Light Crunchy Ground Turkey Tacos!


I have a little extra time tonight, so I thought I’d do a quick post and share a recipe with you all. It’s a simple dinner idea that you might like! Especially if you are a taco lover.

My boyfriend is obsessed with tacos. He would eat them all day, everyday if he could. On Saturday night, I made him lighter crunchy tacos for dinner. It was one of those “do your own thang” kind of night. I had zucchini pizzas.


I cooked up one pound of ground turkey meat. Once the meat was fully cooked, I mixed in a packet of Whole Food’s 365 taco seasoning.

At the bottom of the taco shell I added a layer of lettuce. Most people add the lettuce on top, but it stays on much better when the meat is weighing it down.

On top of the meat, I added a couple tablespoons of peach, corn, and bean salsa.


Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with piling on the cheese. Instead of using shredded, I peel one stick of string cheese for the tacos. I also use a jalapeno to give it a different taste than the traditional taco cheese.

On top of the cheese, I added diced roma tomato and avocado.


I added a layer of taco sauce and a side of plain Greek yogurt as a sour cream replacement!


My boyfriend devoured the tacos and I had to actually hide the leftovers. He kept going back for more! When I woke up in the morning…the leftovers were gone. He found them! 🙂 Men are tacomaniacs. I’m like that with chocolate.

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  • Madison

    Are you and Jeremy back together?

    Reply to Madison
  • Erin

    This post threw me off for a minute lol, checked the date twice. I like the idea of using string cheese in the tacos… I always put the lettuce on the bottom to keep it in 🙂

    Reply to Erin
    • Heather

      Ha, I checked the date twice as well. I was like Jeremey?!

      Reply to Heather

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