Making The Best of the Snow With Grumples.


Dogs have a way of turning your day around when it’s not going great. Whenever I’m in a rut or a bad mood, I focus on Mr. Grumples. It sounds silly, but doing things for him makes me happy. His favorite thing to do is play with other dogs at the dog park. We try to go there at least 2 times a week. I think it’s good for dogs to interact with other dogs. It helps their behavior and mental state.


The weather was perfect for a dog park day. In Iowa, the ground was mushy and muddy and I ended up giving him a bath afterwords. Yesterday in Michigan, the weather warmed up and the snow covered the ground. The great thing about the dog park is that there is a little shelter to get warm in.


I forgot this dog’s name, but he plays with him a lot! The dog park has it’s regulars.


Grumples could play all day here. Sometimes, I have to chase him and bribe him with treats to get him to leave. I try to bring a book and just relax while he plays with other dogs.


And sometimes he likes to explore by himself and dig into the snow. I think playing with my dog is a great workout. Sometimes there aren’t any dogs there, so I’ll run around with him and it’s a great way to get moving!


I’m sure he’ll be happy when the snow is gone. I know I will be!


He looks so big and ferocious, but he plays so well with other dogs! He’s a gentle giant. He loves to be chased and chase other dogs. He’s not the fastest dog around, but he takes obstacles to catch up!


I always feel so bad when I make him leave. He give me the guilt face. I usually take him to Pet Smart for a new toy or spoil him with Doggy Loot packages. He knows when a package has arrived and he opens it himself! He’s getting pretty good at it.


How could you not spoil a dog like that? It’s a girl’s best friend!


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  • Sandy

    What kind of dog is Mr. Grumples?

    Reply to Sandy
  • Katie @ Produce on Parade

    Haha, omg, Mr. Grumples cracks me up. I love taking my Bobbledore to the doggy park. He’s a gentle giant as well. It’s funny, I also turn to my pup when I’m feeling down. It’s nice to snuggle with him and I feel instantly cheered up by his love 🙂

    Reply to Katie @ Produce on Parade
  • Gloria

    Do you know what other kind of dog that is in the pictures above, the brown one? That looks JUST like our dog, but we have no idea what kind of dog she is because she was a rescue dog.

    Reply to Gloria
  • Mariel

    So cute!! One of my dogs is a golden and LOVES the snow butt is scared of most other dogs so she doesn’t play a lot at the dog park. The other one is part whippet so she can’t be in snow for that long but she LOVES other dogs and running around at top speeds. When she gets going she forgets all about the cold and snow and I have to drag her away. Mr Grumples would get along great with her.

    Reply to Mariel
  • Molly

    I think you have mentioned before, but what kind of dog is he?

    Reply to Molly
  • Sara

    He’s too cute. When I’m having a bad day there is truly nothing better than coming home to my dogs. Something about them makes the world a better place instantly 🙂

    Reply to Sara
  • Aurora Nastel

    The second picture is really cool 🙂 it seems to be so cold!

    Reply to Aurora Nastel
  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    This makes me smile. My dog HATES the snow and she will go out sniff around a bit and then her paws get cold and she immediately darts back inside. OH well! 🙂 We are both ready for spring!

    Reply to Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

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