Farewell to Detroit: Going home for the Holidays!

I’m excited to make the trip home for the holidays. I feel like I was just there for Thanksgiving. Where does the time go? I’m ready for our Christmas traditions and to see the family.

It’s been pretty snowy up here in Detroit, but I’m enjoying it. Last year I was in Georgia for the winter. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the “now snow” either.

My dad drove up here on Monday, so I’ll be going back with him. We are leaving early to beat the ice storm. Jeremy has to work until Christmas eve so he can’t fly home until then 🙁

There have been a couple photos on my instagram that I keep getting questions about so I wanted to post those up here before I head out!

Above is my pre-run breakfast. I wait about 45 minutes after eating before I run. In the bowl I have hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, syrup, brown sugar, and walnuts.

Oh and Grumps is enjoying his snowy walks. He turns into Santa Paws by the end of them.

Snowy mornings always consist of coffee and candles. It’s a must.

This is the view from our window. I was snowed in while Jeremy was out of town last week! It was crazy.

When Jeremy is out of town, Grumps and I make a huge bed in front of the TV in the living room. It’s pretty cozy.

Plus he likes watching movies with his mom:)

One of the nights I made zucchini pizzas.

When the weather is crazy and snowy, I usually workout in the house or run on the treadmill in the gym. It’s not ideal, but it’s all I can do. I refuse to run in the snow or super low temperatures.

And here is a post workout lunch I had one of the days. Tossed salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and vinaigrette, grapes, strawberries, omelet, and sesame green beans!

A very random post, but sometimes those are the best!

Happy travels, everyone!


  • sarah

    Hi Tara,

    What type of polar workout watch is that?


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  • Настя

    Hi, Tara! I wanted to ask you. Where did you buy these pillows? Is it BUTLERS? 🙂 Have a nice day))

    Reply to Настя

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