Just Another Stacks Kind of Morning.


I can’t promise this will be my last Stacks post. Actually, I can promise that there will be more. But, I have settled down on all of them. I’ve been there over 25 times since living here in Charlotte. That’s a lot of breakfasts!


There is something about having “YOUR” breakfast spot. You know the food will be good everything. The staff knows your name and what you order. It all becomes comfortable, familiar, and stable. That’s the beauty of calling somewhere home.


Not only do I love Stacks, but so does Emilee. We went there together on Friday before running errands. (also went Sunday after church and the Sunday before)


I ordered the usual garden omelet with no mushrooms and egg whites, with a side of whole wheat bread, and oatmeal. I normally go for the hash browns, but I was craving oats instead.



The oatmeal came with brown sugar, raisins, and syrup. That’s how my mom makes them.


After Stacks, we went for a walk around the town and then drove out to IKEA. I needed new curtains for my bedroom because the sunlight was killing me in the mornings. The sun reflects off the pool into my window and it’s awful. IKEA place is CRAZY on the weekends, so luckily we conquered the errand during the workday. IKEA has so many inspiring projects and I’m going to be doing tons of DIY now!


Hammitt has created an exclusive, limited edition, hand-made, custom bag for Stearns & Foster.  The best part is you can win this italian leather bag by entering below!




  • Brittany

    All your Stacks posts make me want to visit Charlotte and eat there! Looks soo good! My favorite breakfast place out by me is Egg Harbor. Have you ever been there?

    Reply to Brittany
  • Audrina

    The omelet is my fave too, but I definitely include the mushrooms! I’m going to have to try the oats here too now 🙂


    Reply to Audrina
  • Julie @ Run Away Freckles

    Breakfast out and a trip to IKEA sounds like my favourite kind of day!!

    Reply to Julie @ Run Away Freckles
  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    Looks like a breakfast of champions! Does the ikea near you offer one dollar breakfasts?

    Reply to Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy
  • Shelley

    I love the huge table in your kitchen! it’s perfect for food prep and eating! I used to have a breakfast place I went to every Sunday in my town and it was great. All of the people knew us and would ask us how our week was going. We had a genuine relationship with the workers that you don’t get at most restaurants these days. Unfortunately, the business moved a few months ago and just isn’t the same. It’s good to hear that there are restaurants like the one I had found in other parts of the US!

    Reply to Shelley
    • Lily

      That’s not her kitchen. It’s a display in Ikea (that’s why there’s price tags on everything). But I deff agree about the table. 🙂

      Reply to Lily
  • Aine @ AwkwardIrishGirl

    Those breakfasts look so good! Brown sugar makes such an amazing topping for porridge (oatmeal), love when it goes all melty.
    Can’t wait to see what you pick up in Ikea, I’m going there next week!

    Reply to Aine @ AwkwardIrishGirl

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