Avocado Pistachio Almond Muffins! Gluten-Free, Protein-Packed, & Vegan Swaps Included!


Perfect for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day or Breakfast!

You could pull these muffins out any holiday. Heck, do you even need a special occasions to eat these babies? Absolutely not!


I am flying to Chicago tomorrow. I cringe, thinking about how cold it will be compared to Georgia.  My parents are going to meet me, which comforts me. I haven’t seen them since Christmas.

My mom and dad are obsessed with pistachio-almond flavored anything. Now do you see where I get it? My favorite is the pistachio almond ice cream! I can’t wait for summer, so I can stop at the ice cream shop for a pistachio almond waffle cone! Yummmmm.

I wanted to make my parents a pistachio almond muffin. My dad gave up white sugar, dairy, and white flour to improve his health. So, I came up with a recipe that would fit right in! You can also make this recipe vegan with a couple ingredient swaps!



-1 Cup Pistachios

-2 Scoops Tera’s Whey Vanilla Bourbon Protein Powder (1 Serving)

-1/2 Cup Unsweetened Apple Sauce

-1 Cup Garbanzo Bean Flour

-1 Tsp Baking Soda

-1 Tbsp Baking Powder

-2 Packets Truvia or Stevia

-4 Tbsp Organic Honey

-2 Caps (2 Tsp) Vanilla Extract

-2 Caps (2 Tsp) Almond Extract

-2 Egg Whites (Cage-Free, Organic)

-1 Extra Ripe Avocado


-In a medium mixing bowl add: garbanzo bean flour, Truvia, protein powder, baking soda, and baking powder.

-Set aside


-Cut open avocado. Remove seed and scoop avocado into a separate bowl.

-In bowl, mix together: applesauce, vanilla, almond with the avocado.


-The avocado mixture will look like baby food, don’t let it scare you.


-Separate the egg yolks and add the egg whites to the avocado mixture.

-Save the egg yolks for another recipe or use them for a hair treatment.


-Add avocado mixture to the dry ingredients bowl.

-Mix well.


-It will turn into a pea green.


-The muffin batter smelled delicious. It wasn’t quite sweet enough. I added 4 tbsp of honey to give it an extra boost.

-That did the trick! .


-Oh, how I regret buying pistachios in the shell. It took me almost ten minutes to crack open enough nuts to make a cup!

-Learn from my mistake and buy them with the shell off!


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Line pan with eight muffin liners.

-Scoop 1/2 cup into each each liner.


-Top with three pistachios and approximately one tsp. of honey drizzle.


-Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes.

-Edges should be golden and the toothpick should come out clean when you poke them.


When I get back from Chicago I plan on making these again for breakfast to-go muffins. They are packed in protein and would match up perfectly with a serving of fruit.


I am kind of obsessed with the look of these muffins. Right now I am all about Easter, and they fit the color scheme. They would also be perfect for St. Patty’s day if a green liner is used. You could also pull these off as cupcakes! Just find a yummy frosting to top them with. The flavor was very similar to almond pound cake. I can’t wait for my parents to try them.


Want to make these vegan? It’s super easy.

-Replace the egg whites with four tbsp of chia seeds.

-Use a vanilla protein powder that is plant based.

Yup, it’s that easy!


Sometimes it’s scary using new flours.

I have never used Garbanzo bean flour before. I am so happy I gave it a shot because it really surprised me. You could fool almost anyone into thinking you used real flour. The almond extract over-powered any “garbanzo” flavor.

The texture of the muffin is the same as any other regular muffin.

The garbanzo bean four offers more: protein, healthy fats, and fiber.  Extra bonus, it is gluten-free.

This a very healthy muffin that will make the perfect side, snack or dessert!


Recipe Makes 8 Muffins

Per Muffin: 190 Calories, 8 g Fat, 79 g Sodium, 20 g Carbs, 6 g Fiber, 10 g Protein, 5 g Sugar.

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  • Kindle

    Made these and yum!!

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  • Hayley

    I made these today! I had to make some changes. First of all, I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the protein powder (I used Lean Body for her, vanilla whey protein) so they are extra proteiny! Second of all, I am living at high-altitude (7200 ft) so as a rule of thumb, I use 1.5 x the flour (so I used 3/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup) and used a teensy bit less baking soda & baking powder (I assume you mean 1 tsp, not 1 tbsp).

    I also only had so many ingredients on hand, so I used regular white flour, no almond extract, and no honey, but a little more trivia.

    They turned out great and I made 12 mini muffins with the half recipe, and if my calculations are correct, each little muffin is 82 cal and 5 g protein.

    You’re right about the honey, though!

    Reply to Hayley
  • Amanda G

    Hello there! Can I make these with either almond flour or whole wheat flour? Thanks!

    Reply to Amanda G
  • renee

    Looks amazing! Is it really supposed to be a whole tablespoon of baking powder?

    Reply to renee
  • Aurora Nastel

    Is that working as well without the protein powder?


    Reply to Aurora Nastel

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