The 1000 Calorie Workout!


Before I explain the 1000 calorie workout, it is my responsibility to mention a couple things. Before starting any exercise regimen, you should talk to your doctors. If you plan on doing an intense workout that burns a lot of calories, you need to make sure you are fueled properly. Don’t forget to hydrate! I get a good workout in like this twice a week and not on a daily basis. If you are feeling light headed or overwhelmed at any period during this workout, you should stop and take it easy. I love Jillian Michaels, but I don’t believe that dying or puking are the only reasons to stop a workout. If you are hurting, listen to your body and relax.

You can stretch this workout out and ignore my times and minutes. Also, not all bodies are the same. My body may burn more or fewer calories than yours. So if you end up with a bigger or smaller number, that is because we are different. If any of the workouts are too difficult, modify it! Make it fun and get active! I think it’s fun to do this with friends! And don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

You will need…running shoes, water, a set of stairs, stop clock, and a jump rope! If you do not have a jump rope, just do jumping jacks. If you have a treadmill, you can do this in your own home or at the gym. But, I love being outside!

I broke this workout into 11 phases! It’s okay to skip a phase or change a phase! If you are a beginner at working out, try to do as many phases as you can, and add a phase or two each time you do this workout.

  • PHASE ONE: Start your workout off with a 20-22 minutes run.


PHASE TWO: Now that you are warmed up, take fifteen minutes to stretch out the body! Work the arms, legs, stomach, back, neck, and every part of your body!

After you are finished stretching, get your heart rate up again by doing three minutes of jumping rope. Try your hardest not to stop. Slow your pace down before choosing to stop.

My trainer in Atlanta always told me to workout at different intensity levels during workouts. He said it keeps the body from reaching plateaus. That’s why I like to take my time during a workout and change the intensity.

After jumping rope, go for a 3.5 mph walk for fifteen minutes. Keep the arms moving. Ever seen one of those intense mall walkers swinging their arms back and fourth? They know what they are doing! Strive to look like them.


PHASE THREE: Jump Squats! 

Lets get the heart rate back up! When I first started working out, I hated jump squats. I was so bad at them, so if you’re in that situation, take your time! They get easier. If you can’t finish in 6 minutes, just tack on a few extra! If you would have asked me to do a jump squat several years ago, I’d be like…do wuutttt? So…click here to see what a jump squat is! Oh and skip to the middle of the video, no need to watch the mumbo jumbo!


PHASE FOUR: Pick the jump rope back up!

This is a great workout for your legs! I want them to burn! Jump rope for 10 minutes. Feel free to take a minute or two break during this phase! You can also alternate legs to make it easier.

After you are done jump roping, take a drink break!


PHASE FIVE: Congrats if you have made it to phase five!

Notice it says to JOG. Do not RUN. Keep your heart rate at 145-150. Slow down if you are above that. This should feel like a cool down eventually.


PHASE SIX: The cool down phase!

I always look forward to this phase. It means I can walk with my bottle of water and I usually grab my dog to take with me!


PHASE SEVEN: The Stairs!

Try to find a staircase for this step. You can use bleachers, your home stairway, a park stairway etc… My apartment building has a huge outside stairway that I use. If you are at a gym, you can use their stair master! Sometimes I use a step up block and do leg lifts instead.

Jog up and down the stairs at a moderate pace for five minutes!


PHASE EIGHT: Tummy Focus!

Doing abs is my cool down after an intense level of activity. I usually find a grass spot that is soft before doing my sit ups. Shoot for at least 120 sit ups during the three minutes.


PHASE NINE: Show the arms some love!

The arms have been sort of neglected during this workout! I decided to add some push ups to show them love. You can do the easy knee push ups if you want! After your push ups, do 30 seconds of jump squats! It’ll be your last beating on your legs.


PHASE TEN: Back to tummy focus!

I love ending my workouts with ab focus. You should strive to feel the burn in the morning! If you don’t feel the burn, you didn’t go hard enough. Spend four minutes doing sit ups. Keep count of how many you do, and try to do more the next time! Every time you do more, it means you’re getting stronger! And that is what we are striving for!


LAST PHASE: The most important phase!

Hydrate, Stretch, & Refuel!

In order to repair the muscles, you’ll need to pamper them! Refuel your body with water, healthy snacks, and stretch!

And lastly…



*This is the Polar Watch FT7

Did you try this workout? Instagram/Tweet me with the hashtag #simplytaralynn and I’ll post your photo!


  • sara

    This is awesome

    Reply to sara
  • wally

    i about died doing this.
    but feel skinny today
    . . . . .

    Reply to wally
  • bentley

    HOLY HELL THIS LOOKS AWESOME. My girlfriend just posted this on Facebook.

    Reply to bentley
  • Megan

    just did this – felt SO good!!! thanks for posting!!! perfect hard-but-possible workout for me 🙂

    Reply to Megan
  • Kerry

    If you add up the times listed, it’s 100 continuous minutes of exercise. Done like a normal person, with a few breaks, this could take almost 2 hours!

    Reply to Kerry
  • Livi

    This is an intense/long workout! Do you do it often?

    Reply to Livi
  • Jen

    Hi Taralynn! I was wondering about your watch; the Ft7. What made you choose that one? I am interested in purchasing one and am debating between that one and the FT4? How do you like yours?
    Thanks! 🙂

    Reply to Jen
  • Niquole

    Haha, I have that same HRM except mine is the gray and lilac one, I love the thing! Great workout, I plan on doing this soon.

    Reply to Niquole
  • Danielle Wooding @ New England Daughter

    I reaaaallly want to try this. It sounds amazing. I wonder if I can complete it. Time to get a jump rope.

    How many other workout days between this kind of workout?

    Reply to Danielle Wooding @ New England Daughter
  • Gabriela

    Hi! I’m your fan from Brasil!! I follow you in Instagram and here, everyday! And i love your posts!!! I have a question: what do you eat before and after a run? Just protein, protein with carbohydrate? And you use some vitamin, supplement dayly? I lost 20 kilograms in 6 mounths and i’m so happy about that. You help me a lot Thank you so much! Kisses! Byee

    Reply to Gabriela
  • Laura G

    Oh my… I don’t think I’m capable of doing this workout yet, but I’m going to write it down for the future. It looks like a great workout for burning out stress and feeling good!!


    Reply to Laura G
  • Candy

    This looks like a fantastic workout and will be a nice challenge for me. I love your website and all of your living healthy tips. Does your Polar Watch FT7 have a heart rate monitor?

    Reply to Candy
  • Sara

    By “sit ups”, do you mean the ones where you come all the way up to your knees, or you a little crunch?

    Reply to Sara
  • Ellesse

    Dammmn girl – that is impressive! How long does this take total? & do you do this as a “strength day” for 1/2 marathon training? Thanks! : ) -ET

    Reply to Ellesse
  • Chi

    Great workout! Can’t wait to try it this weekend, just hope I can carve out the two hours! 🙂

    Reply to Chi
  • Aleya

    Definitely a workout for the weekend! Thanks, Taralynn!(:

    Reply to Aleya
  • Ashley

    Taralynn, have you ever done a Fartlek run? I think you would enjoy these, since you like a change of pace, and know the importance of giving different efforts through out your workout! If you haven’t, it is basically going out on a run, and you set times where you will have a “burst” for a different period of time, 30 sec. 1 min. 2 min. etc. and you do this and random intervals through out your run. It gives you a great workout!

    Reply to Ashley

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