Good Grief & Good Morning


Good grief was I lazy this morning. I had to force myself out of bed, put eye makeup on (I could scare someone without it) and head to the store to pick up some dog food. I should have done it yesterday, but it slipped my mind. After I got back, I crawled into bed and worked. I didn’t want to leave.


I finally got up and made some coffee and a whole wheat waffle to go with it. (no this is not my whole breakfast)

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My dog always guilts me into getting up and going outside. Finally I laced up and headed out. And I’m glad I did because it was gorgeous out.

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We walked for about three miles and then he quit! I need to run five miles today and tomorrow is my strength training day.

What is your favorite strength workout?


  • Danielle Wooding @ New England Daughter

    I really love working with a bar for strength. I do a great class with my instructor, Karen. Otherwise though, I find that yoga ends up being an awesome strength workout. There’s nothing like using your own body weight.

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  • Kristen Schmidt

    Hey Taralynn! I just wanted to thank you for making this blog and sharing your life with us. It’s helped me to want to eat healthy and try new recipes to cook for me and my boyfriend. I look forward to all your new posts and I’m so grateful that I found you. I’ve been following you over a year now and I just wanted to say thank you 🙂 Can’t wait until your recipe book comes out!
    -Kristen 🙂

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  • Michaela

    Could you post your weekly workout schedule? Would love to get inspired 🙂 Keep up the good work! I really love your blog!!!!

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  • Rachel C

    My favorite strength workout is Blogilates with Cassey Ho! It’s, and the videos are all free and super fun. It’s challenging Pilates set to upbeat music and the workouts have really helped me tone up in ways that running wasn’t.

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  • Jamie @ The Growing Up Diaries

    I am definitely jealous of your gorgeous day. I’m having trouble motivating myself to get up today, but that’s because it’s a chilly, windy and rainy day around here!

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  • Racquel K

    Taralynn – Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! 🙂 I look forward to seeing multiple posts per day!! I find you to be such an inspiration and I think you are just awesome! Thank you for always posting about such a healthy lifestyle and fun ways to keep it healthy! You rock!!

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