Some things make me way too happy…like restocking my k-cup tray:) I have had such a cozy morning. I love these kinds of days. Last night, we had horrible storms and today has been gloomy. It’s the perfect for burning a candle, cuddling up to a cup of coffee, and blogging.

I got caught in the middle of a thunderstorm on my run last night. It was a pre-shower before jumping into the actual shower to get ready for dinner with the girls.

I went up the road to meet them at my favorite restaurant.

I was freeeeeeezing! I ordered hot tea with lemon to warm up!

I was too hungry to take a picture of my salad before I started eating it 🙂 Workouts do that to me! But here is half of my pre dinner salad.

I ordered the broiled pepper salmon and it was cooked perfectly. I normally would go for the vegetables as a side, but I was in need for some more calories after my workout! I went with the redskin potatoes instead. The dinner was fabulous!

I found some images on my phone from previous restaurants. Like…25 of them! I’m going to add them to my Dining out do tab today! Hopefully those will help you out:)

Again, sorry for another random post 😉

Have a wonderful Thursday!