How do you say no?

You don’t have to. I eat healthy 80% of the time, workout six times a week, and have the will power to stop after one. Living a life without treating yourself is no fun. It’s what helps me stay motivated and on track with my lifestyle. Feeling deprived can be dangerous and lead to dangerous eating habits or restriction. Always learn how to enjoy the things you love! Working for them makes them so much more enjoyable.

Friday night, we all went out to dinner. I ate healthy all day, worked out in the morning and deserved some delicious food! Appetizers are always the killers!

After eating several dinner rolls with cinnamon butter and cheese fries with scraped off bacon, I figured I’d better order a salad!

I ordered the Michigan Salmon salad but without blue cheese and they were out of walnuts…:( But it was really good!

I think I drank 5 glasses of tea Friday night to waste time. The plans were to go to a haunted house after dinner. I hate haunted houses. I was doing everything in my power to hold off. I was hoping everyone would be tired and bail.

Well that didn’t happen.

I was stuck going to the haunted house. When we got there I was already shaking. I can’t even watch T.V. at night because of the scary trailers! How was I ever going to survive a haunted house!? Once it was our turn to go inside, I clamped onto my mom. My face was hidden in the back of her hair, my eyes were shut, and I kept repeating in my head “no one can touch you, no one can touch you”.

I could hear everything that was going on. The images were creating themselves in my head. My heart was pounding hard, my breaths were heavy, and I could hardly stand. The adrenaline was draining me!

It was finally time to exit and I could finally open my eyes! That was a bad idea. Because when I opened them, I was face to face with the Texas chainsaw massacre! I screamed so loud. Someone could have died from an eardrum explosion. I ran thinking I’d be safe. But no, he chased me! I just kept running and running. I ran about 0.3 miles until I couldn’t hear the chainsaw anymore! Luckily he gave up. I was traumatized and will NEVER enter a haunted house EVER again. I hate them. I was so exhausted from the trauma, I fell asleep five minutes after getting home.

Saturday morning I took my mom and dad to the eastern farmers market to fill up my produce fridge. They also bought fruits and vegetables.

After a day of shopping we were all exhausted! We picked up dinner at Salad Creations and came home to play board games and watch football.

After putting my salad down, I ran to the bedroom to put my comfy clothes on. On my way out, I asked my mom to watch my salad while I was gone, so Grumples wouldn’t eat it. She agreed.

When I came back, everyone was busy eating. I looked down at my bowl and half of it was gone! I was way too hungry to laugh at the fact that my dog ate half my salad I drove ten miles to get. I questioned how my salad could be sitting in the middle of the room and no one stopped to notice an 80 lb fluff ball eating my salad? He ate the best part, too! The croutons, the chips, and the avocado! Dogs can’t even have avocado!

As I began to eat what was left, everyone started to giggle. Wait a minute…you guys stink! I went into the kitchen after realizing they hid half my salad to make it look like my dog ate the salad. Well congrats! They pranked the prankster!

I love weekends with the family! Even if it means being chased by a chainsaw and having your salad eaten by your dog.

What exciting things did you do this weekend!?