80 Cal Taralynn’sccino at Starbucks!


I was in the middle or writing a longer blog post but had to stop and share! Today, Sealy and I made a Target trip. We stopped at Starbucks first! As you know, I love experimenting. I love frappuccinos…but I honestly don’t care for having so much sugar, carbohydrates, and calories in my drink. Go ahead and judge me, but it’s not healthy. I asked the barista if she would fill a tall cup up with ice, 3 shots of espresso, skim milk and then blend it all up in the blender. She said she had never seen anyone do that before, but I do it all the time at home with my almond milk so I figured it would be pretty tasty at Starbucks. After she blended it all up, it was super foamy! She had to add it to a Venti cup! It was kind of like a Iced Cappuccino! It was incredibly delicious and refreshing! It only had 80 calories! This is the kind of Starbucks drink I’m all about! Now…time to call up Starbucks and have them put this drink on the menu! Taralynn’schino!



  • Natalie S

    If I were to order that now would it still be $2.75? I know adding an extra shot of expresso to any drink is like 80 cents.

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  • pp

    I ordered this at Starbucks the other day and it was great.

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  • Holly

    Try a homemade Caramel Frappucchino 🙂

    1 Cup of 30 cal unsweetened almond milk
    1 Cup of ice
    1 Tablespoon of instant coffee
    1 Teaspoon of caramel extract
    2 packets of stevia/truvia (or whatever sweetener you choose)

    Super delicious and super healthy! Enjoy!

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  • Sloan

    Where did you get your dress? It’s gorgeous!

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  • Shane Landers

    What’s the difference between this and a regular frapcahinno? Skim milk for whole milk?

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    • Kylie

      The frappucchinos have syrup added and other sugars/items depending on the drink (like cookie pieces etc) and are often topped with whipped cream. This cuts out the syrup and even all of the coffee that is commonly found in a starbucks frappuccino

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  • Mae

    Love this! Don’t know if the snarky Paris barristas would go for it, but I’m definitely going to try!
    PS there’s no shame in wanting to cut out some of the sugar they load their fraps with. It’s an insane amount!

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  • Mira Borecky

    This is definitely what I need in my life! Starbuck’s frappucinos are my only weakness when I comes to eating healthy. I don’t typically enjoy anything sugary, but I love my coffee and since I live right across the street it’s usually to easy to give in! Thanks, Taralynn!

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  • Samantha Houston

    I worked at starbucks for 6 years, and this was actually one of my fave regulars drinks! She added a pump of the classic syrup though. My fave drink was actually Just Iced coffee with MAYBE almond milk. The ice coffee blend is far superior to any of hot kind. It is double the flavour and the double the yum. If you need an extra kick just add a shot and call it an “iced black eye”. There are like a billion different combos and you can never wrong with coffee. Ever.

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  • Nat

    I love this! I will have to ask if the people at mine will try and make it! I hope they some how get it at corporate and find a cool way to name it after you 🙂

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  • Shannon

    I worked for Starbucks forever. I’ve made this and a 20 pump, 8 shot white caramel mocha. Nothing is too excessive. lol.

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  • Livi

    Yum! Cant wait to order this!!

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  • Liz

    This sounds awesome! Better than my standard iced sugarfree caramel latte! What did they charge you? Hope they didn’t give you too much guff about a special drink like they seem to do sometimes… 😀

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  • Mary Edwards

    Looking forward to trying this!

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