Last Week’s Workout Schedule!


Happy Saturday:)

I’m being incredibly lazy today and I’m OK with it:) I worked out like crazy all week and now I’m laying on the couch watching Orange is the New Back on Netflix with Sealy! I had someone comment asking if I’d leave my workout schedule  on the blog and that’s what I’m about to do!

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*This is not my normal workout schedule. Last week was hectic and exercise = therapy

9am – 11am walk/jog treadmill followed by weights
1pm – 2pm light dog walk
5pm-6:30pm 3-9 mile run.
Sunday- Strength training!


Paulina has been joining me in the gym in the mornings! She was hilarious the other day. She had her coffee in one hand and did the elliptical in a sundress and flip flops! So much respect to her!


  • willywonka


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  • Autumn

    Do you have a special stand for your computer to sit on the treadmill like that? I have wanted be able to walk while working on the computer for some time and haven’t found a way to make that work.

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  • Emma

    Wow… I work out an hour and a half each day, but now your my inspiration to do more!
    Do you do that much during the winter?

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  • Dee

    Kudos to you for all your effort! I would love to have that kind of time to exercise. I’m a med student and work in the hospital 10 hours a day and then have to go home and study to keep up with the material. Any tips for people who don’t have a lot of free time ? Thanks girl!

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  • Cindy

    Wait, 4.5 hours PER DAY? Damn…

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  • Christina

    That’s a lot of working out–like, a LOT. By my estimates, this looks like about 1500-2000 calories burned through exercise every weekday. I know physical activity is a great stress release, and that you know a lot about calories and nutrition, so I really, truly hope you are eating enough to fuel this much exercise. Take care of yourself, okay? We’re all rooting for you.

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  • Jessica

    Hahahahaha, Paulina: GOOD JOB! 😀

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  • Sara

    Wow, I wish I had as much energy as you to do all that!

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  • vili

    woow that seems like a loot, you sure deserve a guiltfree break,so happy for you, keep up.

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  • Cassandra

    I’m sure that you workout the food/hours sleep you need to keep yourself from getting overly tired from this workout, but 4 hours of exercise a day is a huge amount. Most of us couldn’t even fit that into our schedules… I’m lucky to get an hour intense exercise in, and even then its exhausts me! how do you fit this in to your day?

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  • Meaghann Clope

    You work out 20 hours a week? And people think I exercise too much at 8 hours a week!

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  • Alyssa

    Awesome! Love it!

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  • Tiana

    You did this everyday!! Wow, that’s a lot!!

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  • jenny

    is it healthy to be working out that much everyday? it seems like it may be too much!

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    • Brittany

      … pro & college athletes workout several times a day. As long as you are eating, it’s fine.

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