16 Reasons Why I Love Blue Apron

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I’m so happy that summer is finally here. I can stop complaining about the cold and start enjoying the summer sun and all the delicious treats that follow along with it. I am partnering up with Blue Apron today to share my list of “16 Reasons Why I Love Blue Apron!” I’ve continued to use the meal kit delivery service for years, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon! I’ve hooked my friends and family, and here is the reason why I love it!

1. Always Learning About & Trying New Foods

One of the great things about Blue Apron is being introduced to new foods. When I’m cooking at home, I stick to the same old vegetables, meats, and recipes. Blue Apron helps you step out of your comfort zone to try new things. A couple of years ago, Blue Apron introduced me to celery root. Look how ugly that thing is! I would never buy that on my own at the grocery store, but now I buy it all the time. Celery root tastes just like potatoes. I am now obsessed with adding sesame oil to my rice, pickled watermelon radishes, tomatillos, and sauteed radishes. Chefs design the recipes, so they’re always unique and delicious. There are a ton of meals to choose from too, and new dishes added to the menu every week.

2. Sending Boxes to Friends & Family

I rave about Blue Apron to my friends and family regularly. I think I sat in the living room talking to my boyfriend’s roommate about Blue Apron for forty-five minutes straight. By the end of the conversation, he was convinced he needed to try it out. I just love it. One of my favorite things to do is send my parents Blue Apron boxes a couple of times a month as an appreciation. They watch my dogs a lot and do so much for me, so I love that I can send them something they love. They cook all the time and get so excited when a Blue Apron box shows up. They send me the photos of their meals and try wine pairings recommended on the recipe cards. Blue Apron is a great gift for friends and family.

3. Convenience.

Oh….the convenience. Not having to go to the grocery store, making lists, planning out recipes and running right back because you forgot an ingredient. Blue Apron just makes life easy. I always receive my Blue Apron on Fridays, and it’s great for weekend eats. It comes to your door in a refrigerated box, and all of your ingredients stay fresh for hours. One time, My BBlue Apron box was sitting on my porch for 24 hours, and it was still cold when I got home.

4. Date Night & Entertainment

Blue Apron is the perfect date night activity. My boyfriend and I love to make a meal together on Friday evening, turn on Dateline and relax. Blue Apron could also be a fun first date idea. If you have friends coming over, Blue Apron would be a great option for a healthy meal to serve. Would totally impress your guest!

5. Farm Freshness

There is nothing better for the body than eating fresh food. I love the Blue Apron delivers all of those fresh farm foods straight to your door. The produce is always ripe, the flavors are powerful, and you always feel good about what you’re putting into the body. They also use what is in season, so that guarantees a fresh delivery!
6. The Food Tastes Amazing

I’ve NEVER tried anything from Blue Apron that I didn’t love. Every time I make a meal; I’m confident in how amazing it’ll taste, even if it doesn’t sound good or I’m afraid to try a new ingredient.
7. Helps Meal Prepping.

Sometimes busy schedules force us to dine out, make unhealthy choices, or simply not eat at all. I love that you can food prep all of the meals on the weekend, and eat them throughout the week! It’s an inexpensive way to food prep without going to the grocery store, eating receptive meals, or doing a ton of planning.

8. Wine Pairings

If you’re anything like me, you love a little glass of wine with a home cooked dinner. Blue Apron has a wine recommendation on their recipe cards for perfect pairings. And if you really love wine, you can sign up to have Blue Apron send it right to your door, straight from the vineyards! There is no middleman, so you get high-quality wine for a cheaper price. I love that they also offer that 🙂 Just head to the Blhomepage and click the “wine” tab for more info!

9. Nutrition Facts

Blue Apron provides all of the nutritional information with the meals. You’ll be able to track all of your macros in the meals. Each meal is between 500-800 calories! You can also customize it to fit your needs. Sometimes I’ll make the meals and replace the bread with lettuce wraps, and save the bread for breakfast if it’s too much.

10. Affordable.

The meal plans are so affordable! If you were to go to the grocery store and buy a ton of ingredients to make recipes, you’d be spending so much! You’d probably have a ton of ingredients go to waste too. Blue Apron gives you exactly what you need, and you don’t have to buy extra ingredients. The portion sizes are huge too. Blue Apron offers two types of meal plans. You can choose the 2-person plan or the family plan.

11. Time Management

The Blue Apron meals are perfect for almost any lifestyle. Each meal is designed around time and taste. Most of the recipes can be done within 40 minutes. That makes it so much easier! Cooking a Blue Apron can be an excellent way to decompress after a long day of work. 
12. Helping Farms + Artisans

I’m all about supporting small businesses and larger companies creating jobs, so I love that Blue Apron sources their food from local farmers, artisans, and businesses.

13. Recycling Program
Blue Apron now offers a way to recycle off of the leftover packaging. You can use the recycling locator to find recycling options in your community, or Blue Apron lets you return the packaging for free using USPS. You can learn more here!
14. Developing a Sustainable Food System. 

It’s wonderful that Blue Apron is working on a way to develop a sustainable food system and use high-quality ingredients. It shows that they care about their customers. They have a vision page with more information! Click here to check it out
15. No commitment!

You can try out Blue Apron with no commitment to it! You can set your meal schedules and choose when you want them to arrive. I always go on there months prior and set the schedules. There are no hidden fees or crazy contract promises.

I love that Blue Apron always offers free meals for the first 50 readers:) Click here to receive three free meals off your first Blue Apron order!

Questions for you!

  1. Have you ever used Blue Apron?
  2. If so, What is your favorite part about Blue Apron?
  3. Favorite summer meal?

This is a sponsored post by Blue Apron but ALL opinions are my own! 😉 Thank you for supporting simplytaralynn.com!



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