Breakfast at the Veranda: Casa Colonial, Puerto Plata, DR.


It was the second day of the trip and I was revved up and ready to go! I was so tired when I first got there. I had to leave the house at 4am to catch my flight and I made it to Puerto Plata by 4pm. Switching planes, bus rides, and the weather change put a toll on me. I was in bed early Friday night after dinner and caught up on some sleep.

I woke up Saturday morning, packed up my stuff, put my workout clothes on and headed down to breakfast to meet the girls.


We had breakfast at the Veranda, which was located on the beach. You had the choice of eating outside on the terrace or inside. It was so beautiful outside that we sat on the terrace. The weather was flawless.


There were a lot of runners on the beach trying to beat the afternoon heat. The Dominican Republic is a very active place and it has so much to offer for fitness. It’s definitely inspired me to get back in shape for summer.


The Veranda’s breakfast menu looked so good. I had a hard time choosing what to have because it all looked so good.


I went with the American Breakfast because it sounded really good. It came with a tropical fruit bowl, basket of fresh baked pastries and toast, two eggs, has brown potato, bacon, and coffee.


As you all know, I love my coffee. The coffee in the Domincan Republic is so smooth and creamy. It may be the best coffee I have ever had, even better than the coffee I had in France. I ended up buying five bags of coffee at the gift shop to take home with me. I’m actually enjoying a cup right now.


Not only is the coffee so good in the Domincan Republic, but the fruit is out of this world. You don’t know what fresh fruit is until you have it in the Dominican. You can tell when fruit is full of chemicals and pesticides, but in the Domincan, it’s from plant to plate!


The eggs were so good and cooked to perfection. I ordered them over easy, just the way I like them!


The portion sizes are perfect. I feel like in the States, you get way too much food for breakfast and you just feel miserable after eating it all. I felt great after a breakfast like this!


After breakfast, we all got on the bus and headed to the Extreme Hotel for a day of Crossfit, Circus Training, and amazing food!


  • rosa

    When are coming to my country? Italy awaits you.

    Reply to rosa
  • Cassie

    Everything looks so good! And those eggs <3

    Reply to Cassie
  • Alissa

    All of your food from this trip looks SO good. I know what you mean about the fruit–it was like that in Brazil, it was insanely good! I ate a ridiculous amount of fruit there (some of it in caipirinhas 😉 )

    Thanks again for sharing your vacations, and for continuing to blog even through some hard stuff. Travel is the best, right? So rejuvenating and just what you need…even if I am just following along at home, it’s still nice.

    Reply to Alissa
  • Alyssa (@ HerbaMum)

    Your trip looks like the perfect colorful vacation. I’m fairly new to blogging, did you arrange to make this trip with only fellow fitness and healthy food bloggers? I love the idea of meeting new bloggers/friends and enjoying a vacation with people who enjoy the same hobby. Have fun and looking forward to your future post about this trip.

    Reply to Alyssa (@ HerbaMum)
  • william

    I want to jump into this photo

    Reply to william
  • Lindsay

    That food is absolutely mouth-watering. Looks so beautiful where you are, I’m so jealous! Caught up in the deep freeze up in Ontario, Canada and I wish I was in the Dominican!!


    Reply to Lindsay
  • Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    That fruit looks amazing! The fresher the better!!

    Reply to Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out
  • Kate

    That food looks delicious. I saw your photo on instagram doing the trapeze. You go girl!

    Reply to Kate
  • Kristin C

    I’m absolutely drooling over that fresh fruit! I have been craving watermelon lately and now I’m just craving all fruit! Gee, thanks :p

    So glad you are having a good time!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Kimberly || Life Alluring ❤

    I completely agree that American portion sizes tend to be WAY to big.
    Everything about these pictures looks amazing!! The beaches, the food, the resort you are staying at!!! I am SO jealous!

    Reply to Kimberly || Life Alluring ❤
  • Autumn (@ Beautifully Gray)

    It looks absolutely beautiful there! I am definitely jealous hahah.

    Reply to Autumn (@ Beautifully Gray)
  • laura

    Looks like you had a great trip!

    Reply to laura
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Beautiful food!

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Rachel

    This trip looks like so much fun! So jealous as we’re gearing up for more snow in the Northeast. A couple days ago, I saw a blog post about you possibly taking a break from blogging? You made some interesting points, and I had a couple questions but I don’t see the post anymore? Just curious..

    Reply to Rachel
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks! Hope you stay warm in the snow! I did mention taking break and possibly leaving the blogging world. I think I wrote that post out of pure inspiration brought on by hurt. I reread it and feel as if it was written very impulsively because I was upset. Is there truth in the post? Yes. I do think about where and what i’d like to do with my blog and if I’d want to continue. It’s a huge decision, but I admit, I don’t think that post was necessary. It had a lot of truthful things in there, but there are other ways of dealing with it.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • yika

        your photography is gorgeous

        Reply to yika
      • Alecia

        You look wonderful in all of the photos I have seen of your trip to Puerto Plata. I hope that you continue to blog. There are so many wonderful things you could share about your experiences and your true self which would help many young women who are struggling with body image or eating disorders. You have been and could continue to be an inspiration to many people.

        Reply to Alecia
      • Rachel

        Thanks for the response! Totally understandable- I think we’ve probably all written something “in the moment” and later had misgivings about putting it out there. Hope this trip was just what you needed to rejuvenate you!

        Reply to Rachel
  • Deana @ VanillaVeritas

    That fruit looks beautiful and delicious – and nothing beats eating on the beach!

    Reply to Deana @ VanillaVeritas
  • Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

    Looks like a dream breakfast in paradise! Definitely agree with American portions being too big as well!

    Reply to Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

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