We Dined Like the Royals at The McNinch House

I made reservations at the McNinch house for Kyle’s birthday. We walk by the charming house all the time and always talked about having dinner there someday. I knew this would be the perfect surprise for his birthday! The house looks like it was taken right out of a fairytale book and placed in the middle of the city. Its pink and plum with white details. I’m obsessed with the front porch. Everything about the house is magical.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCThe McNinch house is located in the Fourth Ward neighborhood (my favorite part of Charlotte.) The front yard is so inviting with its warm lighting and shaded trees along the sidewalks. It’s surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city, but once you walk through the gates, it’s as if the city doesn’t exist. It’s cozy, charming and historical.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC

The McNinch house gets its name from the original owner, Mayor Sam McNinch, a Charlotte Mayer. Sam McNinch served as the Mayor of Charlotte in 1905 until 1907. The restaurant and home is now owned by Ellen Davis (super business women), who is also the chef (with the help from executive chef Juan Garcia & sous chef Matthew Shepard), and has been treating guests like royalty for the past twenty-two years.

If you want to feel like a princess for one night, this place will make it all seem so real. It’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Charlotte. The dinner is worth every penny and something you must experience at least once in your life. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen or would have imagined it to be like. If you’re thinking that it’s “too fancy” or “I don’t belong”, well that’s probably true. I definitely didn’t belong in a place like this (Sometime eat salad with my fingers), but they’ll make you feel like you’re the most important person to ever walked through their doors to dine. Even though it’s extremely elegant and fancy, you never once get the “hoity-toity” attitude. You’re simply graced with southern hospitality at its finest.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC The McNinch House Charlotte NC
We weren’t in the mood for alcohol, so we skipped out on the wine, but I must mention that they are known for their selection and knowledge of fine-quality wine. If you are a wine connoisseur, this is your place. Wes, the wine steward, is a pretty big deal. He’s been working in the industry for twenty-one years and has trained at the New York’s Windows on the World Win School. I believe he’s worked at the McNinch house for thirteen years. He was so pleasant and loved to joke around. He gave us a little history lesson on the house.

All of the ceilings and woodwork in the house were so eye-catching. I couldn’t stop starring at all the detail. It was handcrafted by the same man who designed a lot of the woodwork at the Biltmore. I love the touches of purple throughout the house, indicating its royalty and elegance. The detail did not go unnoticed.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCI loved the dinnerware they used. It has inspired me to set up some shelving in my office and seek new dinnerware for my recipe photos. I really felt like I was sitting at a table across from a King (oh wait I was.) The tablecloths were perfectly ironed, the forks were at temperatures that suited the meals, and fresh flowers were freshly displayed in vases. Some people may think that the classical music in the background is too cliche, but I appreciated it. I loved the mood it set and the pieces playing were beautiful and calming. To be perfectly honest, I’m listening to classical music now so I can try to relive this experience all over again while I write.

The only complaint I have is that everything on the menu sounded so decadent, that it was hard to choose. They reassured us that the one thing they don’t do there is rush, so we could take our time looking at the menu. And if you don’t know what something is, just ask because the staff is so informative and know everything about their menu. They don’t educate themselves for nothing. They are more than delighted to assist you in anyway. You’re royal, remember?

The McNinch House Charlotte NC
After ordering, we cheers to the perfect birthday dinner (and maybe the last dinner since skydiving was on the morning agenda.) Keeping that from Kyle was hard!

The McNinch House Charlotte NC

Course One
This will definitely be recreated in my kitchen. I will put the “Taralynn spin” on it, but it was truly an inspiring dish. It was a glassed filled with honey infused baked brie, watercress, sliced figs, peas and topped with a parmesan crisp. The flavors in this little appetizer were powerful and sent my tastebuds into their own little world. They know how to add beautiful detail and you can definitely recognize the artist in the kitchen through each plate.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Two:
We both selected the crab cake for one of our opening courses.

The crab cake was served over an avocado puree with a ruby red grapefruit, mango, cucumber & shaved radish.

I think most crab cakes taste the same at restaurants, but this one was unique. The breading had a southern take on it and all of the flavors were light and fulfilling. I loved the crunch texture with the light and fluffy crabmeat. I wish I could recreate something like this, but it was simply irresistible and something I may have to leave to the chef.

biscuitsThey brought out little baby cheddar biscuits that were so warm and the perfect match to a crab cake. I loved that they brought out bite sized and moderate portions. I didn’t feel like everything was so heavy and hard to force down. The portions kept you wanting more and that is exactly what a good restaurant should do.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC
I couldn’t get over the ice cold fork they brought out for my salad. Little fancy touches like this is what makes the experience more memorable. (be right back, putting forks in the freezer.)

I loved that our dinner was long and enjoyable. There was no waiting in-between courses. Once we were done with one course (on our time) they’d grab the plates from table and serve the next course within seconds. The dinner was at our pace and never rushed, or too slow. I call that a good course flow.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Three (mine)
I chose the tomato & peach salad. It had North Carolina peaches, heirloom tomatoes, Burrata cheese, black benne wafers & a peach vinaigrette. The combination of fresh homegrown produce with the Burrata cheese was so unique and simply genius. Burrata cheese is an Italian cheese made up of mozzarella and cream. The best way to describe a black benne wafer would be almost like a sweet cookie and seed cracker combined. I love the idea of adding a sweet crunch to the salad instead of savory croutons. It really brought out the sweet flavor of the Carolina peaches. This gives me so many great ideas for future salads in my kitchen. See the little black specks on top of the dish? I bet you can’t guess what that is (I couldn’t)…it’s lava ash salt.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Three (Kyles)
I asked which one I should go with, the two melon Gazpacho or the tomato & peach salad and she said her favorite is the salad, so Kyle ordered the Gazpacho so I could try it. I knew something was up when he didn’t order the she crab soup. I love the little things that he does. Gazpacho is such a fun thing to try. It originates from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. It’s so refreshing and the type of soup you can eat during the hot months because it’s made from raw vegetables and served cold. I’m surprised Luna’s Kitchen doesn’t have it on their summer menu (or maybe they do.)

This two melon Gazpacho was made with chilled honeydew melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, Creme Fraiche, honey, lime and extra virgin olive oil. It almost tasted like a dessert. It was so refreshing and screamed “summer.” The Creme Fraiche is kind of like sour cream but more sweet and buttery.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Four
The perfect amount of house made intermezzo strawberry sorbet with a mint leaf on top. Most people think that sorbet is mainly for dessert (and it usually is) but it’s a great palate cleaner and prepares you for the next course. I learned this while dining in France a couple years ago. The cold sorbet is a nice contrast for the next meal being served. Sorbet should never be too sweet, and theirs was just right. This is why they call it “Intermezzo” because it’s served between the acts (courses.)

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Five

I love salmon, but sometimes restaurants don’t cook it well, so I get nervous to order it. Nothing worse than ordering overly salted and dry salmon (and it happens way too often.) I had no fear of the “salmon fails” at the McNinch house and they proved me to be right. The pan-seared salmon was served over a celery root puree with warm North Carolina plums, wild rice, sautéed fennel, watercress salad and carrots.

I never would have thought warm plums would be delicious, and paired with salmon? The culinary talent kept shining through all the meals. They really think out of the box. The salmon was so good. Light and flakey, crisp on the edges, flavored well without overly salted seasonings, and it melted in your mouth. I’m a huge fan of fennel (tastes like black licorice) and theirs was the best I’ve ever had. I loved how light (but still filling) our meals were.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Five: Kyles

I find that restaurants keep the Filet Mignon on the smaller and overcooked side, not this place. The Filet Mignon was larger than the average. It was served with a parsnip puree, carrots, Bordelaise, North Carolina plums and farmer’s market broccoli. The chef knew how to cook a steak (Not surprised) and it came out medium rare to a tee. It was flavored so well and all of the sauces were magical. Bordelaise sauce is a popular French steak sauce. It’s usually made up of dry red wine, bone marrow, butter, shallots and demi-glace (Demi-glaze sauce is just a base sauce for other sauces.)

They brought out the best homemade southern style mini buttermilk biscuits to clean the plates with. They know what’s up.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC
Course Six: Kyles

I love my dessert more an anything, an especially paired with coffee, but because I’m trying to give up the late night/afternoon coffee I said, “no thanks” and it was hard! Coffee is my palate cleaner. Even without coffee, the dessert was what I’d imagine food in heaven tasting like. You couldn’t recreate this dessert at home, only in the kitchen at the McNinch house. The ice cream was milky and not overly sweet; you could even taste the fresh vanilla in each bite. The seasonal spices from the oat streusel and warm cinnamon North Carolina peaches danced with the ice cream as it entered your mouth. The bottom of the dessert was made up of phyllo dough and it almost tasted like baklava.

The McNinch House Charlotte NCCourse Six: Mine

I chose the apricot mousse, almond chantilly cream, blueberry jam, peanut brittle, boiled peanut ice cream, blackberries and farmers market grapes. I would normally go for a chocolate dessert, but this one screamed my name. I was sold at blackberry.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC
The dessert was so airy and fluffy like a cloud. I loved he light scoop of ice cream with the blueberry jam and peanut brittle crunches. It was fresh and light, just the way dessert should be!

The McNinch House Charlotte NCThere wasn’t a drop left on our plates.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC
Oh, why yes I do accept this rose!

They give the ladies a rose at the end of the meal; I think that is such a classy and lovely touch.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC The McNinch House Charlotte NC
The bathroom is an experience alone.

Can we just talk about this Chandelier for a second?  It makes the bathroom look so elegant and a place I’d want to hang out in. I really loved the feminine feel. It makes me want an older home to fix up like this. (A girl can dream)

The McNinch House Charlotte NCThis The Complete Live and Learn and Pass It On book was so cute and I’ve already ordered on on Amazon. I think it makes a great coffee table book.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC

“I’ve learned that when I get close to people who are full of anger, their anger spills over onto me. But when I get close to people who are full of love, their love soils over onto me.”

I wanted to keep reading it, but I didn’t want to spend all night in the bathroom, so I purchased it!

The McNinch House Charlotte NC I loved the hand towel idea. They had a big basket full of folded handtowels and a little laundry basket next to it. I want to do something like this. I love getting inspiration from other people and places.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC
One more time with the Chandelier.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC I didn’t want to leave and I know I’ll be back (hopefully during Christmas.) This has been added to my list of “Charlotte Must-Do’s” and I highly recommend splurging for one night. You deserve it. 

The McNinch House Charlotte NC   You get to feel what it’s like to be Kate Middleton and Prince William for three hours of your life. Although, I wonder if Kate Middleton ever throws her sweats on and plops on the couch in front of the T.V. with chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese? I think I’d miss that.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC

The home of World-class Fine Dining in Charlotte, the McNinch House recently won its 16th consecutive Four Diamond designation from AAA, is listed as one of the top “extraordinary” restaurants in America by Zagat’s Dining Guide, and has consistently been voted by critics and customers alike as Charlotte’s Most Romantic Restaurant. Our wine list has won numerous awards including Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence and Wine Enthusiast’s Award of Distinction.

The McNinch House Charlotte NC The McNinch House Charlotte NC
We had the perfect dinner and I wouldn’t have wanted to experience it with anyone else <3

The McNinch House Charlotte NCThe McNinch House Charlotte NCIt was so fun to finally walk through the gates this time instead of walking straight on by. The “wondering what it would be like” is finally over.

Questions for my lovely readers! 

  1. Have you ever had an experience where you felt like royalty?
  2. Do you love old historic homes or modern homes?
  3. What is one dinnertime manner you were taught as a kid?


  • Paige

    That was such a nice birthday present! I learned so much about fine dining and food, from this post.

    Reply to Paige
  • Nani

    You guys are so cute together. I love your relationship!

    Reply to Nani
  • Cecilia

    Beautiful!! That place looks amazing!

    What kind of champagne did you choose?

    Reply to Cecilia
  • Lindsey

    Gorgeous photography

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Lauren @ Following the Path of Life

    Wow…it seems as if a lot of the restaurants you post about are actually in old homes or buildings that at least look like houses. What a special touch to make the atmosphere more homey and inviting! You’re really making me want to visit Charlotte at some point. 😉 And that salad fork is so intricate! Also, the lamp in the book picture is absolutely gorgeous; it makes me think of Beauty and Beast.

    1. I suppose that I felt a bit like royalty when I was on a cruise my grandparents took my sister and I on. We were waited on hand and foot, the meals were incredible, and the staff made our beds (even after my sister and I tried to make them nicely!) and cleaned our rooms every morning! Other than that, I can honestly say that my husband kind of makes me feel like royalty because he is so attune to my needs or desires and he is so sacrificial in his love for me.

    2. Hmm…I like both kinds of homes, so long as they have character. Generally speaking I’d choose historical ones, but some modern homes are truly fantastic as well.

    3. We were always taught to say “Excuse me, please” or “May I please be excused?” before we left the table. However, because my father is a jokester and “excuse me” sounds kind of like “ex-goose me,” we would sometimes say “honk, honk” like a goose in order to be excused. 🙂

    Reply to Lauren @ Following the Path of Life
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I have a soft spot for old homes and the southern history! Charlotte and all the surrounding cities are a must! There is a touch of real life Disney in this house for sure! 🙂

      That does sound like royalty! I’ve NEVER been on a cruise! Sounds like you have some pretty awesome grandparents.

      Character is KEY for me.

      hahahahaha your grandpa sounds so cute!!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Yum! What a fun experience! I love that fork I feel like its out of The Little Mermaid–haha!

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Well no wonder they call it a house because it looks just like a normal house from the outside! I never would’ve thought it would be so fancy on the inside.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Ann

    Tippecanoe Place Restaurant, South Bend, Indiana is so romantic! Prom and engagement night dinner spent there, so many wonderful memories! Ahhhhh!
    It fits right in with all the historical homes I love, new is good, but historic is beauty.
    And, as for etiquette, we were not aloud to chew with our mouths open!! And our kids are not allowed to do that either! Common courtesy, but some people???
    Thanks for sharing that beautiful place!

    Reply to Ann
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Ann!

      Sounds beautiful!!

      You can’t go wrong with historical places 🙂 so charming!

      & yes thats a pretty big one!!!

      Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Nicole

    I felt like royalty when I visited Puerto Rico and stayed at a hotel where they had complimentary breakfast cooked to order on the rooftop overlooking the San Juan. I should also mention: THEY HAD THE BEST COFFEE I’VE EVER HAD!

    I love both historic and modern homes. I love the detailed wood work in historic homes!

    My parents always said, no elbows on the table! And no reaching across the table, you ask to pass whatever it is!

    Reply to Nicole
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Wow that sounds wonderful! It’s almost five and I have not had coffee since ten…now i want some AHHHHHH!

      Me too!:)

      No elbows was a big one in our family!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Melissa FitzGerald

    This sounds like such an amazing place! Kyle must have been so excited to finally go!

    1. I did! I spent Thanksgiving with my brother in South Carolina, and he kept telling me we were doing something “unconventional” on Thanksgiving day but wouldn’t tell me what it was. Turns out, he’d made us dinner reservations at the Biltmore! (And I only knew what it was because of your blog – my brother was so impressed when we pulled up and I was like OH WHAT I’VE HEARD OF THIS PLACE!) They definitely made Thanksgiving day there an absolutely amazing experience.

    2. I kind of like both! Modern homes are always cool, but there’s something special about an old building. I think the mixture of modern and historic architecture is my favorite thing about Chicago.

    3. I was always taught the importance of helping the host clean up! (I think my mom just didn’t want to do dishes herself… hahah!)

    Reply to Melissa FitzGerald
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Yes! We were both very excited 🙂

      1. OMG Thanksgiving at the Biltmore?! I bet that was wonderful! I think I’m going to have to do that now! Maybe next year 🙂 I want to visit around Christmas.

      2. Yes I love the mixture as well.

      3. HAHA that is my favorite manner.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hilary

    This was a wonderful post Taralynn. You and Kyle are so sweet and look so perfect together! I love the description of all the food and your photos are gorgeous! Your blog makes me so happy and inspires me to do more than sit on the couch all weekend.

    Reply to Hilary
  • Jennifer

    I haven’t, but it sounds like you had the most amazing experience! I agree everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while. My boyfriend and I did that this past weekend on our mini vacation as well!

    Old historic homes for sure. I also have a dream of owning an old home and fixing it up!

    Chew with your mouth closed hahaha

    Reply to Jennifer
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Yes. I agree and life is too short not to! I hope you guys had a fun mini vacation 🙂 Those are the best!

      I love the idea of that as well!

      lol said everyone’s mom!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Evie

    What a beautiful meal! Thanks for sharing it on your blog!

    1. Have you ever had an experience where you felt like royalty?
    My parents spoil me with fancy dinners when I’m home in the UK or they’re visiting Tokyo 🙂

    2. Do you love old historic homes or modern homes?
    To live in, modern homes (I’m a fan of minimalism). But to visit/stay in, it has to be old and historic!

    3. What is one dinnertime manner you were taught as a kid?
    Eat everything. I don’t hold to this one anymore. I go by the Chinese rule – if you eat everything, it’s a sign to your host that you feel like you were under-served, so I always leave a little! Actually, I try to never eat food I don’t want to eat. It may be wasteful, but I don’t care. Portion sizes are way too big at most places. I try to take leftovers home when I can!

    Reply to Evie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Of course! Thank you for reading and stopping by to comment 🙂

      Sounds like super fun!! Your parents seem great!

      Minimalism is great. You’d like to visit the south! So many historic homes to stay!

      That is so crazy how our cultures are so different. I love the Chinese rule!(unless its so good and I can’t contain myself, i’ll say I’m undeserved and need more 😉 I love leftovers too! Things are usually better the next day in my opinion.


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mackenzie

    EVERYTHING looks too good. It’s not quite dinner time here in California, but I need a snack after reading this! That was so thoughtful of you to plan that for him.
    – The one time that comes to mind that I felt like royalty was when we stayed at Four Seasons resort Bora Bora. Girl, you should go. It’s insane. ( https://mackmarie.com/2016/08/12/bora-bora-bora/ ) * I promise I will stop with the links, but this is a goodie 😉
    – I love historic homes! We were actually married at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens (an 1800 Mansion). Fun fact: it was named the #1 Historic Home Tour in America in USA Today! If you ever find yourself in the Akron, Ohio area, it is so worth the visit!
    – Rule: Don’t knock your spoon to the bottom of the soup bowl. I hated that rule because I wanted every. last. bite. of my darn soup.


    Reply to Mackenzie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I just read your entire post about Bora Bora and I want all the details so I can visit that exact place. That was a dream!! & YOU LOOK AMAZING. That bod girl. You have me in vacation mode now!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Mackenzie

        You are too sweet! Thank you, and that means SO much that you would take the time to check it out. I tell everyone to put it at the top of their travel list! If you have any questions ever about it feel free to reach out 🙂 xx

        Reply to Mackenzie
        • Taralynn McNitt

          Thank you Mackenzie! I will most definitely be asking you some questions because I would LOVE to have that experience! & your pics are great.

          Reply to Taralynn McNitt
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Mackenzie!

      It’s dinnertime here and I need to make something after writing this! That food was un-toppable (is that even a word? lol) though! & he’s planned and done so much for me it’s the LEAST I could do.

      OMG, You had me at four seasons and then again at BORA BORA! I’d LOVE TO GO & adding it to my bucket list. Don’t stop with the links! I love them. & thank you for sharing!

      That sounds beautiful and like a dream wedding.

      Lol I would fail every time at that rule!!!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Taralynn McNitt

    Hi Danielle!

    Wow! Now that sounds like something I’m going to need to add to my bucket list. You can take me with you next time! Please and thank you 🙂 & they greeted you with bubbly? THEY WIN.

    Yes St. Louis has so many old historic homes! I remember driving down one of the streets with all of the big giant homes. I can’t remember the street name! I just remember it being breathtaking.

    THATS A GOOD ONE. It’s so hard when the waitress comes around to ask how the food is and your mouth is still stuffed. That’s when you throw up the thumb 😉


    Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Dana

    You and Kyle look so cute and happy together! Like both of your faces hurt from smiling so much when you are together happy.

    I felt like a princess when I won an online giveaway and received the package; it was a set of gorgeous bangles and the company that sponsored it had it wrapped so beautifully and there was a handwritten thank you note.

    Mid-century modern is my thing, so I guess it was somewhere in the middle.

    Wait until everyone is finished eating to be excused/leave the table. I do this to this day. And no outside distractions at the table. I try not to play with my phone when I eat alone even…not always successful.

    Reply to Dana
    • Taralynn McNitt

      He makes me the happiest person I’ve ever been. He brings out the best version of myself and we really make a great team. And you’re right, my face starts to hurt from smiling and laughing so much when I’m with him.

      That sounds super fancy! Hand written notes are always the best.

      I can definitely get down with the midcentury modern.

      I do the same (minus taking photos with my phone, otherwise i’d have a boring blog! ) and that kind of goes the same way not to eat until everyone has their food served in front of them!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brooklyn

    ” I really felt like I was sitting at a table across from a King (oh wait I was.) ” You are so sweet 🙂

    This place looks incredible! The food, that bathroom, everything!

    Kyle is one lucky man to have you, but I’m sure that you are equally as lucky to have him 🙂


    Reply to Brooklyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That is how I felt <3

      Everything truly was incredible. I love that it was a treat and something you definitely can’t do everyday!

      I feel so lucky to have him 🙂 but that was really sweet of you!

      xo xo xo

      Hope you are having a great week!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Tara

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the chandelier! All the food sounds amazing! We ate like royalty on our vacation this summer. The waiters wore white gloves and our entrees were served with a silver cover over the plate. They made a big deal of the revealing of the entree. It was really fun! I like looking at old houses, but I would want to live in a modern one. The manners that my mom drilled into my head when I was little were to chew with your mouth closed and not talk with food in your mouth. LOL I guess since she was so strict about that, I now notice that in other people when we eat at restaurants.

    Reply to Tara
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Tara!

      Thanks so much & I agree. That chandelier is goals. The food was so unique and delicious. Sounds like you really did have the royal treatment. WHITE GLOVES? Now, that is fancy. Modern homes are fun too! As long as it’s modern/cozy 😉
      I think that is a rule all parents enforce! (not sure we were as polite as kids with that one)

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amanda Whitehurst

    OMG! This place looks AMAZING! I’ll definitely have to stop by when I’m in Charlotte – thinking about road tripping there with my boyfriend. Can’t wait to hear all about skydiving as well. 🙂

    Reply to Amanda Whitehurst
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Amanda!

      Please please make the stop when you come to Charlotte. It’s something you MUST experience! It’s the perfect spot to bring your boyfriend and it’s super romantic. I’m so excited to share my skydiving story…still cannot believe I jumped out of plane. I still feel like I haven’t done it yet! I need to sit down and tell myself it happened like ten times before I believe myself!

      😉 thanks for stopping by to comment!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jess

    Gorgeous pictures thank you for sharing!! I hope to visit the McNinch house one day. I love your blog it really makes my day so much brighter!

    Reply to Jess
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Jess!

      Thank you so much! 🙂 I love sharing these moments with you guys and I appreciate you stopping by to read and to comment! That makes MY day so much brighter!

      xo Hope you’re having a great week so far!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jenn

    We went to a restaurant in VA that had sorbet as a palate cleanser in between the appetizer course and the main meal. They also served little sweet cakes with icing to start your meal before you ordered. My two year old thought it was the best dinner ever. “Happy cake!” as she calls it and ice cream with your meal? Yum!

    Reply to Jenn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Jenn!

      How did you like the sorbet as a palate cleanser? Usually it’s lemon flavored, but I liked the subtle strawberry sorbet! Sweet cakes and icing sound like the perfect way to start a meal to me! I’m in.

      Your two year old knows whats up! 😉


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Jenn

        Ours was orange and it was really good. We had it at a seafood restaurant. It was perfect after my french onion soup and before my baked fish.

        Reply to Jenn
  • Danielle

    1.Have you ever had an experience where you felt like royalty?
    Staying overnight at a safari lodge in South Africa! While at dinner, they went in to start a fire for me and returned the key so it’d be warm & cozy. They also greeted me with bubbly when I arrived
    2.Do you love old historic homes or modern homes?
    Historic! That’s one thing I’ve loved since moving to St. Louis from California – seeing the old architecture.
    3.What is one dinnertime manner you were taught as a kid?
    Don’t talk with your mouth full!

    Reply to Danielle

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