The Bouq’s Company Experience: Cake N’ Cream!

The Bouq Company The Bouq Company

Times have certainly changed. I never thought that one day I’d be ordering a bouquet of flowers from a volcano to be delivered straight to my door. They are a classic gift that will live on forever. Sure, they may change with the styles, but a flower is a flower and receiving them makes us happy. Flower bouquets date back all the way to 2500 BC. That’s one trend that will never go out of style! Flowers are at: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, gardens, and funerals; there is no escaping them.

The Bouq Company

When The Bouqs Company reached out to me to try their flower service, I was intrigued.. I’m a pro online bouquet buyer; I’ve done all the edible arrangements too. I ended up paying way too much by the end of the checkout with all the extra shipping, delivery fees, teddy bears and chocolate additives. I find it cheaper to cut my own flowers and deliver them myself.

The Bouq Company

When I saw that had a flat rate price, and no extra-added fees, I was all over that!

The Bouq Company

The buying process is easy. The worst part is trying to decide which Bouq to send as they are all very unique and exotic. Good luck trying to find anything this pretty for the price at a local florist. The last bouquet I bought was $60 for a typical dozen of white roses.

The Bouq Company

After spending some time browsing their collection, I chose the “CAKE N CREAM” bouquet. I’m a very colorful person. The Cake n Cream was a colorful bouquet with mixed ranunculus. The ranunculus is a smaller bloom that takes a little extra time to open. The box came with directions to follow for the blooming and preserving process.

As soon as I ordered the bouquet, the flowers were cut the same day and shipped the next!

Instruction: Fill Vase, Gently Remove, Cut Stems, Pour and Feed, & Add Water!

The Bouq Company The Bouq Company


This is what the bouquet looked like three days later! They were full, colorful, and beautiful! It’s hard to believe that the bouquet above was delivered in a box! It looks much better than the typical roses and carnations that come in every generic floral bouquet.

The Bouq Company

I like that I know exactly where these flowers came from. Who knows where your florist gets their flowers, and what kind of working conditions they come from?

“All of The Bouqs Company’s flowers are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow a strict responsible farming practices, and are 3rd party certified by Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance.”

The Bouq Company

The great thing about flowers is that you don’t have to have any reason to receive or send them. Normal floral shops sensor their bouquets around holidays or birthdays. The Bouqs Company’s flowers are very neutral and fit any occasion, even if there is none!

The Bouq Company

Every time I glanced over at my flowers, it blew my mind that days ago they were growing on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador. Why in the world would they choose flowers from the side of a volcano? That’s where you’ll find the highest quality of flowers because of the mineral rich soil, and sunshine!

The Bouq Company

Some of my other favorite Bouq‘s from their collection are: You Rock, Cosmo, and Dragonfly!

The Bouq Company The Bouq Company

Overall, I was very impressed with The Bouqs Company. They have great customer service, fast delivery, and the quality of the flowers were on point. I’m very excited about their company, and will be a forever customer! has provided a Coupon Code for 15% off your order for my readers! It expires in a week. I know I’ll be using it to buy my favorite person a bouquet…myself…jk, my mom 🙂
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 


  • Wendy

    Great pictures! What camera did you use?

    Reply to Wendy
  • wit

    bought mine!

    Reply to wit
  • Jen

    Those flowers are amazing! I love your desk space it is so classy but unique and nicely laid out. Do you live with your family or do you have your own place? If not it seems cramped to have your workspace in the same room as your sleep space. It is gorgeous but what if you moved it to an extra room or the side of the family room area? Will you post some pics of the rest of your place and how you decorate/furnish it? You always show your bedroom but never the other rooms which in my opinion are even harder to decorate to look nice. It’s hard to do and I need some inspiration plus I like your style!

    Reply to Jen
  • Del

    I love using their service!

    Reply to Del
  • Gina


    Reply to Gina
  • mo

    I love your blog. Thank you for introducing me to new companies!

    Reply to mo
  • chels

    Your photos are beautiful. I just ordered one for myself!

    Reply to chels
  • Sara @ Oats & Rows

    Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! As with their entire website! I will definitely be using this service in the future.

    Also, can I please have your adorable work station/room?!? So pretty!

    Reply to Sara @ Oats & Rows
  • Kelli

    Ranunculus are so beautiful! I used them in my wedding bouquet last year 🙂

    Reply to Kelli
  • Kristin C

    Gorgeous! I love those!I don’t know that I have ever seen that kind of flower before!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • sarah

    These flowers are gorgeous! I love the colors- the bouquet goes so well on your desk! Do you mind explaining what you mean by local shops censoring bouquets? I always like to support local business if I can but I was curious what you meant by that line.

    Reply to sarah
  • Amanda @ Positively Amanda

    They’re such beautiful flowers!

    Reply to Amanda @ Positively Amanda
  • Lindsay

    Ranunculus are my fave, they’re pretty!! Dang, I gotta buy me some now!

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    How beautiful! I’ve never heard of a flower delivery service/box before.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Helen

    So is Bouq’s based in Ecuador if they are able to cut your flowers off the side of a volcano the same day you ordered them?

    Reply to Helen
  • Cassie

    Growing up I loved going to the farmers’ market with my mother to pick out a lovely new bouquet of seasonal flowers every week! These flowers are stunning! It’s a great way to brighten things up a little and to complement simple interior design!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Violet

    I love this post, I love your Blog & I love flowers so much! I buy flowers for me too once in a while :p. Thank you Taralynn for sharing your life with the us

    Reply to Violet
    • doug

      Totally agree. I bought a bouquet from them, and their website says you get the flowers 2-4 days after they are cut. That just isn’t so, when they are coming from Ecuador! Mine were delivered 7 days after they were shipping.

      For the price, I can go to my local grocery store and get flowers just as nice, get more of them, and they will most likely stay fresher longer.

      Reply to doug
    • Violet

      I love this post, I love your Blog & I love flowers so much! I buy flowers for me too once in a while :p. Thank you Taralynn for sharing your life with us

      Reply to Violet
  • Courtney

    I think the flowers are absolutely beautiful. I, however, have an issue with the fact that they tout themselves as eco-friendly. How in the world is it “eco-friendly” to ship a bouquet of flowers by plane AND car across two continents? I would rather have the “generic” flower shop done the street. Support Local!

    Reply to Courtney
  • NC

    I just used Bouqs for the first time to send my sister sunflowers for her birthday next week. Thanks for posting photos of how the box arrived… I was curious what she would actually receive. Glad to hear they have a great reputation… I definitely think I’d use them again!

    Reply to NC
  • Emily Weir

    My husband got me a bouquet from here for my birthday and they were beautiful! They lasted for over two weeks and I was even able to keep the succulent for my own garden from the bouquet. And it’s always a nice surprise when a box shows up at work or home and it ends up being flowers. 🙂

    Reply to Emily Weir
  • Joi / Joiful

    Love this post! Your interior decoration is so pretty and the flowers look amazing! I seriously just can’t get enough of your blog- will be pinning all of these pictures! Lots of love, Joi

    Reply to Joi / Joiful

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