Last Update Before Washington D.C.

Legal Remedy Brewery Rock Hill SC

I’ve gotten pretty bad at these updates.

This week went by so fast that I can’t even put the pieces of events in order. I’ll do my best. I’m leaving for Washington D.C. on Monday and I wanted to fill you guys in on some things I’ve been up to and yummy things I’ve tried. I am going to be in D.C. from October 12th until October 27th. When I get back, I’m heading up to the mountains for a Halloween trip with my friends. We rented a mountain lake house and I’m so excited. The leaves will be gorgeous and it will truly feel like fall. I’m going to have to really work on time management because I have a lot of other little events/assignments going on during the next month too!

Legal Remedy Brewery Rock Hill SC

It was pouring this morning and still is. I made a trip to the post office and then came back to get ready for the Hawkeye game. My parents haven’t experienced any breweries, so I decided to take them to a new brewery in Rock Hill, Legal Remedy Brewery. My mom and I ordered a docket with some fun flavors. They were all pretty good (still trying to really like craft beer) but the blueberry was my favorite. They were out of the jalapeño pineapple, so I’m going to try that one next time.

Legal Remedy Brewery Rock Hill SC Southern Poutine

They have a new menu coming out soon and I’m excited to try it. A little bird told me that chocolate covered bacon may make an appearance. I’ll order a pumpkin beer then!

One of my favorite indulgences has got to be poutine! I just recently had it in Maine and it was heavenly. This brewery got pretty creative and came up with a “southern poutine”. Most people down here have no idea what poutine is. I had no idea what it was until my Canadian friends in New York made it for me. I lived in a house full of Canadians for two summers in the Hampton’s four years ago and it was one of the funnest times of my life. Their smarties are not like our smarties.

We ordered some poutine to share and I broke my no wing streak and had one of my mom’s honey mustard sriracha wings. Luckily, I had the strength to stop at one, but they were delicious.  I knew they wouldn’t make me feel too good before a run.

That brewery was a lot of fun and the staff/owners were so nice. I’ll definitely be hanging out at that spot again.

Earthfare Boom Chicka Pop Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Latte

I headed over to Earthfare afterwards to pick up some green juice. I saw two more pumpkin products that looked amazing. Califia Farms had a pumpkin spiced latte and Boom Chicka Pop had a pumpkin spice popcorn. The pumpkin spice game is real this year!

earthfare forager greens and greens juice

I love drinking about 4 ounces of the Forager greens before running. It helps me with cramping and energy.

running simply taralynn

I wanted to get in four miles before the Notre Dame VS. Navy Game. I missed a little bit of the 1st, but was able to watch the rest. It continued to rain, but I didn’t want to talk myself out of it. I just laced up and headed out! After the first mile, the cold rain felt refreshing. Soon enough, four miles had passed and I was done. Getting myself to do it is the hardest part, but once I’m running, I love it. I just kept a comfortable 9:45-10:00 min pace. My mascara was beautiful afterwards.

Now, I’m watching Safe Haven!

quiche on salad

Yesterday before my night run, I had a little light salad. I HATE feeling full before running. I had little pieces of leftover quiche on top!


You can find the quiche recipe here.


I had a little relaxing/me time yesterday and decided to paint a new piece for my office that’ll be put together when I get back from my trip. A couple of you guys were asking for copies, so I may get some copies on canvas for the shop. You guys had amazing quotes on my Instagram that I want to add to the painting.

Just kidding, Tino was the actual painter.

santino the pit bull

Car rides with his mom 🙂 His eyes are heart melting.

grumples and santino

I took the cutes photos of the two and ordered them on canvas.

larabar coffee pumpkin seasonal flavors

These delicious seasonal Larabars came in the mail too. I was so excited to try them. The pumpkin flavor is so good and truly tastes like pumpkin pie. I’m taking the other two on my road trip and hike.

bakersfield charlotte nc

I went to Bakersfield this week. They have one of the best salads in Charlotte. I’ve had this salad three times, and I still can’t get enough.

terrace cafe charlotte nc

Sunday, had brunch with Aimee at Terrace Cafe. I’ve been to the one in Ballantyne, but not the one in Southpark. The atmosphere is definitely different, but everything tastes the same, delicious as always.

It finally stopped raining Sunday afternoon for a couple hours. Grumps loved playing outside.

sunday running

I even changed out of my church clothes and went for a light seven mile run. My miles were very comfortable and ranged from 10 min to 12 min. I guess it was more of a light jog, but it was nice getting out of the house.


Tuesday was a great day. I only ran three miles, but I dropped my time down tremendously and it felt great. I used to be able to run fast before all the knee issues and lack of motivation. Now, (knock on wood) I have zero pain and I’m truly enjoying it again. The key is to stop being discouraged. People will always run faster then you, so only compare your time with your own previous time.

Exercising has definitely been my outlet and a natural healing method for me. I’ve mentioned before about taking Prozac for several years and I’ve been officially prozac/medication free for an entire year. I was prescribed prozac for OCD and anxiety. Whenever I’m feeling anxious or sad, I just pray, go for a run, do yoga and try to think positive. I like to be in control of my own feelings. Also, never stop taking a medication unless you talk with your doctors. What works for me, may not work for the next person.

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Charlotte NC

I went to the Old Mecklenburg Brewery on Wednesday with some friends for drinks. I had a glass of Pinot Noir. I tried a couple of the samplers too. The Raddler was incredibly good. I know what I’ll be getting next time I go!

I’m waiting on my new phone to get in because I cracked the camera and the phone (hence the weird blur in all the photos). Oh, and I had a screen protector and phone case on it when it cracked…just my luck.


Just a little late night humor.

Running Rock Hill Riverwalk

I fit in some more miles on Thursday. I ran five and then walked one.

organic steaz iced green tea

I was in a funk on Friday. Do you ever have those days? The best way to get out of them is long walks for me! I put the homework down, grabbed an iced tea and headed out to the trails to walk and it definitely worked.


So this week was basically filled with breweries, homework, puppies, and workouts. Next week I’m going to be doing some meet-ups in D.C., running, biking, and fall activities! I can’t wait.

santino grumples

Goodnight everyone


simply taralynn collection

Don’t forget to check out the new items in my shop!


  • laurel

    you should do a partial step by step post on how you do something like this! The canvas came out absolutely stunning, I would love to do something like that, but I wouldn’t know where to start!

    Reply to laurel
  • Sammie

    You have really grown on me this year:)

    Reply to Sammie
  • Amanda

    I so hear you about getting started when going for a run! I’m training for a marathon, so I’m running loooong distances- and always, the first 1.5 miles are the hardest! I have to convince myself that after that, it’ll be smooth sailing (it always is), but it can be so hard to get going!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Elisabeth

    I don’t usually comment, but that painting is gorgeous. Have you considered selling your artwork in your online boutique?

    Reply to Elisabeth
  • Emily B

    If you get a chance in DC, you should eat at Founding Farmers or Ted’s Bulliten. Ate at both places on our trip in August and they were FANTASTIC. You would love it!!

    Reply to Emily B
  • shanna

    ooh, I watched safe haven on Saturday too. I’m such a sucker for Nicholas sparks’ movies! have fun in DC!

    Reply to shanna
  • Miffy

    Hi Taralynn! On the topic of privacy things, be careful before posting a screenshot of your exact running route – as you’ve probably figured out, there are tons of Internet crazies who will use that to figure out exactly where you go, etc.

    Pumpkin pie Larabars sound TO DIE FOR but I can’t find them anywhere! Any suggestions?

    Reply to Miffy
  • Nathalie Johansson

    What app do you use for running?
    Love your blog, seem like such a nice person 🙂

    Reply to Nathalie Johansson
  • Christy

    Is the pumpkin spice coffee good? I saw it at my Earth Fare but wasn’t sure I wanted to splurge on the calories. I like coffee before my runs. Have fun in D.C.!

    Reply to Christy
  • Tara

    I have always wanted to run in the rain! You are doing really good with your runs! You’re making me jealous cause I’ve been injured and haven’t been able to run. 🙁 Now I’m starting back slow but I haven’t been cleared to go very many miles yet. Great job! Keep going and you are so right about only being better than yourself. That was something I had to learn!

    Reply to Tara
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Running the rain sucks for the first five minutes and then you start to love it. Just make sure you’re wearing pants!

      Sorry you’re going through an injury. (I KNOW HOW THAT GOES) Keep getting better and don’t rush anything. I went a very very long time after an injury to make sure everything was 100% cleared.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Abby

    You did a beautiful job on your painting! It sounds like you had a great week and have another great week ahead of you! Travel safe, girl!

    Reply to Abby
  • Kristin C

    Have fun!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • mookie

    I love poutine! Such a comfort food. Back in England, it is really big but we just call it chips, cheese, n gravy… original huh 😉 you should also try fries with curry sauce. Massaman curry is the best to me. So good!

    Reply to mookie
  • Chantel

    I saw you at the Peachstand in Fort Mill today and got starstuck. I’m kicking myself for not saying hello to you 🙁

    Reply to Chantel
  • Camille

    I know you keep your personal life personal but I hope everything is going well for you with school and nick. I hope you have a great trip to dc!

    Reply to Camille
  • SuziQ

    I noticed you haven’t mentioned Nick much lately, everything ok?? also, will you be mentioning what you’re studying in school or do you keep that private for security?
    Ps have a wonderful and safe trip to DC!

    Reply to SuziQ
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Everything is fine 😉 I’m keeping my school very private (can’t trust the internet) for my safety. Once I’m on campus, it’s easy to find out what area I’m studying at if people know my major 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hannah

    Taralynn! I’m trying to find your post about you DIY wood table from a while back!!! Can you help me find that?!?!

    Reply to Hannah
  • iva

    Love reading your blog! Its usually my 5min mini mental break from studying.

    Reply to iva
  • Kaylyn

    Who takes care of Grumples and Tino while you’re gone? Do they miss being at home?

    Reply to Kaylyn

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