Favorite Breakfast Fast Breakfast: Parfait Bowl

I have approximately ten more minutes to finish packing up the batch of cookies I baked for the baseball team and to finish this quick post. I’m looking into getting a new IPad today, so I can blog while I’m out. It’s incredibly beautiful out today and I want to enjoy it. It’s only going to reach a high of 88 today; I haven’t seen that in a month! (other than being upstate NY & ME). This morning, I ran to the store to grab a couple ingredients I was out of to bake cookies, and then started baking away. For breakfast, I had a bowl of vanilla greek yogurt, chopped walnuts, a pinch of cinnamon, sliced strawberries, and blueberries. Granola is great in yogurt, but I prefer walnuts; It’s one of my favorite combos! This breakfast can be put together in literally three minutes, and it’s filling! Whenever I have to be out the door quick, this is my go-to! It’s a great source of vitamins, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and carbohydrates! Also, how about that Christmas mug!?

What are you guys up to this Saturday!




  • Maxi

    Love yogurt parfaits! They’re so easy to make, quick and require minimal ingredients! Sometimes I even add protein powder for an extra kick, other times I make it a full-on dessert (student life, ya know?)! Love your blog!

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  • Irene

    I love those freckles 🙂

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  • Cassie

    Did NOT have a good Saturday–I was prepping for the ACT 🙁 however, I did eat some yummy Chinese takeout afterwards 😛 BTW, I also love Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit for breakfast! More often than not, I also add Stevia, cinnamon, cacao powder, and nut butter into the yogurt–delicious!

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  • Laura @ Laura’s Best Life

    Looks delicious! An iPad would be perfect for blogging on the go!
    xo, Laura

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  • Blanch

    Hi Taralynn,

    Great site! Questions regarding your favorite tech products: What kind of camera do you use – and what would you recommend for beach/underwater shots – gopro? Also, you write that you use an ipad to blog – do you have a mac laptop and if so do you prefer the air or the pro?

    Many thanks,

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  • Linda @ The Fitty

    do you find it food hard to blog with an iPad? I’m very much a keyboard type of person so I can’t do a touchscreen and I’m wondering if I should invest in one in the near future as well.

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  • Jackie

    Your fruit looks delicious. I wish we had that here 🙁

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  • Melanie

    What kind of yogurt do you eat?

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  • Emily freeman

    mm this looks so good! You should try my 150-calorie protein pancakes! They are so fluffy and delicious. May be your new fav Taralyn. The recipe is up on my YouTube channel in the latest video https://youtu.be/9L04msgqYl4

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  • Mary

    Hey girl! I love your blog and your shop! You got fabulous taste! 🙂
    So I was wondering,
    do you ship internationally?
    What would it cost?

    Cause Id really love to buy some things.

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  • Ashley

    Looks delicious! I love the combination of greek yogurt, fruit, and something crunchy! Taralynn, I’m curious what do you put in your coffee? 🙂

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