Arugula Caesar Salad w/ Grilled BBQ Honey Chipotle Rum Chicken


Making healthy decisions late at night is tricky. When you haven’t eaten dinner yet and you don’t feel like cooking, it’s easier to grab something fast and unhealthy. Last night, I was motivated to keep it healthy. I ended up going to a movie before dinner and the movie was longer than expected. I went to see “Lets be Cops.” It was pretty good, but more of a Netflix/Redbox kind of movie. When I got home, I was about five minutes away from raiding the refrigerator for all things unhealthy. I decided to take the time to make a salad instead.


Midnight Salad: Grilled BBQ Rum Chicken over fresh arugula, almonds, pumpkin seeds, croutons, carrots, tossed in caesar vinaigrette with a parmesan sprinkle.


I used my indoor grill for the chicken. Remember when I went to the Pepper Palace to get marinades and sauces? Well, I picked up a honey chipotle rum bbq sauce too. It’s super tasty and it’s not as sweet as most bbq sauces.

While the chicken was cooking on the grill, I tossed the carrot strips and arugula in Trader Joe’s caesar vinaigrette. After tossing the arugula, I topped it with parmesan cheese, almonds, croutons, and pumpkin seeds.

When the chicken was done, I placed it over the salad!

It was so much better than raiding the fridge for late night grub or stopping somewhere else to eat. Sometimes eating healthy takes a little extra work, a good mind set, and will power, but it’s always worth it in the end!


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