50 Shades of Grey Official Trailer. What do you think?

The atmosphere, the vibe, and feel matched up with my imagination when I read the book. Anastasia fit the description in my head, and then they put the camera on Christian, I didn’t get that “Mr. Grey” feeling. He didn’t look intimidating or sharp. I know he’ll grow on me when I watch the movie. The same thing happened to me when I watched Twilight with Robert Pattinson as Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jamie Dornan (Mr. Grey) is incredibly good looking, but he just doesn’t fit the description in the book. He looks very young, innocent, and overly friendly. I’m going to assume this is because the trailer didn’t show much of Mr. Grey’s Character. I’m just itching to see more. It’s almost scary how close the atmosphere and surrounds fit the image in my head. That’s why I disagree with anyone who say’s E.L James is a bad writer. Call me the bad writer, not her.


Now, I hope they have a extended trailer soon so I can see all the characters! Now, excuse me while I go watch the trailer a billion more times.



  • Elizabeth

    I like Jamie Dornan in the role although, in the book, he was much bigger than Ana. I believe he has the look. He shows some vulnerability as does the character in the book..amd he is beauatiful

    I did envision a look like Alexis Bledel, but the acting will be important. I have never seen Alexis did deep in her roles. Maybe this actress can do it.

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  • Courtney

    I can’t wait for the movie! I decided on a whime a few weeks ago to download the trilogy, and was very skeptical at first but ended up having a hard time putting the books down. Soooo… I read them all in less than 2 weeks.

    In case you haven’t see the parody trailer, you should totally google 50 shades frozen trailer. It’s hilarious and genius!

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  • Angela

    It helps to read the books again after watching the trailer. I would have preferred AS or HC, but he is slowly growing on me.

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  • Solange

    I feel you!, I imagined someone like Alexander Skarsgard as Grey

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  • kylee

    I was hoping Ian some halter would have been Christian grey, but I guess that’s just me.

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  • Erin

    I’m disappointed in both, but mostly the actress. She isn’t old but looks extremely old to me. I was picturing someone more like Alexis Bledel.

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  • MJ

    I agree with you about the actor playing Mr. Grey I pictured a more intimidating looking man, though perhaps the movie itself will bring that side of him out more. I can’t wait to see the movie and how well it fit with the books.

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  • Mallori

    The only thing that killed it in that trailer was the Bey song!!!!!

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  • Amanda

    I think it looks great. I was starting to get bored of all the hype, along with the negativity, and waiting around for this movie to come out but this trailer brought my excitement back! About the first fifty seconds it didn’t really grab my attention yet and I was starting to worry, but after that it blew my mind. I really do think it looks good! I will be there to see it opening night 🙂

    I do agree, though, that the characters aren’t spot on but they still work for me.

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  • Erin

    stupid, awful book. there, someone had to say it 😀

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  • Jess S

    I agree completely! I thought Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer would have been a better casting choice, Jamie Dornan seems too approachable. I think Anastasia seems perfect and I can’t wait to see it on Valentines Day! 🙂

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  • Nichole

    I still feel like Matt Bomer should have played Christian Grey. Maybe this guy will surprise everyone and do a great job!

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  • Cara @ Chickadee Runs

    I didn’t even read the books and he’s not what I imagined. I was rooting for Matt Bomer all the way!!

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  • Holly

    The more I watch the trailer the more I start to like him. They must have picked him for a reason and I am dying to see how he brings Christian to life! I think he is so good looking and should make for a HOT movie.

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  • Kena

    I do agree with you Taralynn, I think Mr. Grey would be different. Remember that Christian Grey as still immature feelings because of he’s past and low experience or none in love issues, true love not that ‘love’, you now… I also must say that Anastasia Steele doesn’t look like the actress, doesn’t fit… Anastasia is young (not that that actress is tool old, but kinda snow white way – (kristen stewart ), looks innocent. She should look like a model or something, her hair shouldn’t be that straight. The way she wears… It doesn’t fit, both of them . when I saw them as the confirmed actors for the role, I was disappointed. But that’s just me. Hugs

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  • Jamie @ The Growing Up Diaries

    I agree. I’m hoping that when I see the actual movie, he fits a little better into the character than he seems to in the trailer. I’m so nervous/anxious/excited for this movie to finally come out!

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  • Elizabeth @ Champagne On Mondays

    I thought he looked a little too young and innocent too but I’m sure he’ll be great in the movie. I was wondering how much in detail they’d go into about “the room”, etc. but it looks like they’re putting it all in the movie, should be steamy!

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  • Alisia

    The first time I watched the trailer I wasn’t too impressed but then I watched it a few hours later and I actually liked it. I will agree that it is kinda creepy how well some of the things in the trailer are almost exactly as I imagined them. Regardless, I can’t wait to see the movie.

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  • Jenny

    Not happy with the guy or the girl.. Loved the books! But I will forever be disappointed that Charlie Hunnam is not Christian Grey.

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  • Alexis

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I also think they cast great characters for this movie, despite no one else thinking so. I think Ian Somerhalder (sp?) would have been a great Mr. Grey.

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  • Shannon


    Another view on Grey’s..yikes.

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    • Nadia

      THANK you for posting this. Everyone should go watch that video. I love Laci Green, and I 100% agree with her video. I had to stop reading 50 shades because I constantly felt like I was reading an assault scene. People might say “lighten up, it’s just a book”, but it’s not just a book, is it? As soon as teenage girls found out that this was first a Twilight fanfiction, they flocked to this book. So now we have girls at a very impressionable age, when they’re learning all about their bodies and sex thinking that it’s okay if you don’t like something, or if something hurts. That it’s completely okay for a guy to yell at you for yawning or threaten to spank you again if you did not like it the first time. That even if you don’t consent to the sex (I.e Anastasia doesn’t sign the contract!), it’s all okay. Also, it glorifies Ana’s insecurity and virginal personality as if somehow this is the ideal woman. As if somehow having slept with several people (like you know, most normal 22 year olds) and being the sexual beings we are or being a strong, confident woman is wrong or less sexy. In her video, Laci points out one of the most disturbing things in this book which is this mentality that if you’re good enough, and calm enough, and persevere through the bad times and through your partner’s anger and controlling nature; you can fix your f*ed up partner. That the few good moments are worth the rest of the terrible relationship. So wrong, so so wrong. If this were being read only by grown women I would still have a problem with it but it would be less concerning, but it’s not. Making a movie about it just gives it “street cred” for lack of a better phrase.

      I’m not trolling! I love Tara’s website which is why I am here. However, it sincerely concerns me that women and girls in particular, are reading this novel and thinking this is alright. It is not alright to be in a relationship where your partner stalks you, controls and isolates you. This is not directed at Tara, I guess I would just like for girls to be open to a different point of view and begin to see this as just a book, NOT reality and if that means I have to get a few bad comments (ohh and I know they might be coming) so be it. I just needed to put it out there.

      Another good article on 50 shades: http://nittanypride.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/fifty-shades-of-a-bad-relationship/

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      • stephanie

        I agree with you as well….. I almost put the book down, I actually did, but after I got passed that chapter and being 46yrs old and married my first and only lover, I decided to read on.
        I totally agree with the glorifying insecurities of Ana , you can tell the age of the author by this. I have a 28 yr old daughter whom read this book and a 21yr old whom despised this book would not pick it up (thank “GOD”!!!! My 28yr old read this book for the cheapies and we would laugh about it.

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      • Nadia

        Another good article on this that focuses on the BDSM dinamic of the book. http://www.themanitoban.com/2013/11/50-shades-stereotyping/17829/

        “Another example occurs when Christian spanks her; there is zero pleasure for Anastasia in this interaction. She describes the pain as “gruelling” and the incident as a “merciless assault.” She describes wanting to free herself or beg him to stop. She later tells him that she felt “demeaned, debased, and abused.” This is not sexy. Generally speaking people who are submissive in a BDSM relationship are submissives because they LIKE being submissive. The fact that she doesn’t like it at all is a huge red flag that she should not be in this relationship, yet she is because she believes she can fix him. *face palm*

        I’ve made my point. I’ll stop now.

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  • Erin

    I wish he was a bit taller though 🙁 I pictured him way more physically intimidating

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  • Tracy A

    Right? I’ve watched the trailer 6 times today. I can NOT wait to see the whole movie. And yeah, I think Jamie Dornan will be one of those guys where you start watching the movie and you don’t think he’s all that and then by the end of the movie you are head over heels in love with the guy. I think he’s cute too but doesn’t seem right for Christian Grey AT ALL. I’m hoping it changes once I see the movie.

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  • Tristan Brow

    I agree 100%! Now February needs to come soon!!

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  • Mandie

    I thought in the book he was supposed to be young?
    I would like for him to have a 5 o’clock shadow at all times though. I just imagined him a bit bigger, like taller and stronger, not like Channing Tatum strong, but like Alexander Skarsgard – slender, muscular & tall… Maybe that’s just because that’s who I imagined lol *wishful day dreaming*
    Also, my only problem with her writing was the use of the word “murmur” – can’t people speak quietly without “murmuring” everything? Otherwise, thank you for the imagery EL James! 🙂

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    • Megan

      I pictured Alexander S. when I read the book too! I was sad they didn’t choose him to play Christian- a little too old I guess… Sigh!

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  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    The funny thing is, I heard they were making a MUSICAL about it.

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    • Kimberly

      They did make a musical! It was supposed to be more of a comedy though, I hear it was really good!

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  • Ashlee

    I totally agree, Jamie Dornan is NOT what I pictured for Christian… He is very handsome, but I imagined someone more sharp looking like a cleaned up and muscled out Max Winkler, or Max Irons, or hell, even a tousled Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Perhaps he will capture my attention as the film goes on? And yes, Anastasia is PERFECT!

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  • Amanda Lizz

    I agree, he does look a bit younger than what I had thought he would be. But i’m sure the move will turn out great!

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  • Angela

    I agree with everything you said. I also was not sure of RP in Twilight but as the movie went on I fell in love. He just doesn’t fit the Christian Grey I pictured.

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