I Love It Here So Far!


So far, I am loving it here. The weather is perfect, there is so much to do and the people are super nice. Yesterday morning, Grumples and I woke up around 6am to go on a light jog. We ran on a beautiful running path and enjoyed watching the sunrise.

After our jog, I made coffee and fed Mr. Grumples. Our apartment was furnished by the company, and the coffee cups they provided only hold about 4 ounces, so I had to make two. I finally went out and bought new mugs today so I wouldn’t have to use two glasses.


Before going out to explore a little bit of the city, I had some fresh strawberries, mixed nuts and Activia yogurt.

And just so you know…this does not happen after you eat the yogurt. Well…it didn’t happen to me anyways.

PicMonkey Collage

 As you can see Grumples loves the area too. He gets to play at the dog park about 3 times a day. It’s right outside our apartment. I can’t help but want to be outside, so he gets his way when he starts to pout by the door. He’s met so many friendly dogs! It also wares him out…

We started watching Breaking Bad before we headed down here and have been binge watching it every chance we get!


I about died laughing after this scene. Now, I’m on the hunt to find my own talking pillow. I’m only on season 2 episode


I finally cut into the fresh fruit I bought at the store the other day and it was delicious. The fruit in the midwest isn’t as good yet, so it was nice to finally have fresh fruit!


I don’t know about your dog, but mine feels the need to jump into bed every time I’m trying to make it. He doesn’t get into bed when I tell him to, but only when he’s not supposed to.

PicMonkey Colljage

Last night for dinner, I made Jeremy and I salads. I’ll post those right after this post! Today, Jeremy and I are going to do some more exploring and hopefully I can take some good photos!


  • angelina

    welcome to my city!

    Reply to angelina
  • Cody Paton

    Hey girl, I just moved to Charlotte about 3 months ago! Seems like you’re pretty well settled and have friends but if you are ever interested in getting together, I would love to chat!

    Reply to Cody Paton
  • Rachel Earle

    Omg that commercial made me die laughing!!! Because all that happens when I have eaten activia is it makes me poop like everything ive ever eaten. So the whole bit about the yogurt awakening your insides to get up and dance is hilarious! Because yes your insides will dance you right into the bathroom! And the fact that the whole color scheme is dark green just makes it that much funnier!

    Reply to Rachel Earle
  • Christie Console

    My boyfriend asked if we could start watching Breaking Bad and we are HOOKED! It is so good. We are already on season 4. We started about a month ago. Once you get through season 2 you will honestly not want to stop.

    Love reading your blog. Hope to hear more about your love of Breaking Bad as you power through it. It would be cool to know some other television shows you recommend that I could catch on netflix 🙂

    Reply to Christie Console
  • michele

    Bah! My dog always jumps on the bed when I am putting sheets on it and loves being trapped underneath the sheets. It’s so weird. I am also binge watching Breaking Bad on season 4!

    Reply to michele
  • Amanda

    I. AM. OB. SESSED. With Mr Grumples! 😀
    He is so expressive, he’s clearly got lots of feelings about everything.

    Reply to Amanda
  • Katie @ Produce on Parade

    That was the most bizarre commercial! Haha. Also, my pup does the exact same thing when I’m trying to make the bed. Isn’t that so odd?!

    Reply to Katie @ Produce on Parade
  • Ariel

    Oh gosh. Breaking Bad. You’re going to become addicted if you aren’t already. Just. Wait.
    I finished all of the seasons within like 2 months, and it probably would’ve taken me less time if I didn’t have work! (always gets in the way doesn’t it?)

    Glad you’re settling in well 🙂

    Happy Netflixing! (after all netflix bingeing is totally acceptable!)


    Reply to Ariel
  • Emily @ Greens and Granola

    I am OBSESSED with Breaking Bad. You’re gunna love it 🙂 I was sobbing all through the last episode, mostly because the show was over and I’m a dork.

    Random question: what do you put in your coffee? I’m a cream and sugar girl but I’m looking for a healthier option.

    Reply to Emily @ Greens and Granola
    • Taralynn McNitt

      lol i’m sure i’ll do the same! I’m like that with most of my binge shows. Have you seen Orange is the New Black yet? I can’t wait for season two!

      I usually put almond milk and a splash of stevia or just light half and half with stevia!:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelly Sheehan

    That fruit looks delicious! I can’t wait for the gardens and farms to start blooming here in Connecticut.

    Reply to Kelly Sheehan

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