Mr. Ralph’s Blended Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

The day after Thanksgiving, I helped Nick’s parent put their Christmas decorations up. Ralph thought Phyllis and I deserved a refreshing drink for all of our hard work. He surprised us with these delicious blended drinks.

These drinks are so good and ridiculously addicting. I wouldn’t want to know what the decorations would have looked like after several of these…


I think he said (I’ll confirm today)  the drink was made up of Kahlua, Baileys, ice Vodka, and almond milk blended and topped with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. When he gets back from New York, I am going to challenge him to make these with eggnog.


  • eggnoglover


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  • Kristin C

    That sounds good. I’m a baby about alcohol though. I’d probably have to cut the alcohol in half. lol.

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  • jenn

    Please post the recipe soon! That looks delicious

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  • lechona

    apuesto que bebiste demasiados de estos y terminaste guajeando todo porque tenia calorias xdd can you please share the recipe please????
    aunque seas hueca y promuevas malas weas en todas las pendejas que te siguen, sigo leyendo tu blog, aunque es una mierda porque es como un diario de vida xdd

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  • Zully Hernandez

    This looks yummy – my hubby likes creamy drinks, so he might like this recipe. Do you know where they got the chalkboard Christmas countdown thing?? – it’s so darn cute.

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  • Kate

    Kahlua, Bailey’s and Vodka blended with ice is called a mudslide. If you do a google search for mudslide recipe variations you should come up with all sorts of good things! I used to work at a place that has Peanutbutter bannana mudslides!

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  • emily

    Where did you find the chalkboard font? I’m looking for one like that for one of my decorating projects!

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  • Mia

    Sei così bella. Piace il tuo blog.Si dovrebbe venire a visitare l’Italia quando sei in viaggio un giorno.Pensi che percorrerete mai all’Europa nuovamente?

    <3 ~Miapensaseimutobugiardo~

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  • Sarah

    Taralynn, I am so thrilled to see you happy. Your posts have been so much more bubbly lately. When you were dating Jeremy you looked miserable and he used you. Please dont take this the wrong way. I do love you very much.

    kisses from France

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  • Sarah

    Kahlua is one of my favorite mixes and I have to try it with eggnog now. I love your blog taralynn. I hope you are getting in the Christmas spirit. I bet it is hard without your brother.

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  • shannon

    Tell Ralph to make a cookbook because I hear so much about him. I would like to try his meals.

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  • JO

    Why does the Christmas countdown change from 28 to 13 days from shot to shot? Weird…

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  • lindsey

    YUM! When I was in the British Virgin Islands they made a drink similar to this called a Bushwhacker – vodka, kahlua, baleys, amaretto, ice … there are multiple variations but boy are they good!

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  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Maybe try even a peppermint-mocha style drink with it. 🙂

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  • Jeanine Rivituso

    these look AMAZING! if he makes them with eggnog…PLEASE share the recipe?! if he allows it of course haha 🙂

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