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IMG_0200Happy Cyber Monday to all!

It’s been pouring all day, which is a GREAT excuse to stay in bed and shop online. I snagged so many awesome deals today, but still have so much Christmas shopping to do. I have so many people to shop for this year, so I’m trying to get it done now instead of doing it all last minute (We’ll see how well that works). Since it’s Cyber Monday, I wanted to share one of my favorite sites to shop…Erin Condren! There are gifts on there for everyone, adorable gift cards, packaging stickers, labels, and more. I use Erin Condren supplies for my shop and love customizing all the packages with cute stickers and labels. They sent me some fun new holiday products to try out 🙂

You can find the cutest stocking stuffers, customized gifts for teachers, and fun accessories for school. I couldn’t live without my Erin Condren planner.IMG_0210

I love how much color Erin Condren products have. It’ll brighten your day for sure. Let’s see whats nestled inside!1507072704_rosegoldeccPicMonkey CollageROSE GOLD PLANNER

The new planners are fantastic! As a blogger, it’s hard to remember important deadlines and sometimes the typical squares are too hard to fit everything into. This planner has the horizontal lines, so I can plan out my day with all it’s important reminders. There is no such thing as running out of room to write in this planner. Plus, rose gold is my favorite. The planners make great gifts for friends. You can also have them customized with their names.ewdPicMonkey CollageThese compliment cards are fun to leave around for people to find and they would make awesome stocking stuffers! Sometimes, it’s nice to remind people of how awesome they are!

SHOP ERIN CONDREN ecPicMonkey Collage

DESK SET: This desk set is perfect for a back to school gift. It has pencils with pretty designs, an oops eraser, and colorful accesories. It fits perfectly in your desk. You can also reuse the organizer for other things around the house!

shop erin condrenePicMonkey CollageJOT YOUR THOUGHTS BUNDLE:

 These adorable little notebooks are so perfect for keeping your ideas, lists, and numbers. They have gorgeous metallic detail and are small enough to keep in your purse. One of the notebooks is blank, one has lines, and the other has graph lines.

7505254_GiftingOnTheGo_FLAT-2erPicMonkey CollageGIFT WRAP BOOK:

I’m so obsessed with the gift wrap book. I can’t wait to customize all my packages with these fun labels, wraps, and stickers! The metallic details are so much fun. I use eco-friendly brown paper to wrap my items in and these stickers will add so much color and character to the package. You can do that for your christmas gifts this year as well.



One of my really good friends uses coloring as a stretch reliever and it’s been proven to help reduce stress. I love this little creative coloring book and sketch pad. I’m going to see if this stress reliever really works.

shop erin condrenSHOP ERIN CONDRENGOOD TO GO NATURE STATIONARY SET: I love the stationary set for last minute letters and notes for friends. The Erin Condren cards are full of color and have all kinds of fun designs with matching envelopes and stickers.  They are perfect for thank you notes.

STYLIZED STICKY NOTES: I just stuck all of these on the side of my refrigerator for last minute reminders and quick notes.

PARTY POP MARKERS: Are perfect for the planners. I usually only use black pen becuase markers bleed, but these ones do not and are meant for writing in small boxes! They help me highlight certain dates and keep plans organized.  I like to keep my blog work in blue and my school work in pink. IMG_0198RETURN ADDRESS LABELS:

I also made address return labels for my collection. It’s so much easier and it saves so much time! You can choose from tons of designs. Return labels are great for the holiday season! You can stick them write on your Holiday cards.


I went with the watercolor shine for my return label design. I also use the Sticker book for customizing all my packages!


The sticker books has fun flowers, shapes, quotes, and labels for customizing gifts.

135373340_StoragePockets_FLATIMG_021r3It’s super cool that you can buy all kinds of accessories for your planner. You can add organizing folders, new covers, and special stickers. The motivation quotes are my favorite. I love the positivity and little reminders. These folders are good for homework, notes, and receipts.

Some of these products were provided by Erin Condren for review and all opinions are my own.

Three Questions For YOU! 

  1. What do you want for Christmas/Holidays?
  2. What is one item you cannot live without at your desk?
  3. What is your favorite item on the Erin Condren Website!?


  • marina

    I just got mine!:)

    Reply to marina
  • mariana

    About to buy all of this for my daughter! Thank you for keeping me in the loop!

    Reply to mariana
  • Kristin C

    I love all of her stuff, but I have never had one. I want one really badly, but the cost always gets me. I am sure it would be worth it, but I just haven’t gotten to that place yet. haha

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Kelsey

    1.For christmas I asked mainly for money just to put up in savings to save for a vacation in the summer time. I asked for a northface rainjacket and rain boots and then a new vera bradley purse. It’s torture for it to all sit in the house and I can’t have it until Christmas 🙁 lol. It seems like the older I get the harder it is for me to think of things I would even want for Christmas.

    2.I work at a bank and the one thing I always have to have is a really good pen to write with and some scrap paper and my water

    3.I really love the planner as well. I never can find a planner that is big enough for me to write all my daily activites in it like the one you talked about.

    Reply to Kelsey
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thats always a useful gift! There are so many things I want for christmas, but I also don’t want to wait. I’m obsessed with IT COSMETICS and it kills me knowing that there is mascara under my parents tree……..(little kid syndrome) I agree that it’s hard to think of things as you get older, because you can pretty much just buy them yourself.

      You better guard that pen! People love borrowing pens! lol Keep your good pen for you and the crappy ones in a jar for everyone else 😉 When I was in school, people ALWAYS wanted to borrow my pencils, so I kept wood ones in my bag for them and mechanical ones for myself hidden.

      That is why I love this planner so much!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lena

    I want that horizontal planner.

    Reply to Lena
  • Kaiko

    How do you stay motivated to use you planner to its fullest? I will go through intermittent lengths of dedication, but I still seem to fall short with using it daily. Any tips?

    Reply to Kaiko
  • Heather

    I cant live without a good set of pens that writes perfectly. there are certain pens that just glide when you write on them, do you know what I mean?! Those are perfect!

    Reply to Heather
  • Julie

    I really want one, but I just got a new planner in August. 🙁 Guess I’ll wait till next year!

    Reply to Julie
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    One thing on my wishlist is an ice cream maker! Or veggie spiralizer.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Jessie M

    Can snacks count as an item I can’t live without at my desk? Haha.

    But seriously, I always need a few different colored pens. Somehow, jotting things down in all one color just does not work for me. I usually have red, green & black laying around at work.

    And that Erin Condren coloring book is great. That may be going on the Christmas list. I’ve been looking for one I like.

    Reply to Jessie M
  • Mandy

    I love that planner! I’m putting it on my Christmas list 🙂

    Reply to Mandy
  • Brooklyn

    Ahh everything looks so beautiful, I want it all! Stationary and labels are so addicting.
    They definitely do make the perfect presents.
    I can’t live without my lamp on my desk. It’s super basic, but I cannot focus without proper lighting.
    And essentially I love everything on the website, so it’s pretty hard to choose just one thing 🙂

    Reply to Brooklyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      They really are! & they are great for gifts!

      I have my lamp on my desk too! I need it for the “coziness” and “calmness”! I try to get something on the site once a week:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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