Vacation Photos!

I know there are a ton of photos, so I promise to make this post quick! The pictures are in no particular order. I’ll do my best to describe them:) I just got back from my vacation, but it’s time to buckle up and get to work. I have a lot of packing to do to get ready for the Michigan trip this weekend. I’ll try to squeeze a few recipes in too.

St. Petersburg Beach, FL before the sunset.

Dinner at Burriot Boarder, which I highly recommend if you are ever in St. Petersburg. I ordered their salad bowl and tortilla soup.

At the Bayfront.

Fortunately our hotel had a Starbucks. I tend to go all out there. Skinny latte all the way!

Stopped at a cafe for lunch. I piled on the broccoli because it was THAT good. I couldn’t get enough. I also had salmon, but ate it before the photo….

Our captain feeding his “pet”, Steven Seagull.

Another Starbucks breakfast: banana, yogurt, fruit cup, and a skinny latte.

Taking a run on St. Petersburg beach.

Out on a dolphin boat. We didn’t see any dolphins but we did see flying sting rays, crabs, and a shark! And if you are wondering, he DID steal my sunglasses.

In the middle of the ocean.

Snacking on strawberries on the boat.

Exploring the island.

Arrived on Egmont Key Island

Another cafe lunch

Light house, hibiscus, and the gecko on Egmont Island.

Refreshing iced tea.

Rocking a blonde bun on the beach.

Florida oranges are by far the best oranges I have ever had. It makes sense.

Walking around Egmont Island. We got ourselves a little lost.

Snacking on an apple before snorkeling at Egmont Key.

He seems so nice doesn’t he?

Egmont Island

Walking Egmont Island

Exploring for turtles…and I found one!

Packed Jeremy’s favorite, grapes!

Packed fruit for the morning walk.

Hotel coffee and my mug.

Snorkeling Egmont Key

Before we left we bought carrots, crackers, and hummus to stay healthy on the boat!

Heading back to reality. Snacking on apples.

And this is how Atlanta welcomed us home.


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    beautiful and i love the blonde on you

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