Peanut Butter Pounds


Can you tell what I’m obsessed with lately? Nut butters and honey on toast! To be honest, I’ll never love almond butter more than I love peanut butter. I’m working on training my taste buds to truly enjoy it. And yes…its possible to train them. Jeremy and I finished a supersize jar of peanut butter in a week and a half. Now, I have to get rid of the peanut butter damage on my ass. Just kidding, I just swapped the peanut butter with almond butter. It’s not as addicting.


I have the type of body that gains weight fast. I wasn’t blessed with the “skinny jeans”(genes) I can fluctuate up to ten pounds week to week. My brother is the exact same way. Thanks, Dad! That is why I don’t weigh myself. When I need to drop a few pounds, I don’t diet or overexercise. I just make sure to eat super clean and cut back on the junk food. I replace my favorite foods with healthier versions.  I can feel when my pants are snug or when I’m bloated. That is how I determine my gains. I never step on scales unless I’m in a doctors office. There is no need to stress over it, just move on with your healthy lifestyle!

A lot of people write me and say they’ve lost a ton of weight but have gained some back. They’re usually upset and frustrated, but its important not to stress. It happens to everyone. I gain weight all the time. If I didn’t, I’d be worried. I love food and sometimes it’s okay to splurge. Just continue your healthy lifestyle and focus on whats important to you! Don’t let that number determine who you are or how you feel. I promise you…your life will change after throwing away that stupid number game.


  • Alexandria

    The last bit was a great thing to be reminded of! Thanks x

    Reply to Alexandria
  • Brittany

    First off you’re amazing. Secondly, I love peanut butter but I’ve never tried almond butter. Which is better for you?

    Reply to Brittany
  • Tracey

    My tastebuds are in love with peanut butter so I have to be very careful cause I could pound that stuff! I’ve recently gotten back into a pb kick, so I have to watch myself before the pb takes over! 🙂

    Reply to Tracey
  • Kylie

    I just tried Almond Butter and toast this morning for breakfast….I love it! I always seem to find my new food obsessions by reading your blog! 🙂

    Reply to Kylie
  • Nicole

    really needed to hear this today <3 thank you for posting!

    Reply to Nicole
  • Alissa

    I am a huge fan of almond-pecan butter. I just roast almonds and pecans at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes…add some salt, then throw them into my food processor for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Much better than just plain almond butter from a store 😉

    Reply to Alissa
  • Geneva

    Try cashew butter!I make my own by blending cashews in the food processor. I used to be addicted to PB then I tried homemade cashew butter and I love it even more. I’m not a big fan of almond butter.

    Reply to Geneva
  • Amanda

    Oh and what kind of bread do you eat?

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  • Michelle

    How do you train your taste buds to enjoy something? I noticed you said that you used to hate vegetables, but now you seem to enjoy them. I have always felt that I’d be able to lose weight easier if I liked more vegetables, but I do not know how to get myself to eat them. Thank you for all the inspiration!

    Reply to Michelle
  • estkimo

    love this post, tara. so often i let that stupid scale number rule my life and i really should aim to eat for health, not that number. thank you for this post- really lightened my day 🙂

    Reply to estkimo
  • Sarah

    This looks so good and I’m totally the same way. But then i just eat extra healthy the next week and it all evens out 🙂 Life isn’t fun without delicious food.

    xx Sarah
    Loser Girl Wins // Bloglovin

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  • Lauren

    This is EXACTLY what I needed today! I’ve been struggling with weight gain during my anorexia recovery. I stepped on a scale yesterday and wanted to die. This post reminded me that there is so much more to life. I’d rather be healthy than skinny and dying! Thank you thank you. I’m so happy to see you eating healthy and strong.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Christina

    I totally feel ya! I thought I was the only person capable of packing on the pounds extremely fast!

    Reply to Christina
  • Sara

    Hi Taralynn, I recently found your blog/tumblr and love it! You are so inspiring! I was wondering if you are still available by email, like it says on your tumblr?

    Reply to Sara
  • Brianna

    Thank you for this post. 🙂

    Reply to Brianna
  • Ariel

    I go through peanut butter like nobody’s business…I get the honey roasted, and it’s freshly ground in store and completely addicting. Maybe I’ll try swapping it for almond butter to see if it helps my PB addiction 😉

    Reply to Ariel
  • Lauren

    I feel you on not being blessed with “skinny genes.” I can probably gain 10 pounds in a few days. However, I weigh myself almost every morning to try to keep on track. Seeing the actual number is much more helpful to me than judging by the way clothes fit.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Kelsey Greene

    This post was a really great reminder and I really needed to hear it. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling sometimes. Thank you for your inspiration! 🙂

    Reply to Kelsey Greene
  • Alissa

    Exactly what I needed to read! I gained a tiny bit of weight back thanks to a long birthday celebration last week and I’ve been frustrated every since.

    Reply to Alissa
  • Leigha @ Minougirl

    Such fantastic points! If you want to enjoy food at all, you’re going to have to gain a little weight sometimes! I also prefer peanut butter wayy over almond. Almond is so much more expensive!

    Reply to Leigha @ Minougirl
  • Meme @ Making Healthy a Lifestyle

    I feel the same way and never weigh myself. When my clothes start to feel snug I try to make veggies the main part of my meal and eat super clean. Thanks for sharing this!

    Reply to Meme @ Making Healthy a Lifestyle
  • Kelly Sheehan

    This is a great post. You should write one focusing on the trials and tribulations of losing/gaining weight!

    Reply to Kelly Sheehan
  • Nica

    Thank you so much for encouraging me at all times, Taralynn!

    <3 Nica

    Reply to Nica
  • Alexandra

    Thank you so much for posting! I really needed to hear this after struggling with weight loss these past few weeks. Your posts are always so inspiring and it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who can fluctuate with weight so frequently!

    Reply to Alexandra
  • Livi

    I really love this post, it’s a great reminder!!

    Reply to Livi
  • Michela Bosio

    Love this post!

    Reply to Michela Bosio
  • Michelle Kim

    How encouraging! It is always great to know that there is someone who is working hard to stay healthy and doing a terrific job with finding balance. My weight fluctuates and I also put on weight fast. Always good to know I’m not alone 😉

    Reply to Michelle Kim
  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    This is a great reminder!

    Reply to Sara @ LovingOnTheRun
  • Angela

    So inspiring!

    Reply to Angela
  • Anastasia

    Oh my gosh… you always know exactly what to say/post!!
    Thank you for this! I have been having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am gaining all my old weight back after an eating disorder.
    You are such an inspiration!

    Reply to Anastasia

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