Healthy does not always mean eating right and exercising regularly. Those are two key components to being healthy, but I believe healthy reflects all aspects of your life.

I feel healthy when I am confident in my body and surroundings. I feel healthy when I show love towards something or someone. I feel healthy when I have a positive attitude. I feel healthy when I see growth in my life. I feel healthy when I learn something new. I feel healthy when I smile or make someone else smile.

I don’t feel healthy when I get anxiety. I don’t feel healthy when I am angry at someone or something. I don’t feel healthy when I hate my job. I don’t feel healthy when I don’t have energy. I don’t feel healthy when I am hurt or hurt someone. I don’t feel healthy when I’m in a rut or depressed.

It’s safe to say that healthy is about feeling good mentally and physically.

Maybe you are trying to start a healthy lifestyle, but you are having a hard time figuring out how to do so. Many start by going straight to the grocery store, but maybe that isn’t for everyone. Have you ever done a scavenger hunt? First, you look for the easiest items and check them off. You don’t tackle them all at once, or it becomes overwhelming and not so fun anymore, so you quit. A healthy lifestyle can be like a scavenger hunt. If you never find what you are looking for, you quit. You need to put your priorities in order and check them off as you go.

Grab a pen and paper. Write out your plan.

1. EX: I Feel Unhealthy When:
I get up for work every morning. My boss gives me anxiety and makes me cry every night. I never feel like I’ll move up in the workplace. I don’t feel appreciated.

EX: I Will Feel Healthy When:
I talk to my boss about how I feel. If things do not change, I will apply for new jobs that will make me happy before and after work.

EX: Accomplish Reward:
As soon as I feel happy about my job, I’ll buy a new outfit for work.

2. EXI Feel Unhealthy When:
I lay around watching TV when I get home at night.

EXI Will Feel Healthy When:
I go for a half hour jog or walk before dinner five days a week.

EX: Accomplish Reward:
As soon as I go three weeks in a row without missing a walk, I’ll get my blonde highlights I have been wanting for a long time.

3. EXI Feel Unhealthy When:
I pick up fast food instead of cooking a healthy meal at home.

EX: I Will Feel Healthy When:
I go to the grocery store on Sunday nights and pick up things to cook for the weekdays.

EX: Accomplish Reward:
When I get into the habit of cooking my own meals, I’ll go out and buy a new pan for my kitchen.

Make this list as long as you need. Put the easier things to conquer first. Each time you complete a goal, reward yourself. Every time you accomplish a goal, you’ll be closer and closer to changing your lifestyle completely. Reaching little goals is a huge confidence booster and motivates you to conquer more. Change is healthy, and baby steps are necessary before the big jump. Don’t put a time limit on your goals, or you may feel rushed. If you are anything like me, feeling rushed gives me anxiety which is stressful. Lifestyles don’t have limits or rules, so go at your own pace. 

Things to Remember:

-Don’t feel discouraged when things don’t go as planned, just work harder the next time.
-Don’t compare yourself to anyone other than the old you.
-Don’t cut things cold turkey, ease your way out of unhealthy habits.
-Don’t let anyone rub their negative vibe on you.
-Be proud of any changes you have made no matter how big or small.
-Never be embarrassed of your lifestyle.
-Stand up for yourself.
-Don’t hide behind people or situations.
-Turn negative experiences into motivation.
-Surround yourself with positive people.
-Compliment yourself every day.
-Don’t neglect your social life. Find ways to fit it into your lifestyle.