Water Hydration Plan!

As I sit here trying to come up with ways to drink more water I have a cup of coffee in my hand. I know the solution is pretty easy, just start drinking water. For me it’s not, I literally can go days without drinking water. I choose diet pop at restaurants, Powerade Zero during work outs, and coffee during the days. I sometimes wonder why my body even functions properly. I know there are tons of water in the fruits and vegetables that I eat but there is nothing like pure water. Lately I have been feeling pretty tired and have a lack of energy so I’ve decided to start drinking water to help my body. All of the important body functions and organs need water to operate so what are mine operating off of?

I posted a picture of a water bottle the other day on Twitter saying “trying to drink more” and thankfully Rachel tweeted me a picture of something similar to mine above. I thought it was an amazing idea so I decided to give it a try.

So starting tomorrow morning I’m going to start this plan of drinking 8 cups of water a day, everyday. I always wake up around 5 am and I’ve decided to make 5am -8am my coffee hours. I won’t drink ANY coffee after 8am (unless it’s weekend) The rest of the day I’m going to drink my water. I usually go to bed around 9pm-10pm so if I have water left I’ll make sure to chug it down!

Hopefully this plan will help me out a ton and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s treating my body.

I bought these water bottles at Home Goods ,the ribbon and jewels at Joanne Fabrics.


  • Laura

    I love this *positive bottles*. Unfortunately, in my country, on online shops, I haven’t saw anything like that.. Are really so cuteeee!
    It can be an ideal Easter gift for me because I want to change my lifestlyle but it’s too expensive to buy it myself.

    Reply to Laura
  • Di

    Ok so I am trying this and am making this harder than it is. Do you start at 7am and drink the first 8oz by 8am or do you start drinking your first 8oz at 8am and get to your 8am mark by 9am?

    Reply to Di
  • Crystal

    Sorry. Just saw your note about where you purchased. LOL

    Reply to Crystal
  • Crystal

    How many ounces are these bottles? Where did you purchase them?

    Reply to Crystal

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