Mountain Hiking and Luna’s Living Kitchen


I didn’t fight the alarm clock this morning. I was so excited for the day because a friend and I planned on hiking Crowders mountain and grabbing lunch; basically two of my favorite things.

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I packed up my backpack with healthy snacks, water, and my camera.


My hiking snacks: coconut water, water, Chia Bar (coconut is my favorite), and mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts).


The coconut chia bar is my favorite. It tastes like a healthy almond joy without the chocolate.


I choose nuts before a hike. I always feel energized after consuming healthy fats and protein.


We somehow took a different route to the top this time. It was a lot harder than the usual path I take up. It had us out of breath, excessively sweating, and sore. It was definitely a challenge.

crowders mountain charlotte north carolina

I’m glad we kept the pups at home this time. We took them on the trail a couple weeks ago and they did a really good job, but the path we took today would have killed the both of us.


Getting to the top is the best reward. The view is magnificent.


I’ve hiked this trail so many times and it never gets old.


This is my ideal workout.


I’m in my element when I’m outside on the trails. It’s so much better than sweating it out in a smelly old gym with germs lingering all over the equipment.


After our hike, we headed to Luna’s Living kitchen for lunch. It’s one of my favorite places to grab healthy food in Charlotte. It’s located in Southend. They serve healthy raw vegan food that is absolutely delicious; even my meat monster boyfriend loves the place.


I needed some coffee. I didn’t drink coffee before hiking because I wanted to be extra hydrated.


I ordered their latte with coconut milk. I’ve never been a GIANT fan of coconut milk in my latte’s but theirs was freakin’ awesome. It was rich, creamy, and full of flavor. Someone behind that counter knew exactly how to make a latte.


I ordered the avocado and basil sandwich. It was filled with fresh organic slices of avocado, tomato, onion, sprouts, basil, homemade lemon parsley hummus and cashew sour cream wrapped up in a collard green. You have the choice of vegan multigrain bread or collard greens. I like the collard greens because they are thick and strong; they don’t fall apart like iceberg lettuce wraps.


For my side, I had their broccoli Waldorf salad. It consisted of diced broccoli, green apple, celery, walnuts, raisin, red onions, homemade chasew mayonnaise, and lemon juice. I don’t know how they do it because it didn’t taste vegan. I felt like I was eating a summer broccoli waldorf salad drenched in mayonnaise. I’m so impressed. I usually get the Arugula Harvest salad when I’m there, but felt like it was time to venture out.

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They just opened up an Anthropolie right next to Luna’s.  This is so exciting, yet so dangerous.

I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to grab some items so I can make fall crafts too. This was me wasting time before I had to crack down and study…


I spent the rest of the day studying and catching up on homework while it down poured. I think that was God’s way of keeping me on track and inside with my books. I didn’t get to take photos of the new dresses that arrived because it rained so hard when I got home, but it’s supposed to be sunny all day tomorrow 🙂


For dinner I had my leftover tortilla lasagna. I’ll post that recipe soon 🙂



  • Rebecca

    What’s your monthly food budget? Can you do a post sometime? Thanks!!

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Selene

    Oh wow, I love your braid!

    Reply to Selene
  • Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life

    Everything looks amazing — hiking, coffee, eats. Ah! So jelly right now :))))

    Reply to Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life
  • Courtney

    Just curious when you went hiking did you go to the right instead of the left when you got to a split in the path? (After crossing the road) My friend and I went there a few weeks ago,and I’ve been there many times before, but we went to the right for some reason and it was more like rock climbing! We were both so out of breath by the end !

    Reply to Courtney
  • Tori Farber

    I am so jealous of both the hiking and eating. I am so in love with Crowder’s Mountain and Luna’s Living Kitchen. I have been dreaming of going back to both places since I visited in July. The countdown until I am back is 28 days. I cannot wait. Maybe we could meet up at Luna’s Living Kitchen when I visit sometime. Also, I have never tried the Chia Bars, but I think I am going to have to. They look delicious. I recently tried Go Raw products and they were amazing. Have you ever tried them? I suggest the Zesty Pizza Flax Snax. They are to die for! I posted about them on my blog if you want to check it out:

    I also wanted to say how awesome it is that you are keeping up with your blog while also going to school. I am in grad school right now so I completely understand. I hope you are enjoying school so far! xoxo

    Reply to Tori Farber
  • Lindsay

    beautiful views from up top, looks amazing!

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Kristin C

    I still haven’t been to Luna’s, but I do want to try it. I am a “meat monster” too, so I wasn’t sure how i’d like it. haha.

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Tinz

    What did you think of the finale of the BIP?


    Reply to Tinz
  • Heather

    I like your style! Is that a fabletics top!?

    Reply to Heather
  • Rachel

    I love reading your blogs <3 I've followed for a couple years now, and you've inspired me so much. I've lost over 80 pounds and recently started my own blog. You're really a great role model! I want to visit Luna's now! I'll have to stop at Charlotte sometime.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Erika

    I gotta say, I’ve kind of been following your blog for a few years but I’ve tended to just browse a bit… But you’ve been growing on me! I love how personal, genuine, and inspiring your posts are now that I take the time to really read them! I’m sorry I didn’t really take the time before, so I think I’m going to go read some of your older posts now 🙂

    Love it!

    Reply to Erika
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Well thank you Erika!

      That means a lot to me:) & no need to apologize! There are a lot of blogs that I skim over too and I should take the time to read!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Caden

    I am like you when it comes to gyms. I’d rather be outside boating or running. That’s what sets you apart from the other bloggers. I really don’t like doing weird ab videos or music workouts. I’d rather be out exploring and that is why I relate to you.

    Reply to Caden
  • Sara

    Hi Taralynn! I used to follow your blog most days up until about a year and a half ago when I had my second baby and got so busy and distracted that I had no time to browse!
    It was fun catching up with some of the things I have missed since I was last on here. I’m pregnant with my third baby now so I have plenty of time to read blogs while I’m nursing my morning sickness on the sofa 🙁
    I actually love your posts cause they keep me motivated, I find it difficult to get the energy to exercise or the inspiration to eat healthy (90% of my usual favourite meals make me sick now 🙁 ) but I feel now after reading your posts that I could probably make a few healthy switch-overs plus I don’t feel so miserable cause I know once this baby is out I’ll be back to my energetic self!

    Anyway! I just wanted to share that with you, I hope that’s encouraging for you 🙂
    Lots of love! Xxx

    Reply to Sara
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Congrats on your third baby! Sounds like you have your hands full. I know it’s hard to eat healthy and get motivated. We all get into our comfortable moods and I’m guilty of that a lot. Enjoy your pregnancy, relax, and keep being an awesome mom! Thank you for the kind words about my blog and it definitely made my day!

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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