!

    Reply to Sam @ PancakeWarriors

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