4th of July on the Lake.


The 4th of July was perfect. I didn’t want anything wild or that I would regret in this morning. Around noon, I met up with a friend and we took our dogs to a park to play. Grumps was extremely muddy, and not the easy to get out dirt…the red dirt. He looks like a golden retriever now. After spending some time cleaning him up, I got myself ready for the day. I definitely rocked the liveashore fit for the fourth tank and my blue striped shorts. I loved all of the photos you guys sent me of you in your tanks! They make my day. I can’t wait to share our next design with you all.


Grumples was a happy 4th of July camper! I’m shocked at how well he does with I torture him with human accessories. I bet he just loves it. After getting ready, my friend and I went for lunch and coffee in Fort Mill.


Later around eight, we headed to Lake Wiley to watch the fireworks.


The lake was absolutely gorgeous. All of the boats were lit up and the giant house across the lake reminded me of The Great Gatsby.


We watch fireworks from Tbones on the lake.


The show wasn’t overkill and I like that. Overwhelming fireworks takes away from the beauty of one firework alone.


The worst part? Being hungry for three hours stuck in traffic. But, it was made up for when we headed over to Fort Mill for some pizza! Now, that is the type of holiday I like.

What did you do for the 4th of July?


  • Shana

    I love your blog so much thanks for posting so often and never give up! 🙂

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  • Paije

    This year, I got together with a group of my friends who I haven’t seen since I moved. We live in the middle of Washington state so it’s VERY hot and we love to swim when the chance presents itself! We spent the day doing a BBQ, swimming, and went to see the fireworks at Grand Coulee Dam. They have an amazing laser light show there and fireworks. A truly memorable 4th I’m not soon to forget!

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  • Mariel

    I had a baby! Well he was born on the 5th but labor started on the 4th. Best Fourth of July weekend ever!

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  • Michelle

    That picture of the sunset is absolutely incredibly gorgeous! I love your nature photos, you always manage to get the best ones! I spent my 4th of July in Chicago for the first time ever! I watched fireworks from Belmont Harbor. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the ones at Navy Pier, just the tops :(, but someone put on a good show at the Harbor so I was happy! Ill have to venture down to Navy Pier another night to watch their regular summer fireworks!

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  • Emily

    I just did a Fourth blog post too! I worked out, made a mess in my kitchen, and sported your Fit for the Fourth Tank all day! I love it! Thanks for a great clothing line so far 🙂

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  • Livi

    I hung out with my boys and we set off some fireworks! So fun!

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