6 Miles, & A Better Day.

I told myself last night before I went to bed (while cracking up at a panda documentary)  that I was going to do something with my day and be in a better mood when I woke up. Yesterday, I was not having it. The only living thing I wanted near me was my dog; it was that type of day.


When I went to take Grumples out before turning on Dancing with the stars, I had to stop to take a photo because the sky was so gorgeous. It’s such a beautiful world we live in.

My top five picks for DWTS:

  1. American Hero Alek Skarlatos (I think i’m in love)
  2. Bindi Irwin
  3. Nick Carter
  4. Carlos PenaVega
  5. Andy Grammar

The show was great and there are some pretty awesome dancers and some pretty not-s0-awesome dancers. I give them props for going out there though.

PicMonkey Collage

When I woke this morning, I was a zombie. I walked into the bathroom and literally cracked up at myself. My hair was crazy (which is normal) and I looked like I had been living in cave for years. Do you guys ever have mornings where you wake up and simply laugh at yourself? I couldn’t resist and had to take a photo. It would have been better if I was wearing a shirt that said, “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS.”

The looks got better after I braided my hair and woke up with a cup of coffee.


Since I told myself that I needed to do something to boost my mood, I decided to go for a long run. I’ve been hitting 3-4 miles a couple times a week, but decided to up it to six. I needed the endorphins.

Since it takes fuel to dominate a run, I whipped up a gourmet breakfast (obviously joking).

I made some jelly toast and a bowl of cereal with almond milk.


I was excited to try out my new Bombas socks! I’ll be doing a blogpost on those soon. Nick is going to be featured in that one! (his first real debut).


I have missed my running dates with my mom, so I asked her to go with me. To be honest, she’s the runner, she’s the one that forces me to get out there, and she sets the pace. She’s pretty awesome.


It was 70 degrees out and it couldn’t get anymore perfect.

If you live in the Charlotte area, check out the Catawba Riverwalk in Rockhill, SC.

PicMonkey Ccollage

We ran the full three miles down.


We stopped a couple times to take photos. To be fair, I paused the run tracker.

PicMonkey Ctollage

I was disgusting and sweaty after my run (gasping for air) and my mom looked like she could do it all over again.


Hold yourself together, smile, and then keep gasping…WATER!!

PiccMonkey Collage

After the run, I went to Earthfare for a juice. I get them a couple times a week; I really should start making my own, but the convenience of not setting up the machine and cleaning it all out is worth the $4.99.

Earthfare is full of pumpkin products lately and I’m loving it.


I always order the “Mary Beth.”

Turmeric, lime, spinach, kale, apple, ginger, and cucumber.


Later for lunch, I had a veggie spinach wrap, and a Cliff blueberry almond bar. If you guys haven’t tried these bars yet…get on it!


The wrap had tomato, spicy hummus, cucumber, sprouts, romaine, red onion, all bundled up in a spinach tortilla.


Now, I’m going to make some more placemats!

They may appear on my blogpost tonight with dinner!:)

BTW, I have a D.C. trip coming up soon!




  • Addie

    That wrap looks awesome! Do you save the other half for later? If so, does it hold up in the fridge ok?

    Reply to Addie
  • Fana

    How did you build up the endurance to run 6 miles.I do like the lunch idea. I am always looking for meals that travel well and can be eaten without a microwave.

    Reply to Fana
    • Taralynn McNitt

      By not worrying about speed! Worry about time. I ran until I could run 20 mins straight, then 30 mins straight, then 1 hour straight, and finally I was running six miles and lowering my speed.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Terrie

    Good running! That breakfast looks so tasty, by the way.

    Reply to Terrie
  • Mykah

    Your holographic running pants are so cool!

    Reply to Mykah
    • Mykah

      Don’t know how holographic ended up there, thanks phone

      Reply to Mykah
  • Nicole

    I know I don’t know you or your family personally so I hope this doesn’t come off as creepy but I’ve been a long-time daily reader and had to comment… your mom looks amazing! It’s so awesome that you’re active together, it’s something I’ve never been able to enjoy with my family but I hope to be active with my future family like this eventually!

    Reply to Nicole
  • alyssa

    Beautiful lake! Does Tino live with you as well?

    Reply to alyssa
  • Alyssa

    Your mom looks amazing! Good for her for being so active, what a great role model 🙂 also, totally going to make that wrap for lunch tomorrow..except with kale!

    Reply to Alyssa
  • Kirsten

    So what happened to your dog? What did the vet say? How did the groomer explain the situation when you called them? ( I saw the photo of the wound on Grumples hind leg that you posted yesterday and have been thinking about the poor guy ever since).

    Reply to Kirsten
  • Tara

    Great job on the run! The river looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see your post on your socks. I wear Feetures, and I like them, but I’m always up for trying a new kind.

    Reply to Tara

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