After passing over a 100 billboards with: Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Long John Silvers restaurant signs, I thought we’d never find something semi-healthy to eat. I  was tempted just to pick up a bunch of items from the gas station. Finally, we came to a little town in Missouri that had a Panera Bread…score!

I ordered the pick two and a fruit cup. For one of my picks, I ordered the classic salad with the Asian dressing on the side…even though they gave me balsamic 😉 I’m not one to go back and ask for what I ordered. I use to work at a cafe when I was in high school and every time someone came back to point out that I made a mistake, I felt bad. I promised myself to never do that to others. Their balsamic is really good anyways.

For my other pick, I chose the Mediterranean veggie. Instead of the tomato basil bread, I had them put it on wheat because it has more fiber. This sandwich was delicious. I want to make my own version for dinner sometime.

I finished off the night with a garden salad and a bag of trail mix.

Made it Georgia at 1 am!