Cook Smarts: One of The Coolest Healthy Food Websites Out There!


Have you ever thought about going back to school or taking a couple of cooking classes? It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of your time, so thank goodness for Cook Smarts! I’m not kidding. It is the neatest site for healthy living I have ever come across on the internet. It’s extremely helpful and you’ll learn so much for FREE! 

Cook Smarts was created by Jess Dang who is an inspiration to many. She promised to steer her life in a healthier direction after being diagnosed with a life threatening virus. While helping herself, she has been inspiring others to do the same.


Eating healthy can be hard, especially when you don’t know where to start. Cook Smarts has helpful tips about choosing the right foods and making smarter choices in the kitchen. It gives you the breakdown of nutrition and what to put into your body.

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My favorite part of the site is the meal plans. It has endless weekly meal plans available with the recipes included. They all look easy and delicious.


I also love the printer-friendly guides! It’s helpful for choose vegetables and figuring out the best ways to cook them.


Here are some of their benefits**

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I love love love the HOW TO videos. Sometimes reading something isn’t enough. I need a visual in order to understand some things and cooking is definitely one of them. I get lost in cook book sometimes.

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You can go through all of their tips and tricks on their page and I promise you’ll be browsing for hours! It’s addicting! I promise you, signing up for Cook Smarts could change your life into a healthier and happier one.



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