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Today, Jeremy and I spent the day together. He had to work all day yesterday so I didn’t see him much. After running my morning errands, we headed to the mall. We decided to spend the day shopping for some new summer clothes. It was 90 degrees today so you better believe we had the top down!


Someone please tell me there is a Clash of Clans rehab…


I chose to eat at Sbarros Italian Eatery. It looks good right?…Well it really wasnt. I can’t lie. The chicken freaked me out. It looked like cafeteria goop. It was covered in some kind of grease and had a soggy layer of bread over it. I guess ordering the “chicken and vegetables” meant something else here. The vegetables were also drowning in some kind of greasy oil. I ended up eating the breadstick and my salad. Even the salad was brown…Don’t worry, the food didn’t go to waste. Jeremy willingly ate it and I ate when I got home! Sometimes I fail at eating healthy…but it happens to the best of us!10294511_682938641752715_4330811941125717129_n

We picked Grumples up and drove him to the state park for a long hike! He loved it:) Now I’m zonked and trying to keep my eyes open at 7pm. I’m finally getting into Scandal! I am bummed about finishing Breaking Bad and House of Cards in one month. I have a serious problem. Luckily, Orange is the New Black comes out next month!


  • Justwondering

    That looks good. Do you miss Jeremy?

    Reply to Justwondering
  • Melissa

    OMG your at Concord Mills! Ahhhh i’m so bummed that your in my town and I’m at school in Kansas right now. I love your blog and everything about you, i’m so sad you wont be staying in the Carolina’s for very long.

    Reply to Melissa
  • Cindy

    Just when I think Grumples cannot take a cuter photo – *bam* – he goes and takes another. Love me some Grump Man. 🙂

    Reply to Cindy
  • Leigha @ Minougirl

    I used to be obsessed with Sbarro… then I discovered real food! Although, their breadsticks are pretty tasty 🙂

    Reply to Leigha @ Minougirl
  • Hadley

    Hi Taralynn! I have a question that maybe you could help answer. I am trying to lose my last 10 lbs and it is seriously frustrating. My weight will not budge, and it’s been doing this for the past 3 weeks! I’ve lost 40 lbs so far and feel great, it’s just the last 10 that have been incredibly difficult to lose. Do you have any tips as to what I could do to get into fat burning mode again? Or could point me in the direction of one of your blog posts that you’d recommend reading? Thanks!! 🙂

    Reply to Hadley
    • Lucy

      have you ever tried pop pilates? if not there is an amazing lady who does them on youtube called casey ho she also has a website called ive read in weight loss you shouldnt keep dropping the calorie intake but keep it the same!I think its amazing what you are doing and hope you get a reply from taralynn she prob know what you should do! Good Luck :)xx

      Reply to Lucy
  • Leila

    Hi Taralynn! Just wanted to say that i love your blog and that youre such an inspiration! I did your 1000 calorie workout yesterday and my whole body hurts like biip, but I’m happy i did it! 🙂 I noticed that people write that they miss more recipies on your blog. Well, to be honest, I don’t.. Where i live i can’t get one third of the ingredients you use (I live in Europe) so i can’t make them even if i wanted. Haha.. Well anyway. Point is – Youre blog is great and i love reading it every day.

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  • Mallory

    I am so excited for Orange is the New Black next month!!

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  • Mel

    I sure do hope there’s a Clash of Clans rehab.. Jeremy’s combined expression of focused and zombie, staring at his phone while he’s with you, is waaaay familiar haha!

    I can’t wait either for OITNB next month! It’ll definitely keep me busy while my man plays some more Clash of Clans 🙂

    Take care!

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  • Kay

    My boyfriend is obsessed with Clash of Clans too. That about all he does all day long. We wake up, Clash of Clans. We eat, Clash of Clans, we are walking out the door to go out, Clash of Clans. I’m going to go crazy!!

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  • Michela Bosio

    What mascara do you use? Your eyes always look gorgeous!

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  • Alex

    Let me know if you ever find that Clash of Clans rehab! My BF can’t get off it either, he’s 5 feet away looking exactly like Jeremy in that pic! *face palm* PS Love love love your blog, I know you get that a lot but you’re the reason I completely turned my eating habits around and it feels amazing! 🙂 <3

    Reply to Alex
  • Jordyn

    Just got into Scandal as well…if binge watching Netflix is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Enjoy!

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