Leftover Bourbon Chicken Lunch Salad


It feels amazing to have a crockpot back in my life. I mean, how did I survive without it for this long? Thanks to, Windsorstore, I can finally live my crockpot life to the fullest. I honestly think, Evelyn, just missed my crockpot recipes 😉 Plus, fall is just around the corner and you all know that means crockpot overload!

One of my favorite things about a crockpot is the amount it makes and how long the food lasts. It makes it so much easier for me throughout the week. Remember a couple days ago when I posted the bourbon crockpot chicken recipe? Well, I said I’d be eating it in different ways throughout the week and I have been! It gets better each day it marinates in the bourbon. You can eat it cold or hot and it still tastes delicious.

Yesterday, I had my bourbon chicken over a salad. You don’t even need a dressing!


Emilee brought her friend down here with her when she moved in. Her friends mom had made a broccoli salad that was incredible. I’m not kidding. It was INCREDIBLE. Emilee and I have the recipe and are going to make it sometime next week. I like topping broccoli salads, pasta salads and other sides on salad for more flavor and as dressing replacements.


So for the salad, you top spring mix with broccoli salad, bourbon chicken, and cottage cheese!

Stay tuned for the broccoli salad recipe!

What shall I make next in the crockpot?



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