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I love vacations, but getting back into the swing of things when you get home can be overwhelming. I’m finally falling into my normal schedule and getting everything done on my list. Taking the ten day break from everything was great, but goodness did I miss a lot! I only have about a month before classes start (that’s right, going back to school) so I’m trying to get everything done before life gets too busy.

I spent yesterday morning packaging orders, getting things done for school, blogging, and checking emails. I also ordered some really cute fall outfits for the blog. I’m contemplating ordering cute college game day colored pieces! If you’re interested, leave your school colors in the comment section so I can get an idea of what colors to order! Also, if you have a group of friends that you’d like to get matching gamely outfits for, email me and I can send you a look book with prices!

*3 new things I’ve started/starting this month/next month:
*Martial Arts, *Crossfit, & *School! I’m excited for the challenges.


I should probably get to this smoothie since this is what the post was supposed to be about. Smoothies are one of my favorite things to whip up for lunch and breakfast. They’re filling, quick to make, and delicious! They also help you cool down when it’s 105 degrees outside. This smoothie was really good! After running a couple morning errands, I stopped at the Peachstand in Fort Mill for some fresh peaches. I love stopping there; they have all kinds of farm fresh produce and local health products. Their peaches were so luscious and big; they almost looked fake.

My smoothie had: 1 medium frozen banana, 1/2 large peach, 1 cup ice, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and 1 packet Stevia,  3 cups spinach.

I have a lot of vacation posts to post and a lot of recipe posts to post! I’ll try to do it gradually 🙂 Have a great morning!


  • Alyce

    Taralynn…❤️ your blog! Your Communication Skills Are Great! Plus.. You’re an “Inspiration!” ? thanks for Sharing Your Life & Your Recipes!! Forget the Comments that..just want to “Stir Up Trouble!” They’re probably just “Jealous of You” anyway! Just enjoy your Life & Your Future!! There’s Plenty of Good People out here who Want to hear about it!!?????

    Reply to Alyce
  • Lauren

    Good luck with school! It’ll be hard getting back into school but so worth it sweetie!
    I hope I can get my act together by next year to go to nursing school..
    Also I don’t know how you feel about it but on Facebook I’ve seen links to posts about recipes you’ve blogged about.. I lost the link but if I see it again I’ll send it to u..
    The girl was taking credit for what you came up with even changing ur name, nicks name and South Carolina …stalker alert..
    Idk if you can protect your blog from being copied but I don’t think other ppl should get credit for your stuff..

    Reply to Lauren
  • Alyssa

    Taralynn, do NOT listen to this negativity. You’re an amazing person who is trying to bring positivity to this world through your amazing blog. Good for you to go back to school! You’re going to be as successful in school as you are with everything else you do. We need more positive things in this world, so please continue to be you and do all of the wonderful things you do 🙂

    Reply to Alyssa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Alyssa. I don’t let anyone bring me down, especially people who live only to bring others down. No one can make me feel any less, only myself. I know I’ll be successful in going back to school and I am pretty dang excited about it. Thank you for the uplifting comment! xo Alyssa!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
    • Alyssa

      Also, black, gold, and white are my school colors!

      Reply to Alyssa
  • Corinna

    Orange and black!!

    Reply to Corinna
  • Rachel

    Green and black are my college colors 🙂 thanks taralynn, You’re amazing!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Kristjana

    My school’s colors are brown and gold.. but I don’t know if they would be worth ordering! It isn’t the best combination haha. My, what an exciting post though! Can’t wait until you tell us more about school and the material arts classes. I always love your packed lunch posts, so hopefully we can get more of those!

    Reply to Kristjana
  • Amber

    Hey Taralynn,
    Can you please find things in gamecocks colors ( garnet and black)

    Reply to Amber
  • Krystyna

    Orange and Purple! Go Tigers!

    P.S. In my opinion, from what you have posted on your blog about your life, it seems as if everything about you screams how much drive and motivation you have to succeed. Good luck! 🙂

    Reply to Krystyna
  • Camille

    Rude. Just rude. Taralynn’s blog is highly relevant to those of us who care, if you do not find it relevant why do you bother being a troll? You insulted someone who is loved by her followers and came across as a bully and an ignorant jerk. Taralynn is an inspiration and a real person who puts herself out there and doesn’t deserve to be treated poorly by some pain in the ass on the Internet. Taralynn you can and deserve to do anything you want to do and you will always come out on top with your positivity and drive 🙂

    Reply to Camille
  • Jess

    This comment doesn’t make sense! Why does it seem like Fula is taking about you not too you? So random.

    Reply to Jess
    • Samantha

      Jess, that’s because it was copied and pasted from somewhere else. It wasn’t a unique comment on the blog.

      Reply to Samantha
  • Linda

    That sounds like a good breakfast.

    Reply to Linda
  • Fula

    lol @ her going back to school. i firmly believe that higher education is not the right choice for everyone, and TL is one of those people. her writing skillz are on par with those of a fifth grader (maybe…being generous here), and quite frankly i don’t think she has the drive necessary to succeed. she’s probably only going back because her “blog” (diary) is becoming more irrelevant by the minute, not because she actually wants to do something meaningful with her life

    Reply to Fula
    • Anya

      You’re an asshole. Taralynn is an inspiration to so many out there. Rather than posting negative comments while hiding behind your computer, why don’t you find something more useful to do with your life?

      Reply to Anya
    • Jessica

      Coming from someone who started their sentence with ” lol @” who are you to judge anybody?

      Reply to Jessica
    • Helena

      Fula: Why do you have to be so mean and nasty? Just why? What did you gain from writing that post?
      Tara: Impressed you have not deleted Fula’s post.
      Fula: Tara’s blog is NOT a blog about writing, nor is it an English class. Her grammar doesn’t have to be perfect. Her pictures speak louder than words anyhow. Fula’s actions (criticizing Tara) speak volumes about Fula and define her (not Tara).

      Reply to Helena
    • Taralynn McNitt

      And your writing skills are any better?

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Jess

        This comment is so random! Why is it phrased like she is talking to someone else about you? It doesn’t make sense!

        Reply to Jess
        • Cassandra

          Her writing ‘skillz’? Her blog has an impressive following precisely because she writes in a relatable conversational tone. It is about everyday life and thus is always relevant, especially as she changes. It has already survived the transition from a weightloss blog to a lifestyle and travel blog. As to her drive, the girl seems to engage with everything she does with such colourful zest and optimism, and she always persists with her posts. I think its awesome that she’s going back as a mature student, its so much easier to focus when you aren’t distracted trying to sort out who you are and who you are meant to be with.

          Reply to Cassandra
      • Rebecca

        Can you answer questions about what you’ll be studying and if you’re going to a 4 year school? Thanks!

        Reply to Rebecca
  • Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life

    I’m forever jealous you’re going back to school. I’d love to be a professional student haha :))) I hope you keep us updated on what you’re studying and the degree you’re going for — I love that stuff!

    Reply to Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life
  • NC

    I’m an alumni now but still like to wear my colors in more casual pieces when I go back for games & to watch parties! Especially clothes that I can wear in other aspects of my life, so I’d love some cute stuff in the shop! My school colors are black and gold… maybe you can find something with a gold foil detailing?

    Go Knights!

    Reply to NC
  • Chloe

    Maroon! Gig ’em!

    Reply to Chloe
  • Jessica

    Congratulations on going back to school! What field are you interested in?

    Reply to Jessica
  • Shellie

    That’s awesome your going back to school!! Congrats 🙂 Are you starting at a 4 year school? Any idea what your going to major in?

    Reply to Shellie
  • Jennifer

    Back to school!!! In what field? 🙂

    Reply to Jennifer

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