Bai Drink Giveaway & 10 Smoothie Recipes!

Weeks ago on my way back from a trip to Charleston, I stopped to grab a drink at the gas station. It happened to be a Bai drink. I instantly fell in love and have been drinking them ever since. When Bai contacted me to try out more of their flavors, I was pretty excited about it and even more excited when they agreed to host a giveaway so that one of my readers could try them also.


Not only are Bai drinks tasty, they’re good for you. They’re infused with antioxidants and use only organic sweeteners.


I have talked about adding fruit juice to smoothies before. I find it unnecessary when you’re getting sugar from the real fruit already. Most fruit juice has extra added sugars and if you’re going to keep your smoothie light and healthy, you need to keep it as natural as possible.


So instead of adding milk, fruit juice, or sugar, use Bai!


It gives your smoothie the fruit juice flavor and extra health benefits without the extra sugar and carbs.


Yesterday, I experimented with a couple of the bottles and created the delicious smoothie combos. I left the recipes at the bottom of this post.


The recipe makes a huge serving, but it’s still low in calories, high in protein, offers complex carbohydrates, high fiber, and low sugar.


Smoothies are perfect post workout recovery drinks. I like to make a huge serving in the blender to drink before and after my workouts.


My favorite flavors of Bai were the dragon fruit, mango and coconut. The thing I like about Bai is that their drinks make you feel like you’re on a tropical island vacation. It seems silly, but I’m serious. I wouldn’t mind adding buy to some alcoholic beverage by the pool. I bet the coconut would pair well with some Malibu 😉


Want to win a case of all the Bai flavors? Enter below!

Case Of Bai All Natural Drinks Giveaway

The smoothie recipes below are incredibly refreshing, light, smooth and healthy.
My smoothie staples consist of ice, stevia, bai, protein powder, and fruit. You can add extra ingredients like yogurt, almond milk, honey, nut butters, etc. Some of the smoothies I made are vegan, but they’re all vegetarian.

If you don’t like using protein powder, you could replace it with another ingredient that would make it creamy like milk or yogurt.














  • Diana

    Yum! Love the powerful flavors that leave you satisfied and wanting to try another. The smoothie idea is great!

    Reply to Diana
  • Michelle T.

    I have only tried the pear flavor. It was really good. Would love to try the others.

    Reply to Michelle T.
  • Kelli S.

    I just found Bai at my local Country Market grocery store. The clementine flavor is amazing! Can’t wait to try it as a smoothie!

    Reply to Kelli S.
  • Sara

    I cant wait to try some of these recipes!!!

    Reply to Sara
  • Tamara

    Ooh! They look delicious.

    Reply to Tamara
  • Victoria Harris

    Ahhh, I just found Bai at a little all natural coffee/tea shop and fell. in. love. I had the peach flavor and it was beyond delicious! I’d love the chance to try more of their flavors :]

    Reply to Victoria Harris
  • Brittany

    I can’t wait to try these drinks, thanks for sharing!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Amy

    I’d love to try these- a great way to stay hydrated during the summer.

    Reply to Amy
  • Emily

    Ooooo I tried the pomegranate flavor at my friends’ house and loved it! I’m a huge blueberry/peach/pomegranate fan and would love these as something refreshing at work to break up my enormous plain water intake 🙂

    Reply to Emily
  • Danielle

    I’m always looking for new smoothies to make for snacks or post workout meals. I would love to try all of these and add them to the mix!

    Reply to Danielle
  • Crystal

    these look so good! can’t believe ive never heard of these drinks before! hope i win!

    Reply to Crystal
  • Rae

    I would love to try the Bai drinks with your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

    Reply to Rae
  • Dandi D

    I would really like to try these because I’m always looking for new ways to be healthier.

    Reply to Dandi D
  • Erin

    Oh wow, those look tempting!

    Reply to Erin
  • Kristin C

    I hope I win. I have never heard of or seen these before! Sounds yummy!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Katy B

    These all look delicious! I would love to try

    Reply to Katy B
  • Jamie

    These look like an amazing thing. I am a new mom and would love to try these and the smoothie recipes for quick pick me ups during the day!

    Reply to Jamie
  • Breanna Sackrey

    I would love to try some of your smoothie recipes. I love coming in from a hot summer run and cooling down with a cold fresh smoothie.

    Reply to Breanna Sackrey
  • Angelina A

    Would love to make all these awesome smoothies, I am training for a marathon, so after a super hot and sweaty run these drinks seem to be a perfect way to refuel.


    Reply to Angelina A
  • Brandie

    I love the coconut one but I’ve never tried the others. Would really like to though!

    Reply to Brandie
  • Meredith

    I’d love to try them in smoothies! Looks delicious!

    Reply to Meredith
  • Stephany

    I need a smoothie…STAT!

    Reply to Stephany
  • Kelsey

    I use to drink Bia all the time when I lived in NH, and missed it so much when I moved to FL. The blueberry is my favorite, and I would love to drink it again!

    Reply to Kelsey
  • Amanda

    I’m entered!! I’ll have to look for these to try them! Where can I find them?

    Reply to Amanda
  • Angela

    I would love to try these in my smoothies!

    Reply to Angela
  • Shelley

    I’ve been craving smoothies lately, this is perfect! I’ve been going to Pilates and then running for an hour after. A smoothie is the perfect way to cool off from all of that exercise!

    Reply to Shelley
  • Sam Cowles

    I am a new reader of your blog and so far I love it! I would love to test our these Bai drinks with your fabulous recipes!!

    Reply to Sam Cowles
  • Brittany

    I tried Bai for the first time this past year & absolutely loved it!! I bet those smoothies taste amazing!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Analise Martinez

    These would be awesome for afternoon pick me ups at work!

    Reply to Analise Martinez
  • Michela Bosio

    Love these drinks! I found them at costco, but they didn’t have all these flavors! I would love to try them all especially mango!

    Reply to Michela Bosio
  • Josie

    I have never even heard of Bai drinks before but they look wonderful. The smoothies & recipes also look yummy!!! I need some of that in my life. lol 🙂

    Reply to Josie
  • Marley

    What a great give away!

    Reply to Marley
  • shannon

    These sound great! I don’t use protein powders but do love to use plain greek yogurt.

    Reply to shannon
  • EVA

    I need to gain weight SO badly, but my stomach can’t handle table sugar. My doctor has constantly suggested juice as an easy calorie-upper, but the sugar thang and my lack of sweet tooth say “no way Jose”. Great to kmow that there’s an organic solution to my juice woes! I MUST TRY.

    Reply to EVA
  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    I guess you could say that Bai is your new Bae 🙂

    Reply to Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy
  • Mariah

    Never heard of this before, but they sound awesome! I would love to try the mango and dragon fruit. Those two sound incredible! 🙂

    Reply to Mariah
  • Stacy

    The dragonfruit is amazing! It’s so refreshing without being too sweet or heavy 🙂

    Reply to Stacy
  • Jenny

    Those look great! I look forward to trying one out!

    Reply to Jenny
  • Katie

    Oh my gosh the grocery store I work at is pushing this stuff like crazy! The rep is in the store multiple times a week ahah I’ve only tried one flavor and it was ok. Is this stuff really all it claims to be though?

    Reply to Katie
  • Amanda Kind

    I absolutely love green smoothies!!

    Reply to Amanda Kind
  • Janell

    I would love to try these drinks:)

    Reply to Janell
  • Catherine Jackson

    These smoothies look great! I’m going to college and I need a good, healthy drink to take with me!

    Reply to Catherine Jackson
  • Kylie

    This looks like such a good product and a really easy way to get that super fruity flavor in smoothies without all the extra processed stuff!!

    Reply to Kylie
  • taylor

    the blueberry is AMAZING!!!

    Reply to taylor
  • Jessica

    Oooooo – I’d love to try these out 🙂

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  • Emily

    These recipes look amazing and perfect for a hot day! I can’t wait to try them all.

    Reply to Emily
  • J W

    Recipes look delicious! I love water but sometimes feel like something else. These drinks would be perfect for those cravings, especially since I like fruit-flavored anything

    Reply to J W

    I love these drinks! 🙂

    Reply to CATLYN

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